Babies are Their Specialty

Chapter 6

Danny put his arm around Mindy's waist as they made their way across the office towards the lab. His hand moved from the curve of her waist to lightly brush her stomach. "Ma is gonna flip her freakin' lid over this, Min."

Mindy slapped his hand away. "I don't think I can do this, Danny," she said suddenly as they reached the lab. She threw herself dramatically in front of the doorway. "We should have done it your way first. Then there'd be no doubts. Everybody knows you can't always trust those tests. Just ask an ob-gyn. Oh, wait. I am one!"

He sighed and manfully refrained from rolling his eyes. "Normally I would revel in this moment of you saying I was right, but I gotta admit, your way was more exciting than I thought it'd be. And you shouldn't be so nervous," he told her as he tried to maneuver around her to reach the doorknob. "You're going to be a great mom."

she looked confused for a brief second. "What? No. Of course I am, duh. I'm talking about this sweet, sweet body." They both looked down to scope out the form that was still blocking the doorway. "What if I don't get my luscious Beyoncé/J Lo-like body back after a baby?"

Danny leered at her and walked forward until he had her plastered up against lab door with his hands on her ass. "Then there'll just be more," he squeezed for emphasis, “for me to love. Ouch!" He let go to rub his stomach where she'd elbowed him. "I mean, honey, that will never happen! You'll probably lose more weight running around taking care of a baby. Now can we go in please?"

He opened the door and hustled her in.

She grabbed for the doorjamb and missed. “No! Let me savor my young, hot body just a little longer!"

"For cryin' out loud." He put his arms around her waist and picked her up for the few steps it took to get to the computer. "There!" He boxed her in between him and the counter. "Look at that, Dr. Castellano. If it isn't your name on the screen."

Mindy put her hands over her eyes and squealed. "Oh my god! What does it say? I can't look!"

He took a hold of her wrists and brought her hands down. "You're the one who wanted the two positives, right?" He kissed her neck and put her hand on the mouse. "You do the honors this time, babe."

"Okay. Okay. I can do this." She took a breath, then smiled as Danny put an arm around her waist as he watched over her shoulder. She could feel the slight tremor in his touch. She clicked on her file, then with a high pitch sound and her eyes half closed, she clicked on 'tests'.

There was a pause as they read the screen.

"Holy crap," Mindy whispered.

Danny turned her around and hugged her, his face buried against her neck. "Oh my god, Mindy."

She hugged him back as her brain swam in wonder. "Did you see the HCG amounts?" She asked in a daze. "That means that I'm..."

He pulled back and her hand automatically came up to wipe at the tears on his face. "Yeah," he said with an adoring smile. "You're about 6 to 7 weeks." He framed her face in his hands. "We're pregnant, Min."

Mindy clapped her hands over her mouth squealed. Danny laughed in delight, jerking back before she could clip him in the chin as she started jumping up and down.

"We did it! We did it! We're pregnant! Oh my god, Danny!" She literally danced around the small lab before she threw herself into his arms. "I told you we shouldn't have doubted those stick tests!"

"Uh huh," he agreed, holding her close as she started listing all the people they had to tell right away and the shops they'd have to hit for baby gear.

"Of course we would be amazing at this," Mindy said as she nuzzled his chin. "We're two of New York's best ob-gyns, hello. Of course we can make babies as easily and as effortlessly as we deliver them. Duh."

"Mindy." Danny tipped her chin up, effectively stopping her rambling. "I love you," he said simply.

Mindy closed her eyes, her breath hitching and her own tears falling as Danny kissed her softly. "You promise you'll still love me when I get fat?"

He took her hand and placed it over the baby, putting his hand on top of hers. "What fat? That'll be all baby Anthony in there."

"You mean baby Chloe," she corrected as she brought her other hand up to cradle her flat (in comparison to what it was going to be) stomach. "You'll still love me when I'm all moody?"

He refrained from asking how he'd know the difference from now. "Even then," he promised with another kiss.

