Babies are Their Specialty

Chapter 4

"Mindy, where's my gym bag?" Danny came into the phlebotomy room, shirtless after having removed his coat and sweater in his office. "I thought you said it was here."

Mindy made a few cat-calls before returning to the instrument tray. "Isn't it always here? You go to the gym like, every day."

"Arghh, that's right! I took it home to change out the clothes. Forget it. I'm fine like this." He walked up behind her and gripped her hips as he put his chin on her shoulder. "I think it's only fair if you go topless too. You know, so I don't feel uncomfortable and self-conscious."

"I don't think so, Diamond Dan." She squeaked as he nipped her ear. "Besides, I don't want your hands shaking from pure lust when you're trying to stick a needle in my arm."

"Good point." He wrapped his arms around her and pressed a kiss to her neck, then pulled back and slapped her ass. "Have a seat, ma'am. Let's get this party started."

"Hey! I thought we agreed that the words 'ma'am' and 'your old lady' do not exist in our collective universe." She sat back in the reclining chair and crossed her legs as she enjoyed the view. "Here's a million-dollar idea; women could pay extra to have you examine them without your shirt on. Maybe you could even do a little dance to introduce yourself to new patients...mphh."

He'd stuck a lollipop in her mouth. "Hey, look at that! You done talking already?" he said dryly. "Good. Have a sucker."

She removed the sucker and set it on a tray. "If I am pregnant, and I'm not saying I am. Jinx, by the way. But I wonder what kind of exotic food I'll crave at 3am. Maybe truffles. And not the chocolate ones, either. Well, those, too. But those fancy ones they we see on the food channel."

"You know those are mushrooms, right?" he asked as he pulled up a stool.

"Um, ew. Never mind. Just think about all of the weird-ass food cravings people have admitted to us through the years. Forget pickles and ice cream. That lady who brought the haggis with her to her exam wins hands down." She put a hand over her mouth. "Oh, crap. I shouldn't have said that out loud. Even the memory of that smell could induce vomiting."

Danny jumped up. "Are you nauseous again? Where are the kidney dishes? I'll go grab one!"

She grabbed his hand before he could sprint away. "I'm fine, you maniac!" She handed him a piece of gauze as he sat back down so he could wipe his forehead. "I'm not quite sure I want you anywhere near me with a needle, my friend."

"What are you talking about? I'm fine." He gave a Gallic shrug as he put on gloves. "I've only dreamt about this my entire career as an ob-gyn. So, ya know. No big deal."

"Awww. About being a Dad? That's so sweet."

"What? No. I'm mean yes. But no. This." He gestured a her and then at the vacutainer needle in his hand. "Gettin' to be a part of the whole process. Not just the fun part," he winked at her. "But the whole medical side, too."

Mindy put up a finger. "Danny, I love you, but you will not deliver our babies. You will be up here." she pointed to her face, "Feeding me ice chips and telling me I'm pretty."

"Are you kidding? You're gonna look gorgeous."

"Damn straight, I am."

"But I just mean that the guy is usually a bystander in all this. But me?" he nodded at the tourniquet he was tying on her arm. "How many guys get to do this for their girls, huh?" He gave her a quick kiss. "Now make a fist, babe."

"You're romantic about the weirdest things." Mindy closed her eyes as he swabbed her arm. "We're not going to be sad, right? If we're not pregnant?"

He ran a hand over her hair. "Nah, sweetheart. I know we're going a little overboard tonight, but come on. It's the first time. We're entitled to go a little nuts. Plus," he listened to the silence of the office for a moment. "How often will we get this place and a little privacy to ourselves?"

"Good point. Okay, do it." She turned her face away. "Don't get blood on my shirt, ya quack."

"Would you relax already? There."

She felt the prick and then the release of the tourniquet. "Don't forget to get two each of the qualitative and the quantitative tests. And don't forget to..."

"Will you shut up already? I know what I'm doing."

He filled up the last of the tube and removed the needle, then applied a gauze square and a bandage to her arm. He kissed her hand which was still clenched in a fist. "Do you want your lollipop back? You were a good girl and you didn't whine...ya know, too much."

She sat up and sat sideways on the chair to face Danny and took the sucker, but mainly as an effort to not laugh. He sat on the stool, shirtless, with medical gloves and wearing his red reading glasses. She thought about taking a picture with her phone, but Danny still had it in his coat pocket and she didn't think he'd lend her his.

Once she got herself under control she said, "Okay. Good job, I guess." She looked at the vials on the tray and noticed that he'd written 'M.D.C.' on the label along with a little heart beside their initials.

"Danny." Touched, she leaned forward and kissed him, cupping his face in both hands as she silently tried to convey how happy she was to be with him in this moment.

Danny closed his eyes and kissed her back. He tried to keep it light and sweet, but the high he'd had all evening very quickly shorted his circuits. He yanked off his gloves and then his glasses.

Mindy quickly found herself pushed back on the wide phlebotomy chair, their kiss moving from sweet to deep in a matter of seconds. Danny held himself above her with one hand while the other unbuttoned her shirt. As soon as he had them all undone he cupped her breast, reveling in the gasp that she always gave when he first touched her.

She wrapped her arms around shoulders and tugged to pull him down to her, wanting his weight and his heat against her.

He obliged. Twining his tongue with hers, he made sure to pull her bra down so that her nipples were pressed full against his chest. The tender abrasion had them both groaning and clutching at each other as they tried to get even closer.

Mindy tried to bring a leg up to wrap around his hip and managed to kick the instrument tray. It didn't fall, but the rattling of the metal and glass had them both jumping up to save the vials.

Danny stood there panting and holding the specimens as Mindy pulled her bra back over her breasts.

She pushed her hair off her face and tried to catch her breath. "Well, I was going to check and see if my boobs were extra tender," she cupped herself and winced, shivering a little as her breath caught once more. "But thanks to you being a little horn-ball I'm all worked up and can't compare it to anything."

"Are you sure? Maybe I should check." He stepped towards her but stopped when she put up a hand. He tried to look helpful instead of desperate, but his very visible erection wasn't helping. "There can be physical signs, too. I should look."

"You are such horny monkey tonight! Don't get me wrong," she said as she edged around him towards the door, shirt still open wide. "I am totally digging this, and I'm all for it, but you've got to put those in the spectrometer and my bladder is suddenly telling me that it's go time." She picked up the bag of tests and stepped outside the room.

He leaned on the doorjamb and watched her cross the lobby to the restrooms. "Hey. Remember Min, don't look at the tests. We do it together."

"Back atcha, buddy. I'll do one from a couple of these and then come out. It takes, like, ten minutes anyway. So we'll have to wait." She closed the door, then opened it back up a second later and stuck her head out. "Hey, Danny?"


She smiled her big, giddy smile. "I love you."

He smiled back. His lopsided grin making her want to push him back into the chair.

"I love you too, Mindy." He waved at her with a hand full of vials. "Now go pee on a couple sticks. I'll get these set up and then I'll be out here pacing, so hurry up."

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