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Because deep inside Bellatrix never forgot she had Andromeda.Because Bellatrix was far more then the Dark Lord's most faithful follower

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Eyes that kill

Bellatrix proudly skipped through the hallways of the broken castle delighting in the sight of all those filthy mudbloods and blood traitors,and even some of her fellow deatheaters lying dead on the stone floor.In truth she had never liked any of them either,since they had never been as loyal to the Dark Lord as she was and had always been,and above all as he would've deserved to be glorified in his magnificence.So she turned to rejoin the battle,almost thinking things were looking up for her,but she could've never expected as she turned that corner,to find meet destiny in the form of her younger sister.She saw her...lying on the floor...her body battered and her eyes widened.She knew she should've hated her.After all she had married a muggle...but her sister...that girl...had just managed to remind her of a time in which she hadn't been any more than a kid feeling frightened in front of the possibility of losing her sister,whom she had vowed to protect from anything and anybody.She could still see her,falling and getting hurt over and over and bleeding and screaming from the deep pain she was going through.It had made the blood in her veins go cold,completely.And as she had done 38 years before she kneed...her heart beating in her chest like back then and more strongly than she could've imagined.Since Tonks was lying on her side,she spun her around and felt unusually relieved to find out that the girl was still alive and smiled...the first sincere smile since when she had decided to give up on her good side,if there had ever been some goodness in her heart at all.
Tonks stole her aunt an odd look and could've almost snicked out of her grip hadn't it been for the fact that she was feeling strangely ok with being by her side.She hadn't even tried to crucio her yet,so that had to be quite the improvement.And above it all,she soon understood that her aunt was pretty far from talking to her,her true subject of interest was a ghost called Andromeda,as in the sister who had "abandoned"her and whom she had kept loving nonetheless everything.She had thought her aunt could've never been capable of loving,or having an heart at all,but maybe,just maybe,she had truly loved her mother and before being a monster she had just been a girl,a sister,maybe again even something more...something like a protector,a guardian indeed.
"Aunt Bella"
She heard herself uttering that nickname unconsciously.She had always promised herself,for respect towards her mother's great pain and after everything she had done to her own flesh and blood and all those she had deemed as filthy,she would've never used it.And yet,she had just broken the promise,thinking back about the times her mother had told her about Bellatrix and how in her memories she would always be the hero,rather than what she had become,cause in her mind,the woman was still the strong and loving sister she had enjoyed the presence of throughout her childhood.A true role model.
Suddenly the older woman seemed to rouse from her sleep,daze,or whatever she was going through,but kept doing what she was doing.She studied her as she slowly raised herself up,trembling as if she had really seen a ghost and taking a step back as if burnt,but her eyes,even if harder,never lost their worried light.Tonks turned her head around as much as she could and was not left surprised when she spied her aunt engaging a deadly fight with her thoughts.She had unknowingly bought herself a first row ticket as the only witness to the fall of the great Bellatrix Lestrange,defeated by the same eyes which had "betrayed" her many years prior.It felt as if she were still in her bed,dreaming about something impossible happening in the middle of a pre-announced battle,which just a few hours ago hadn't seemed to be so close,when lulling her first and only child to sleep in the quiet of her wonderful house,with her husband reading by the fireplace.It felt like an extra-corporeal experience,and Tonks felt her life coming to an end,by the hand of her aunt,a woman who should've loved her and whose mind had been blurred by the influence of that crazy thing(as he couldn't be called a man)of Lord Voldemort.So hadn't the wall a few feet away from them exploded,she would've kept living in that strange "dream" in which her aunt had emotions and she was still lying there,untouched,even if she had no doubt about her incoming destiny.She thought about her little Teddy who would've never gotten to know her,she thought about her husband,still lying dead by her side,and whose presence had gone totally unnoticed by her crazy aunt,and about that castle which had brought her parents together and was about to turn into her grave.She was more than confident about their side winning the battle and finally putting an end to that hideous war,but at dawn no trace would've been left of what had happened to her on that night,there would've been no witness,no history book to tell the story of the event which had brought Voldemort's power to an end,in the form of his most loyal follower's fall.Just as regretfully,nobody would've known how the Almighty and stoic Bellatrix Lestrange,who had been capable of killing her own cousin,had actually faltered in front of the eyes of her younger sister.Nobody,ever,would've known how Bellatrix had brought her hands to her head and fought the demons inside of her pushing her into killing her,and how her face had crumbled as she had let herself be convinced by them,that killing her was the right choice.No living witness,really,to the last act of her craziness,if not her hurting and dying niece,the child of betrayal,the child born out of true love,the pride of her wonderful parents on the day she had applied as an Auror,to be the total opposite of the woman standing right in front of her.A woman who had only felt loved once in her whole life,and by her sister,and who had been changed by unreasonable hate and strive for being feared.They where,she was ready to bet,the only people whose hands she would've put her life into.
Asides from everything which could be said there was one thing Tonks was proud of before leaving that earth forever,and it was to have been the one to make her crumble and through love,too.Meanwhile her aunt was looking at her as if she were plague itself,but was doing nothing about her current issue.Then she suddenly laid down by her side,dropping her wand,and started touching her cheek with her cold hand.Even if cold could've been considered to be a statement as in truth her aunt's hand was freezing.As freezing as the bodies lying around her,the ice around Bellatrix' heart and the one she was feeling on the inside starting from her bones to end with her blood.It was too cold for being a spring night,but it couldn't be so odd,as death was in the air,waiting for her chance to come and get her,like the ones who had fought with her and already fallen.But first she wanted to leave an everlasting imprint of herself,and leave that earth honorably even if sadly.
Bellatrix sat up straight and grabbed her wand again after a short search,and at the very top of her craziness pointed it against Tonks'heart saying the two dreaded words the young girl had been waiting for.
"Avada kedavra"
Tonks went still...her eyes never to see the burning stars in the sky again.Bellatrix looked at her niece's glassy eyes and only then did she realize who she had killed.She hadn't just killed her niece...she had murdered her sister and her wonderful,sincere eyes,too.She had never felt guilty about hardly anything in her whole life...but then she did...she felt guilty and the guilt killed her...and it crashed down on her like waves on rocks.She had killed her own sister,the very last person who had loved her,together with Cissy.She had banished the last healthy relationship she had had from the face of earth.She fell to her knees again...not even caring about what was happening around her anymore,and tears...tears she had never shed in life wet her scaringly pale cheeks...and cradled her niece as if she had birthed her,herself.What kind of sister was she?She had broken the most important promise she had made,she had broken the connection,the deep trust running between sisters.No harm should've come to her sister,and she had just caused her the greatest pain of all.
She soon let go of her wand and grabbed Tonks',while still looking into her unseeing eyes,then she pointed it against herself,the guilt behind what she had done umbearable,and uttered those two words again one last time.
"Avada kedavra"
Yes.Tonks was right,nobody,even more in the wake of her aunt's death could've known what had happened,but they would've surely remembered what had happened after Bellatrix'gesture.

