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She struck the right chord


pyaar mere nu tu ve mazak samajh ke baithae mein sab samajhdhi aan tu jawak samajh ke baithae Murthy house Tears rolled down her chubby cheeks,frowns had made their way on her face & a cute pout had replaced her ever smiling lips after listening this song. THIS IS NANDINI MURTHY, cute,bubbly,hyper-reactive oopps..sry hyperactive or both & extremely sensitive. Her other qualities will be disclosed as the story unfolds. Malhotra house Bullshit!!What nonsense was that?Bloody emotional freaks...he rolled his eyes in utter displeasure & walked out of the room with his all time famous attitude. He is MANIK MALHOTRA, the definition of arrogance & extremely insensitive.His other traits will be known in the coming chapters. .......... so what happens when these 2 just collide with each other in a most unwanted situation.Will they be able to prove the law "opposites attract" to be true? Time to test the greatest and the most famous LAW put forth by the scientists...:-) so lets find out.... ......

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First opinion but still unknown

The road was blocked , most of the people had crowded in the centre of the road and a girl in mid 20′s was screaming her lungs out. she had parked her bike beside her and the person who was being scolded was quiet with his head down.

the girl was none other than our very own hyperreactive nandini. According to her (me too)the crime that the boy committed was that ,when there was a stop signal flashing by this boy came speeding his bike and was going to dash an old woman who was crossing the street using the zebra crossing.But in due time nandini saved the woman and now she was in no mood to leave the boy and was just bursting on that boy and whoever witnessed the scene was of the opinion that nandini was just 1 step away from beating him black and blue.

Nandini: you ragabrash...,idiot..,fopdoodle..,stampcrab.....,moron...

(she called out all the slang words she could think of.)

later the people interfered and started giving suggestions of calling the police and taking strict action against him.

Nandini: Noo..(she said it aloud) I guess he is guilty of what he has done and would not think of repeating it again.So we should let him go dragging police would make it a bigger issue and will also affect his future.

now this was our super caring Nandini who came into picture..

The old woman also seconded her. so the people agreed and settled the matter .where as the boy ranted a couple of sorry’s and thankyou’s and went away.Finally the traffic was cleared and the vehicles started moving.All this while there was a man in his car waiting for the fuss to be cleared and muttering a whole lot of abuses and cursing the girl for creating a scene though he couldn’t see the girls face bcoz of the crowd.

Man: I don’t get why these people want to create fuss about everything and do all this drama.Bloody Klazomaniac girl. Just wasted The Manik Malhotra’s precious time.she should pray that she doesn’t come across me ever again.

saying this he just hit the horn of his car again in frustration as the speed at which the vehicles were moving was really slow.


Not caring what other people think is the best choice you will ever make..so be what u are rather than pretending what your not.

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