It Was Always You


Losing someone you love is never easy, but when you have someone to help you through, it doesn't seem so bad. This is George and Angelina's story. Told as only Angelina can tell it.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I lay there as the alarm clock went off telling myself to get out of bed. I really didn't want to considering what my activities would consist of today. On my mirror was a list of things that had to be done. To do list: Stop by St. Mungos to see Oliver, Get new shoes, and Buy groceries, ATTEND FUNERAL. The latter was something that I did not want to do. I looked in the mirror and said, "well I guess I have to start my day".

I followed my list, and went to St. Mungos and visited Oliver. I stayed for an hour until he was given sleeping draft to help him sleep. Then it was off to the shoe store to purchase a new pair of black pumps. I really hated to have to buy them seeing as though I don't think I will wear them anymore after today. Next off to the grocery store I went to purchase a few items for home although I really didn't know when I would make use of it since I had barely eaten anything since….. Well I won't think about that right now. Back home again I put up my groceries inside my flat and then began the slow process of getting ready to say goodbye to my best friend. Well I say, I think he would tell me, "Johnson that dress really brings out your eyes, and shows your curves", then I would gladly punch him in the arm and we would have a good laugh.

Well it's almost time. I guess I better go ahead. When I arrived I was greeted by Harry and Hermione. Mrs. Weasly came down the stairs when she saw me she cames over and gave me one of her famous hugs. Those kind hugs that almost squeezes the life out of you. "Hello dear" she says with a forced smile on her face. "So how have you been?" She asked me.

How could I answer that fairly? I answered her the best way I could, "I am taking it day by day at this point."

"Well darling we all are. I am just so glad to see you. You know I think you and Fr…." She trailed off. "Well I am glad you two were close".

"Where is George?", I asked.

"He is upstairs" I start up the stairs and approach their old room I knock on the door.

"Come in", he says. I enter to find him looking at a piece of parchment. He looks up and he puts it away. He walks over and hugs me. "Ang I am so glad to see you."


"I could really use a mate right now." 'Mate, I think really is that what he thinks of me, hmmm.'

"I am happy to be here to support you and your family."

"Ang, I have something to ask you."

"Yes?" I say.

"Will you sit with me during….." Oh wow, I had planned on sitting towards the back so that if things got too intense I could just slip away without anyone noticing. I find myself squeaking out an OK but my head was screaming nooooooooooo.

It was a nice intimate affair mostly family, probably because so many were affected by this war and there were so many other funerals and memorial services going on. Everyone spoke so lovingly of Fred, we even had a few laughs when Mr. Weasly shared a few stories about him growing up. The entire time George held my hand and he never let go. There was even a time when he used my shoulder to cry on. He was supposed to say something but when it came time he couldn't compose himself and it was understandable. Then came the part that I was dreading the most, the final viewing to say goodbye. I watched as Harry picked up Ginny and carried her away because her grief was too much, and as Mr. and Mrs. Weasly had to hold each other up to the extent were Charlie had to come and assist his mother, Ron had a hard stare but still a few tears managed to drop his eye as he saw his brother laying there as if sleep but never to awaken anymore. Hermione was trying to be strong for Ron but his inability to grieve properly lead her to grieve for him. Percy walked by so fast as if he just wanted it to end. Bill had Fleur to help him through and then there was George and I on the tail end of it all. Everyone was watching as we walked hand in hand up to his fallen twins casket. He started out with a normal stride but as we got closer he steps got slower as if it was hard for him to move. As we approached I saw my best mate laying there with sort of a smile on his face as if he were going to get up and say "gotcha Johnson", but I knew that was wishful thinking. They had him dressed in his brown stripped suite with an burnt orange shirt and tie to match. The tie clip had the initials F.W. on it, his ginger hair had been spiked a little for that suave and dapper look that he always said he had to have. His face was pale with the only color being a slight bruise on his right cheek possibly from the mortar of the explosion that had caused his untimely death. He looks so peaceful but the thought that I would never be able to talk to my friend anymore was too much for me to bare. The tears just fell, but I have to stay strong for George who had all but placed his head on his twins' chest. I pulled him close to and whispered "George lets go."

He took a final look at his brother and he said, "Goodbye Freddie," and we walked away the same way we walked up hand in hand. He wanted to stick around until the last bit of dirt was over his brothers casket; and then we stood there in silence as the others went back to the house to visit with friends and family.

During the whole ordeal he never let go of my hand. He touched my hand with his other hand and said, "Thanks Ang".

I replied. "George your my mate and I couldn't let you go through it alone." We walked back to the house to find a few people were lingering. Mrs. Weasly had went to bed as soon as it was over, Ginny had her head on Harry's shoulder her eyes were blood shot red the three eldest brothers had went out back to have a drink. Mr. Weasly was in his workshop. Ron and Hermione were in his room. George asked me to wait for him, so he could let his mother know that he was leaving. I stood there and look around at the house that use to be so vibrant with life, seem so dull and boring. In time the life will return, but for now it was a place of grief and mourning. George came back downstairs and we bid everyone a goodnight. We walked outside and before we apparated he said, "Ang, I don't want to be alone tonight. I can't stay here and I can't go back to my flat just yet, would you allow me to spend the night at your flat?"

"Sure", I said, I knew he had to come with me so that the healing could start. We arrived at my flat and I made some tea. He doesn't say much. He tells me that he has always meant to come by and visit me but with the store and then the war it made it hard to get here. I told him that I was glad that he decided to stop by because I really didn't think he should be alone at a time like this. He agreed. I gave him a pillow and a blanket and made up the couch for him.

"Hey Ang," he said before I left the room.

"Yes", I said. "Can you tuck me in?", he let out a forced chuckle.

I turned around and said "No you silly goose, do I look like your mum; Goodnight George." I entered into my room and sat on the bed. I never paid any attention to the picture on my nightstand until now. It was a picture that George, Fred and I took during our sixth year on one of our trips to Hogsmeade. I remember that was the day that they accompanied me to find my dress for the Yule Ball. Fred had asked me and we entered together but that night I ended up dancing all night with George as if it were planned that way. It really didn't matter because they were both my friends and we always had fun together. Before I knew it I caught myself in a silent cry. My best mate was gone and my friend was broken. How would we make it?

That night when I finally got to sleep I started to dream. I was back at Hogwarts during the war and I was being tortured and out of nowhere Fred shows up and stops them. Then right before my eyes the explosion erupted and I screamed out Fred's name but it was too late. I must have been screaming in my sleep because I awoke to George standing over me calling my name. "Ang are you ok" he said with a concerned look on his face.

I came too and answered "Yes, I was just having a bad dream. I am sorry if I woke you."

"You didn't wake me, I was still up." He said.

"George, you need to get some sleep before you make yourself sick."

"I have tried, but all I can see is him lying there not moving, not saying anything. I can't I just can't" he started to cry and I just held him in my arms. We lay there and I stroked his hair until he fell asleep. There was no use of trying to get him back to the couch so I just laid my head on his chest and went to sleep. The next morning I awoke to him with his arms around me. This was probably the most sleep that either of us has had in weeks. I debated on whether to wake him or just go back to sleep. "I thought I was holding Ron's teddy bear.'' He said.

"I think I am a might bit better looking than that mangy old thing."

"Yes you do Ang. I agree with you on that."

"So, did you sleep well?"

"Let me think, I feel asleep in the arms of a beautiful woman and woke up with that same beautiful woman in my arms, I think I slept pretty good."

"Well your welcome. Since I helped you now maybe you can do me a service and cook breakfast."

"Ok but, don't be surprised if some of it is burnt."

"I guess I will just have to take that chance."

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