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It’s almost time”, Lord thought. It was the brightest night and all three moons were in view throughout the ebony black night sky in their hidden world. Both Lord and Phantom had been quite nervous, yet excited for their egg to hatch. But they also knew that their dragonet’s future would already be told. She was going to become an assassin, like the other dragonets in the Shadow Tribe. “ What if our baby isn’t going to be like the other Lord? What if she doesn’t hatch? Anything could happen to her!” she worried. Phantom had been jittery as a squirrel ever since they had their egg. Lord had to calm her down before losing her mind and doing really stupid things. “It’ll be fine Phantom, she’s going to hatch and be the best daughter any parent could wish for, you can count on me since I’m the guy who has future-seeing powers.” Lord reassured. Phantom calmed down and sighed deeply, her tail rapidly shaking. Lord didn’t know how to be a proper parent because this was his and Phantom’s first time being parents and actually taking care of dragonets. Although they were new to parenting, Lord knew all the best possible futures that they follow so their daughter can become what she was born to be. “I wonder if the Phyrrians still remember us” Lord thought. He was so deep in thought he didn’t hear Phantom talking to him. “Lord? Hey Lord? Lord! Wake up! The egg is hatching! Hurry, it won’t be long before our dragonet comes out!” Phantom exclaimed. They both ran as fast as their legs could go to the Hatchery to witness their dragonet coming out. When they went inside, they were hit with a cozy, yet fierce force of heat. Lord and Phantom loved the Hatchery since they were both young for one reason: the skyhole. The skyhole was a hole that was big enough for at least three of the smallest dragonets in the Hatchery to fly out. Lord and Phantom used to look out of the skyhole and try to spot any constellations in the night sky. It was positioned towards the moon to let in the moonlight so eggs can hatch with abilities that no other dragon could have. Their egg was glowing a dark purple and silver under the moonlight. They heard a crack from the egg and a small snout stuck out. It wasn’t long after she emerged out of the egg and revealed herself to the world. “Look Lord! She’s adorable, probably the most adorable dragonet in the whole Hatchery!” Phantom said. The dragonet was a beautiful dark cobalt blue with some hints of dark purple with a white head and tail. Her eyes were a blood-red color and the end of her tail had just a slightly lighter red color. She stared at them curiously for a while, then surveyed her surroundings. She stumbled while trying to walk on her feet around the Hatchery. “What should we name her?” Phantom asked Lord. He thought for a moment. “How about Łûrę? It fits her very much, from what I foresee,” he said. Lord knew that there paths where Łûrę would live here and have a good and happy life with them. But there were also futures where she would run away from them a few months after living with them. However, Lord didn’t believe in those futures. He knew their daughter wouldn’t run away from them, she needed them. Lord couldn’t even think how she would survive on her own. He was so wound up on Łûrę’s futures that he didn’t notice Łûrę staring at him eerily. He felt uncomfortable when she was looking at her like that. He felt like she could look right through him or have the thoughts of killing him at a young age. “Or she could’ve been born with mind-reading powers” he realized. “I should be careful of what I think” he thought to himself. She later trotted away and curled up around Phantom, feeling relaxed and slept quietly. “Look at her Lord! She’s so adorable,” she whispered. Lord felt the same way, however, he had an odd nagging feeling that something terrible was going to happen. He looked around the Hatchery to see if there was something suspicious inside. “Nothing, maybe I was imagining things,” Lord thought. Lord rested his eyes at Łûrę to take in a good look at her when that same feeling feeling hit him like a ton of rocks were smashing his face. He was so startled by the force that he opened his vast wings and flew straight up. Both Phantom and Łûrę woke up immediately to see what had happened. Both looked at Lord like he was crazy. “It’s Łûrę? But why.” he wondered. That’s when he had an instinctive feeling of going near her without him consciously thinking. Lord protested against his body, but it went against his will. He landed loudly with a thud and walked near her tail. Łûrę’s tail produced an odd aura around it that Lord couldn’t figure out. That’s when her tail scratched his underbelly without her noticing. Lord yowled in pain as the wound dripped dark red blood. Phantom screamed in fear and Łûrę had finally saw what she had done to her own father. Her eyes grew large and she was too petrified with fear that she couldn’t move. “I-I’m ok, it’ll h-heal q-quickly.” he stammered. “But still, you need to let the healers see that wound.” she protested. After a bit of debate, Lord reluctantly agreed to see the healers, leaving their dragonet alone in the Hatchery. “Awrk?” She squaked for her parents. She tried again, but there was no reassuring reply of her parents. She trolled around the place and saw a paper lying on the ground. She picked it up and tried to read it. As she was trying to read the paper, she saw the word “assassin” and “born to be a killer”. Her claws trembled and dropped the paper in shock. Then, she did the unexpected, something that no other dragonet would never do after hatching. Łûrę ran away from the Hatchery, from everyone, even her own parents, from her own tribe, and set foot outside the hidden kingdom and into the big world.

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