Space Wars (the Star Wars ripoff) Book 1

Chapter 2: In the Stars and Beyond

Liam walked down the halls of the massive Infinity class cruiser. Almost everything around him was gray and white. The metal floors were as gray as the moons that circled his home. The lights in the top and sides of the hallway were as white as the icy planet of Raun. The only sounds were the humming of the ship’s engines, a low sound that seemed to vibrate the whole ship and its occupants, and the sound of Liam’s footsteps. Ahead, a B series repair droid is busy, working away at the door that seemed to be used one too many times. He looks at every number of the rooms lining the sides of his surroundings. 2037, 2038, 2039. Soon he found room 2043, the Cafeteria. It’s huge, black doors are hard to miss. Anyone would have found it, even if it didn’t have a room number. Liam presses the large, blue button on the console to the right of the door. The doors opened quickly, the mechanism hissing as it opened. Instantly the hallway was filled with the ruckus of the crowded cafeteria. The massive room was filled with Rebel soldiers. Humans, huge, furry Frigus, thin, catlike Felides, it felt like at least 4 members of every species in the galaxy was in the cafeteria. Liam joins the line of soldiers waiting to be served. The creature in front of him in line was a Frigus from Raun. “His thick fur must make him miserable” Liam thought to himself. The beast gave a questioning growl.

“I don’t speak your language, sorry” Liam replied

The Frigus seemed to understand, nodding and returning to conversing with the soldier in front of him.

A voice from behind Liam spoke.

"You Liam?"

Liam turned around. The voice was a Cimex, a tall, insect-like creature, was speaking. Liam nodded.

"Sergeant Wolf told us you still needed some training. I'm Rex."

"You already know my name" Liam said

Rex chuckled at that. They continued to talk the rest of the time they had to wait.

To Liam, it felt like an eternity waiting to be served his meal, though it had only been eleven minutes. Liam made it to the room with the food. A large table was filled with food. A huge bowl of a chunky, blue soup, steaming with heat. A plate with a couple green breadstick-like objects, a bowl of a clear red liquid, Liam had never seen most of the food on the table! One of the few things he recognized was a normal hamburger. He grabbed it and placed it on his tray, and decided to grab a breadstick... thing just in case.

"You sure you want that?" Rex asked doubtfully.

"Yeah, why?" Liam asked, confused

"Oh nothing. You'll see I guess."

They walked to one off the less crowded tables near the back of the room. They both sit down. Rex looked like he was on the verge of laughing hysterically. Liam ignored that fact and took a bite out of the hamburger. His mouth was instantly filled with a disgusting flavor. It tasted like (in terms we use, not people who live in space) someone had takeen a burger, put it in a pool of acid, and then microwaved it for 4 minutes. Liam instantly spat the mouthful of food onto his tray. Everyone sitting at the table, including Rex, saw the whole ordeal laughed hysterically. Rex could barely muster the words "Scalian burger" through his laughter. Liam started laughing at his failure too, since there was nothing else he could think to do. After the laughter and died down, and everyone got over the situation as quickly as it had started, Rex said "Every new guy here does that. Especally your kind."

"I see why," Liam replied, "I'd have thought people would put labels on the food."

"You'll figure it all out soon. The stuff in there is pretty much what the menu always is. At least you picked up something else."

Liam nodded. He picked up the green breadstick and took a bite. It tasted exactly like a normal breadstick, but green.

"What are we doing after we eat?" Liam asked

Rex replied, "Nothing really. Free to do what we want in the ship. We should be at Eckart sometime tonight."

Liam thought about Eckart while he ate. Eckart was one of the Rebellion's most important planets to keep. It has a population of 3 billion civilians, and has the rebel's largest base. Ships use it to stop and refuel, repair, rest, etc. also.

"What even is a Scalian?" Liam asked Rex

"Big reptiles. Sharp teeth, claws, aggressive. One of the meanest species in the galaxy probably."

Rex and Liam got up from the table, and left the cafeteria. Rex convinced Liam to let him give Liam a tour of the ship, since Liam had only been to a fraction the whole ship.

"I'd stay in this sector only, since this is where everything we need is. Besides, the other three sectors are the same but just on different parts. Nothing special about them." Rex explained, after Liam asked if there was a certain area he needed to stay in.

Suddenly, a voice came on the intercom.

"All personnel, we are approaching Eckart shortly," she said, "please make your way to a hangar to board shuttles."

"That's our queue, huh?" Liam said.

As the two men made their way to Hangar C, the nearest one, they discussed what they were going to do in Raquish, the capital of Eckart.

"I know we're training, but what else are we doing?" Liam asked.

Rex replied, "I was planning on seeing some of the sights, ya know? Maybe meet a couple ladies, I don't know. What are you gonna do?"

"I'm gonna stock up on actual hamburgers, for one," Rex began laughing at that, "and probably just stay around the ship or something."

Liam and Rex boarded the crowded shuttle, still discussing their plans. The shuttle took off from the cruiser's hangar, flying down to the surface of the huge, deep green planet.

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