Part 2: Day Two and the Second Date

Disney Rocks

He'd shown up at her door right before seven, grinning and holding a pizza in one hand and a DVD copy of 'Beauty and the Beast' in the other. She had been momentarily diverted from those objects, though, as she relished the sight of Jim in jeans and a t-shirt, his short hair making his ears stick out adorably. Her female heart sighed. She never saw him out of work clothes.

"Disney." She said doubtfully as she ushered inside. "Disney is your 'big guns'?"

"Oooh, Pam, you have no idea," he assured her in confident tones as he set the pizza down on her counter. As he straightened up he gave her a subtle once over. She was so pretty. Her hair was down, which he hardly ever saw. His hands twitched as he fought the urge to tug at a curl. He stuck them in his pockets. She was wearing a feminine version of his own attire; comfortable jeans and a soft t-shirt that hugged her frame the way he wanted to.

She picked up the DVD and looked up at him. "So, exactly how long have you wanted to be an eight-year old girl?" She asked in teasing tones.

"Ha ha." He took it out of her hands to waive it under her nose. "This is a time-honored family tradition at our house. At least when mom's not home," he amended.

He'd first done this at college. During a house party, one of the girls had put in a Disney movie, but turned the sound off. People would then take turns dubbing for whatever was going on on screen. The hilarity would last for hours. He'd taken the idea home with him one holiday and the inherent Halpert humor had snatched it for their own. His mother though had banned it in her presence, given the nature the dialog tended to gravitate towards in a houseful of boys.

He'd often thought of Pam when they'd put on one of their newly stocked Disney discs, wishing she were there to laugh and enjoy the absurdity. He smiled to himself as he bent over her player. Right now he wanted her laughter and joy all to himself.

(An hour later)

"Stop! Stop, I'm gonna pee!" Pam cried as she doubled over on the couch trying to still the convulsive laughter.

Jim poked her unsympathetically. "Come on, it's your turn!" He pointed to the TV. "Look, they're feeding the birds."

At her weakly waved hand, he gave up and picking up her cue, began to sing, "His furs so cute." He twitched his shoulders in rhythm. "His butt's so tight. If only I weren't scared that he'd eat me if we fight…"

Pam lost it again, tears falling from her eyes as she fell back against the cushions. "I still can't believe you actually know the tunes."

She'd laughed harder this evening than…well, the last time she and Jim had laughed together, and she was lapping up every moment. She gave up trying to watch the screen and just watched him. He'd vary his voices to the deep and manly, to the feminine and French. He'd started using people at the office, too, since he did those impressions so well. For the clock, he used Stanley's slow voice, Nefru was Dwight as the over eager lackey, and Andy was the overly-amorous candlestick, using a falsetto voice as he leered at the feminine household objects.

The figures on the screen moved to sit together in front of the fireplace. Jim mimicked the action on the couch and scooted closer to Pam. "Whatcha got there, Belle?" he asked slyly. "A bodice buster?"

Pam elbowed him as she took up her part. "It's a book on coat making, you goat. By the way get away from me. You're getting fur on my dress." She giggled but tensed a little as Jim brushed a hand across her shoulders as though removing the offensive fibers. Her skin tingled through her shirt where he passed. She could feel the heat radiating off of him, bringing with it his scent that seemed to wrap around her senses. The show was suddenly getting harder to follow.

He seemed to think so too, as the next few scenes went by silently without comment. She looked up questioningly to see him holding a piece of her hair, seemingly absorbed in the way the light played off the strands. Her breath stopped completely as he dropped the strand to then slowly burrow his hand into her loose hair.

He didn't even remember the movie. He'd turned to smile at her and comically follow along with her comment about the fur…and then a curl had snagged on his finger. He'd slowly raised it up, drowning in the feel and sight of that one piece. He then shifted focus as he reached for the rest of the golden mass. The scent of it, of her, had befuddled his senses whenever she'd walked past or leaned past him to get another slice of pizza. Her hair had even brushed his arm more than once. Now, as he ran his fingers through the unbound length, he felt like he could drown in it and die happy.

"Jim?" The husky whisper brought him back. He looked down at her. Her eyes were slumberous as she stared at his mouth.

"Pam," he said softly, achingly, as her eyes came up to meet his. The hand in her hair closed around the back of her neck as it had the night before. His other hand came up to run a thumb along her bottom of her lip, reveling in the shape while making her breath hitch and her eyes close. She leaned into his touch even as her head fell back.

She'd dreamed about this; the look on his face as he touched her, the feel of his mouth on hers, his taste. Now he gave her more, better than her dreams could ever hope to attain.

His lips closed softly, slowly over hers for just a moment before pulling away. She tried to follow, but he pulled back, changing the angle of his head before coming back to seemingly tease her with another small taste. "Jim." She said again in soft protest, laying her hand over the one laying hot on her cheek.

"Shhh," he whispered as he then pressed a kiss to her hand before drawing it away. "I haven't tried this spot yet." He pressed a slow, hot kiss to her cheek. "I've got to try all the 'Pam' flavors." Her chuckle quickly turned into a groan as he then began to learn all her features using his lips.

By the time he made it back to her mouth, her hands were fisted in his t-shirt and she was making little breathless sounds. When he gently bit her lower lip, she gave a small cry and lost it.

This time she grabbed his hair, holding him still as she went in for the long, intense lip-lock that she ached for. It seemed he was in full agreement as both his arms went around her to pull her more firmly against him.

She was almost sitting in his lap as their tongues met. There was a pause as each of their breath caught with the small caress before they delved in once again. Time seemed to slow. The fingers of her hands loosened their grip and began to wonder through the strands as she got lost in the taste of him. His hands would alternately cruise over her back and shoulders or crush a handful of fabric as some aspect of her would blow one of his five senses.

Pam suddenly sat up and away, breathing heavily as she scrambled for the remote.

"What are you doing?" He asked, reaching for her again.

She'd gotten the TV off and went back into his embrace, this time leaning into the armrest and pulling him after her. "We have to save the rest of it," she smiled at him as she pulled his down to hers "… for later."

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