Space Wars (the Star Wars ripoff) Book 1


Disclaimer; This is a writing piece made to be a ripoff of Star Wars. This is by no means an extension of the real Star Wars (unless you want to pretend it is.) and is not made to be taken seriously. More info in the first chapter (Info/Disclaimers) The galaxy of Circinus has been plunged into interstellar war. The rebellion must fight for its freedom against the Republic of Circinus and its army of highly trained soldiers, droids, and its huge fleet. Join Liam, a former bartender, as he joins the rebellion to fight for his and his the galaxy's freedom! Please note: this is probably the most unprofessional book on this whole site. I have no plan for the series thought out at the moment. If you want to suggest something, give me advice, or give me criticism feel free to give me your thoughts Also I don't know if I should call this a fanfic or not. Let me know

Scifi / Action
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Info/Disclaimers

I don’t own any rights to Star Wars or even the cover image. This is a very unprofessional writing piece. I know very little about writing stories, or properly describing things. I’ll (probably) end up making a guide book to all of the characters, vehicles, planets, towns, etc. I include in my stories. Speaking of my stories, these are not to be taken too seriously, nor am I trying to make my own special series. This is just a ripoff of Star Wars. Same base idea, similar plots, (probably, I wrote this before I started making the actual story) ripoffs of characters, factions, etc. Also the name of the galaxy this takes place in is a real galaxy name. I’m the worst at naming things. I can’t even guarantee this will even get completed, but I will try. Thanks for checking it out/even reading it!

-Gonk Droid

I have no idea how to start essays, let alone a whole book, so we’re starting past any type of intro

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