As Bellatrix'body fell to the floor unmoving,things went still and nothing more than silence was left around.The battle had been interrupted by the announcement of Lord Voldemort,carrying his very last threat against Harry Potter.Tonks felt her soul lifting up from her body,but it stayed around.For one moment she had the feeling she would've kept on being a ghost,but suddenly her soul was sucked back into her body and her hand twitched,and her eyes moved again,scanning around the ceiling,the pavement until stopping to take a looking at the unmoving body of her aunt.How could that be?It was impossible,only one person was known to have survived,and only because of love and the core of the two wands being the same.Unless...unless the true power of love hadn't acted out again.Sitting up on her knees she let her hand wander over her aunt's even more freezing cheek,repeating her gesture,and saw the sparkle in her eyes changing.Regret and lots of care,the true proof that once again love had won it's fight.It had won the heart of the hardest,and made her love again.So she knew Bellatrix Lestrange had loved her for real.On that very strange night where everything had come to be possible the promise had not been broken,just as the thin line between love and hate had faltered.Bellatrix Lestrange had been forgiven,she couldn't have killed somebody she cared about and loved.
It's love which brings us into this world,pushes us into wishing for the best and accompanies us till the very end.Even when we die,the legacy we leave behind,if we made some good,is made out of love.It's just a matter of trying to see beyond the differences and loving them for what they are.Bellatrix Lestrange was a woman,she was not a stranger to hate and bad fame,but she had cared about her sisters like nobody else,she had made the closest thing to an umbreakable vow when trying to protect her sisters and according to that she had acted out around them till the very end and in front of the indirect fruit of that love,saving the life of her not so hated niece.It's love the place where every bad thought comes to an end,that neverending day where things are perfect and the world knows no fight,and no darkness,and no more hate and our eyes kill them off through the sparkle of goodness and hope.

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