Walls of Fire


An American wife from Boston abandons her love for her treacherous husband the very next day after their first anniversary because of the charge of breaking wedding vows and betrayal. She is a woman with class and zero tolerance for arrogance. However, the only trouble of hers is her mind spinning wild imaginations about the man she fancied. The brave woman, even after possessing the knowledge of being financially dependent on her husband, decides to set off to New York with a few pennies in her bag to seek for a new beginning and just like in any venture, hurdles do comes along way. But what is the biggest challenge: the fear of losing her knight whom she met in the train journey or being pregnant with the baby during the global pandemic? Follow up the love story of a fierce woman from Boston traveling all the way to New York in a hope to lead a better life.

Romance / Erotica
Kiwi McLean
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Chapter 1: Raindrops

My mind hovers around the time from when it all begun. The old puzzles of reminiscence gleam before my moisture glistening eyes as I flip over the pages of my dairy.

The glorious days of the history refills, pleading us to breath like a free bird, supplying us with a new light, binding the three souls together forever with an invisible ribbon.

"OUR MEMORIES!" The words escape my cadaverous lips in a fashion of calmness flourishing across a languid emerald sea which has witnessed a raging storm lately. The indistinct fuzzy mutter shooting out from my lonely inner soul dangles in the waft of air.

My argentine glittering globlets anchors on a specific date from my glorious record book of happiness and sorrows.

When life was in the ordinary form with no existence of Coronavirus on this planet.

It is the same date which marks the dawn of my afresh venture.

I had a fight with my husband, Adam because I discovered he was cheating on me with one of his employee who turned out to be none other than my very own best friend, Rebecca.

21st August, 2019


"Baby I still love you," Adam said calmly, trying to cover up his mistakes.

"Well, you should have thought about it before cheating on me. How could you? I believed you truly love me." I replied back angrily.

"It seems like you have misapprehended the whole incident, honey." His voice rose as he made an effort to explain himself.

"I saw with my own eyes Adam and your lame excuses like being drunk won't work on me either. Pathetic men and their excuses, I feel nauseated by this shitty game of love!" I snapped back at him almost immediately and pledged him to stop bothering me. The images flashed before me making eyes swell up with tears.

I strived my best to blink away my tears and resumed packing all my items in the valise.

"You can't abandon me anytime you want. In the eyes of law, I am your husband."

I pointed my finger at him and yelled, "This statement becomes invalid once you have broken your wedding vows and refused to follow your duty of being loyal to your legally married wife. We are all different individuals and certainly, you don't have the right to own me."

He sauntered behind my back and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer to his chest.

"I have my eyes only for you and I want to dedicate my life to you only." he whispered into my ears, and tried to sound like he meant his words.

But I was not ready to topple over his game and sugary-coated phrases or words this time. The reply escaped my mouth shortly, "You sound like a fool now."

I shook off his hand, freeing my body and walked away.

"Tell me how can I make it up to you?You need money or diamonds to stay with me?" his voice tensed up.

"You might be wealthy but I didn't fall in love with your money, Adam Scott. I had being waiting for you last night but you planned not to appear. It was our first anniversary and you messed up everything. You lied to me about the extra office work and I can guarantee that you have forgotten my birthday. All you wanted was an opportunity to spend quality time with my bestfriend when your wife was waiting at your house"

He remainded quiet with his gaze fixed on my movements.

Silence enveloped around us but after a few minutes of watching me moving helter and skelter around the room, he decided to rebuke.

"Where are you going?"

"None of your business."

With that words, I sealed the chain of my luggage.

"Rebecca is a real bitch."

She was my best friend but understanding the gravity of the situation, I was not sorry to talk about my ex- best friend so rudely.

"It is impolite to blame her and later, call her names," he answered instantly in a consolidating tone as if I was the person who committed the blunder.

"Douche, look at yourself defending her. I am so done with you."

I walked out of the door with my suitcase.

I turned back to check at him for the last time because my heart was still aching for him. His eyes showed no signs of sadness.

Adam was a blonde-haired and high arched eyebrows, a pointed nose and slender lips accompanying his glorious facial structure.

He was my true love and we promised to be together forever but he broke it.

"I hope you change your mind sometime soon." he crossed his arms over his chest as he presented his opinion to me.

"THE DIVORCE PAPER WILL BE SENT TO YOU SOON," I announced openly in the air before walking out of his house and slammed back the door hard in frustration.

"At last, he has shedded his skin and showed his real colours." Tears were streaming down my eyes as I trudge on the grey colour concrete pavement.

"I have nowhere to go."

I reminded myself and continued walking on the street as I began my state of vulnerability. A point came where I thought I should return back to him but the next moment I changed my mantra, "I am not weak and no one has the right to treat miserably."

"I can go to New York."

Catching a cab, I reached the station and used half of the money I had with me. Fortunately, I was able to make my way to platform at the correct time. The train ticket took away the remaining of the penny I had with myself.

Soon, I boarded the train and took my sit near a window in the compartment.

"I was dependent on Adam financially and I am aware I have to work hard in order to earn money."

It was, of course, a very big decision but that was the most correct decision I have had ever made in my life. This lesson was important to be taught to him.

I am Amy Scott, a 23 year old woman with a tragic childhood. Nothing much interesting to share unlike the girl next door!

My dad had passed away when I was an infant but my mother managed to work hard to be able to gather the money to send me at a local school. But, due to lung cancer, she departed the day when I graduated. It was a very tough time for me but I had my best friend by my side. She allowed me stay with her and provided me with all the necessities. I had to put a pause to my education in midway as higher education is very expensive and I didn't appreciate the idea of her family wasting everything on me. My active mind reminded me of my tragic past.

"Losing a true best friend is harder than going through a breakup," I mumbled under my breath.

I met Adam via Rebecca. He was running a big business during that time and he was her boss. We had fallen in love instantly, like the phrases 'love at the first sight' indicated. But everything started to drift apart once we got married and moved to Boston. Rebecca, herself (my life saviour), is the reason why my life was almost ruinied.

A tear dropped on my hand. I glanced outside the window to find it was heavily pouring down. It was like the sky felt my need to let out my emotions.

My face showed an expression of gloominess and loneliness. My eyes were fixed at the ground until my station arrived.

"I have no umbrella."

Looking down on my luck, I know what could possibly happen. I would catch cold and probably, would suffer from pneumonia and die.

I huffed.

I stood up from my seat and carried my vasile to get down but unexpectedly, on the way a guy, who walking from the opposite side with his eyes fixed at the phone screen, poked me in my right eye with the spindle of his umbrella accidentally.

Luckily it wasn't that sharp but the pain was intense.

I jumped out in pain, "Ouch!!"

"I am so sorry," a harsh masculine voice came to my ears as he averted his gaze from his bright phone screen to my face.

He placed his hands on either side of my face and brought my face closer to his have to inspect for any injury.

Though my one eye was injured, but with my other eye I noticed the guy.

He was trimmed build, not overly muscular but with jet black hair and bright blue eyes and a strong jaw accompanied with romanesque nose. His physical features reminded me of Ian Somerholder.

The moment my reverie was broken, I realised the public was enjoying a show of us.

He moved back immediately sensing me blushing.

"Am I blind?" I spoke while rubbing my eye where I had been poked.

"I am so sorry but please don't rub your eyes so badly. Certainly, you will make the matter worse. " the stranger pleaded me.

I dropped my hands immediately.

"Sorry for the accident but would you rather come with me for a better inspection?" he replied.


I am available in Instagram and Inkitt as well with the user name kiwi_mclean

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