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Mahabharat- want to be with you forever.


Shree and her friend travel beck in time. In duapar yug. What will happen next?

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Shree- A high school girl.

Shree a normal 9th standard student is not as normal as we thought. She has many supernatural abilities which she don't know. Shree can sense spirits and also can see gods and goddess but she thought that it is her illusion. Always some teacher mistook her as a boy because of the name and also by her look. As she has short black hair and also she is so goofy and sporty but she likes to read books the most. She must have read the mahabharat a 1000 times. That's why she is chosen to direct a play on mahabharat which will be played in 18 days. Well let's see what is going on.

Shree was sitting on her desk thinking what to do for the play as she had only 2 weeks. A girl with blond hair comes towards her,'' hay shree! I have convinced karna to play arjun's role.'' Then a girl with Black hair comes and said-''how odd it is Naina that karna is playing arjun'' then Shree said-'' he is not really karna, tamannah. Also he is perfect for Arjun. And I am regretting that I got only 2 weeks for preparation.'' Then Naina said,'' hay don't worry we all are with you let's begin our preparations and let's make models of bows and arrows and swords and maces.'' Naina was overexcited as she is playing subhadra. Tamannah not playing any role but was making models and sketches for decorating the stage for each play.

Shree had written the story line as follows

●Bhishma birth story

●birth of dhritrashtra and pandu

●Curse on pandu and his death

●Childhood of kauravas and pandavas

●Lakshagrah plan and bhim and hidimba marriage

●bakasur death and story of marriage of pandavas and draupadi

●Distribution of hastinapur, construction of indraprasth

●Jarasandh death and rajsuya yajna

● Game of dice and disproving of draupadi

●Game of dice 2 and Vanvasa

●Agyatvas and more

●1 to 4 days of yudha

●5 to 8 days of yudha

●9 to 12 days of yudha


●14, 15, 16, 17 days of yudha

●last day of battle and yudhisthir's crowning

●Pandavas to the heaven

Shree was good at director but she don't know what is gonna happen to her.

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