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Ocean Blue || Kim Taehyung


"Can I finally reach out to you?" In which a girl finds a covered journal by the sea. + Sequel to Lost At Sea

Drama / Romance
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"Save him, doctor. Do whatever it takes to save him."

He begged without hesitation, running his fingers into his hair in frustration. He knew something like this would happen someday, but he wasn't cautious enough.

He should've been there to stop him, his heart was already filled with grief and guilt. He didn't want to lose someone again.

As he found a familiar figure in the hallways of the hospital, he glances at him and he immediately looks away as if he didn't know him. His energy was already drained even if it was just a seemingly normal morning.

"Jimin, is Taehyung going to be fine?" Jimin could only hope he is, watching the man he once knew before walk towards him.

"What are you doing here? Didn't I tell you to stop meddling with our lives? Are you that ignorant?" He mumbled, too tired to even yell louder. Jimin already had a bad morning, and yet it only became worse because he showed up.

If only he knew how much she means to Taehyung, then he would've just minded his own business.

"You know how much I worry about him. I can't just leave him, I know that she cherished him so much." He sat down besides Jimin, handing him a water bottle he carried. Jimin accepted it, but its not like he is to change his thoughts about him. To him, he still believes that this man is just a stranger.

He open the bottle and drank only a mouthful, closing it before giving it back to him. "If you're doing this just for Jihyeon, then stop. You've done enough to Taehyung. I'm worried that if he sees you again, he wouldn't forgive you."

"Then I'd rather do it that way than to move further away from him." Jimin felt like he lost hope because no matter how much he tells him to mind his own business, he still wouldn't stop meddling.

"Yoongi! Honey, where have you been?" A familiar voice chimed in their ears, and Jimin hasn't been this irritated to see this woman again since their wedding.

She rushs towards them, curving her lips upward as she notices Jimin from afar. "Jimin, I haven't seen you since the wedding. How have you been?"

"Not so great." It was hard for him to hold his irritation, still waiting in front of the surgery room.

He's been here before, a year has already passed. He still doesn't have hold of her, but he knows that Hoseok would keep her safe.

Taehyung wouldn't understand the situation she's in, so the team had to keep it a secret. It was for his own good, at least that's what they know.

"Jimin, take care of him. Me and Jiwon need to pick up the kids from the nursery." Yoongi was always worried, since the past year he has been so worried for Jimin and Taehyung that he already feels so guilty about it.

It was as if he was a burden to them for keeping his mistake as a simple thing. His love for his new wife Jiwon was a simple mistake that wasn't supposed to happen.

But love is itself, it has no boundaries. No matter how much you hurt a person, you can't change the fact that you like someone else. And its not like Yoongi didn't like Jihyeon, he loved her dearly even before he found Wonji.

To Jimin, its just unbelievable to think that Yoongi would find someone in just a year. For him, it was rushed and stubborn.

As he watched the wedded couple disappear, he continued to worry about Taehyung. He was a dear friend to him, and it wasn't a surprise when he finally told him that he liked his sister long before the accident. He even rooted for them. It was something he always knew even before they were just children.

The door slid open, the doctor had come out while removing his gloves. "Fortunately, the surgery went well. He lost a lot of blood but we were able to get a blood donor before the surgery."

"Who is the blood donor?"

"It was Min Yoongi, but he left quickly after he woke up." The doctor spoke words he didn't knew would happen, but his view of wouldn't change. He was still the reason why Jihyeon and Taehyung parted ways, and it would stay that way.

Jimin had never seen Taehyung sleep this peacefully without having those terrible nightmares he keeps on getting. It calmed him, knowing that Taehyung is sleeping so peaceful and actually catching up sleep.

"Taehyung, why did you leave? I was so worried about you. You can't leave now, Jihyeon is still waiting for you." He mumbled, holding his hand with his head down low. "I know that you're willing to give up your life for Jihyeon, and I'll scold you for it. She would've scold at you for days if she found out."

"She's with Hoseok now, and she's slowly starting to remember everything. I just couldn't believe that you were the only one she still doesn't remember."

"Stay strong for me, Taehyung."

"I should've just gave up, Jimin. Why did I choose to live again when my life was already flashing before my eyes?"

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