Part 2: Day Two and the Second Date

Hickies and Hussies

Jim eagerly obeyed the commands of her hands as he sank into the warmth of her beneath him and the sweet heat of her mouth. Long minutes past as they learned each other’s patterns and tastes, what small movement would make one gasp and the other tremble. Jim's mouth left hers at one point to roam once again over her features, lingering in places where it seemed her scent and taste was strongest.

One spot in particular made Pam's breath catch and then release in an utterly feminine sound of pleasure. It was as though he were in one of his dreams, he thought to himself. He raised his head with a small shake to assure himself that this was indeed no dream. That Pam was with him, wanting him.

He watched her face as her eyelids fluttered open. He resisted as her fingers tugged once more, imploringly, on his scalp. His own hands mimicked hers, burrowing in to gently knead.

"You're so beautiful."

He blinked as he heard the heartfelt whisper. He didn't realize he'd said it out loud.

Jim watched as her playful and sultry smile slipped away as she stared at him. One hand slipped from his hair to gently brush the contours of his face, as though she too, were trying to reassure herself of his presence. As her hand cupped his cheek, he closed his eyes and leaned into her soft palm.

"I'm scared, Jim," she whispered, causing his eyes to jump back to her face.

"Why?" He whispered back, nuzzling her hand as it continued its travels.

"Does this feel too fast to you?" Her expression mimicked her worried tone.

"Well, let's see." He said in mock-seriousness as he settled his weight on his elbows. "This woman I've been crazy about for years; the one I've dreamed about forever," He started punctuating each remark with a quick kiss. "The one who, from the lack of, cause me to move states away…," he lingered in a deeper kiss that had her clinging to his shoulders. "…and then back," his head came up again. "Has graced me with her presence for two whole magical nights in a row. One of which…" he pointed out importantly, raising his eyebrows for emphasis, "…actually included the magic kingdom itself." He smiled as he leaned back, tracing her features with his eyes as he brushed the hair from her face. "Yeah." He said lovingly, nodding his head, "You're a hussy, alright." He kept a straight face as she snorted and tried to wiggle out from under him. "It's okay," he assured her, "Personally, I like hussies." He leaned in again, despite her wiggles. "Kiss me, you fast-moving hussy."

"You're such an ass!" Pam said laughingly as she pushed at his shoulders, trying to avoid his goofy, smooching 'mwaa's. With one well-placed shove, Jim's frame, which already exceeded the limits, horizontally, of the couch, toppled to the floor with a thud.

"Oh my God! Are you okay!" Pam asked as she scrambled to her knees. Concern warred with hilarity as she watched him pick himself up.

Jim got to his hands and knees to look up at her. Hilarity was obviously winning. "Yeah, I'm good." He assured her. "But 'dignity' and 'pride' have suffered fatal blows." He hauled himself back onto the couch to sit beside her.

They just sat for a moment and grinned at each other. Jim's eyes kept going to her kiss-stung lips, but he could tell she was still nervous. He looked down and reached for her hand to twine their fingers together. She gave his a small squeeze that made a pleasure/pain ache bloom in his chest at the gesture. He looked at her face.

She was watching his face, his eyes, "You only broke up with her yesterday." She persisted, her voice soft and worried.

He sighed to himself. They'd have to do this sometime and he wanted it out of their way. "We have to start somewhere, Pam." He said simply. "And waiting some arbitrary amount of time…," he shook his head. "Especially when getting to be with you was the reason for ending it…," he trailed off and smiled at her. It was amazing that someone could both wince and glow at the same time. He raised their joined hands to his mouth. "I'm not willing to wait another minute."

Pam didn't say anything as she looked up at him, her heart in her eyes. She finally nodded, he lips thinning out as she tried to contain some inner emotion, and leaned over to give him a kiss that was sweeter than any he had ever known. "Okay." She said simply, pulling away only far enough to then wrap her arms around him. She laid her head on his shoulder as she just held on.

They sat there for a few moments, hugging and cuddling as they basked in the bone-deep contentment of being together.

"So," Jim said calmly above her head as he watched his fingers play with the tresses on her back. "Do you want to finish the movie or can I put another hickey on your neck?" His fingers brushed her jaw.

She pulled back quickly. "What!?" She started patting her neck. "You did not!"

He grabbed her hands and stilled her movements before she could jump up and find a mirror. "Hey, hey," he soothed. "It's just a tiny one." He pressed a kiss to a spot right under her jaw. "Right here."

She groaned in both dismay and in reaction to his small caress. "You don't understand! I'm going home tomorrow." She met his gaze as he moved his head from her neck. "To my parents. I'm spending the weekend with them." Her voice echoed the disappointment she saw on his face.

Jim just looked at her. Two days without her after waiting this long shouldn't be a big deal, but his heart wasn't listening. He gave a wry grin. "Parents, huh?" he leaned back as he nodded acceptingly. "Well, I'd just tell them you got it in a bar fight."

When she just rolled her eyes, he let go of her hands to pick up the remote. "Oh, and Pam," he said, watching the screen as the show came back on. She too, had leaned back and was fingering the spot on her neck. "FYI; they're more likely to ask about the one on your earlobe." He pointed out helpfully, grinning as she successfully, this time, jumped up to go to the mirror. He winced a little at her tiny wail of 'Jiiim!' as she surveyed the damage.

He ignored the swat across the top of his head and glanced at her as she sat down in a huff. "So what are you doing Monday night?"

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