"What about..."

He put a hand over her mouth. "I said I love you, didn't I?" He waited for her nod. "All right, then." He took his hand off her mouth and gave her a smacking kiss. "Now let's get out of here." He tugged her to the door with a smile and a wink. "We have some more celebrating to do at home."


The next morning Mindy and Danny came in late a few minutes to work, thanks to him having to talk her out of using 'emotional sick days' in order to get used to the news.

Morgan met them at the door with a hug that encompassed them both. "I'm so, so happy for you both doctors," he pulled back and slapped Danny on the shoulder. "I trust that I'm down for the godfather, right?"

Danny and Mindy looked at each other, then Back at Morgan. They hadn't planned to tell anyone except their parents for a while (or as long as Mindy could hold out). "Um, what are you talking about Morgan?"

"Aww, you big teases," he punched Danny in the shoulder then hugged them again.

"That was a pretty good way to tell us, Dr. C." Tamara told them as they tried to push away from Morgan. "You all leavin' the screen up in the lab and those pregnancy tests in the bathroom. Which, by the way," she pointed a finger at them at them. "was nasty."

"Oh crap. Yes. Yes. Thank you, Morgan," Danny finally gave him a quick hug back so he would them let go.

He looked at Mindy, waiting for the explosion. The cab trip home had been full of her explaining how she would introduce the news to their family, their friends, and world using a variety of social media and video formatting. The rest of the evening had been a repeat of what had gotten them in that condition in the first place.

Instead of being upset, he expected, Mindy smiled at all the staff that had gathered to congratulate them. She gave a thumbs up to Peter, who was recording the moment with his phone and took Danny's hand. "That's right, my friends." She paused for dramatic effect, then raised their joined hand up in the air and screamed, "We're pregnant!"

With a cheer all of the office girls (and Morgan) descended on Mindy to hug her and squeal, while all of the men clapped and whistled.

"I'm afraid your bit is done, old chap." Jeremy gave Danny a steadying hand from where he'd been shoved aside.

"Yeah, yeah."

Peter, still filming, called out to Mindy. "Congratulations to the girliest girl I know, doing the girliest thing I can think of!"

Mindy clapped her hands. "It totally is! Seriously though," She looked around at her male colleagues. "Why are there even men in this profession? I'm going to be the only doctor in here with any worthwhile insight into..."

Danny took her arm and steered her towards her office. "Aaaand we open in two minutes, so before the rant begins, if you'll excuse us."

"Maybe you can all wear those sympathy bellies so you feel my future pain," she suggested as he closed her door. "Or! Or!" She jumped up and down. "We can get one of those labor symptoms machines! After you guys try it we could market it to all the really cranky wives who want to get even with their husbands."

"Hello. How many babies have I delivered? I think I know what ladies are going through, thank you very much. But Min," he took her by the shoulders. "Are you okay? I know that didn't go down quite like you'd planned."

"Are you kidding?" She laughed as she hugged him. "This is way better than what I had planned with the office. This looked like we were trying to be cute, yet subtle; original, yet tailored for our environment. And then we got to come in all like ta da! Did you guess!" She smiled as Danny sighed in relief. "It was a totally perfect accident. I love it."

"Good." Happy she was happy, Danny kissed her. "Now we just have to tell everybody else before somebody out there posts it on our website or on that Facepage thing."

Mindy froze. "Oh, God." She wrenched away and threw herself towards the door. "Nobody post anything anywhere!" She yelled before the door was even open. "I haven't told my parents yet!"

Danny heard the 'oops' from more than one mouth right before Mindy's office phone rang. With a sigh and a wince, he picked it up. "Hey, there Mom," he greeted Mrs. Lehiri, waving Mindy back into the office. "Wait one second, okay?" He pulled a groaning Mindy close and kissed her forehead, then switched to speakerphone. "We've got something to tell you."

Finished! A big thank you! To all my readers as I navigated my way through my first Mindy Project work.

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