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Opposite Lights


Jennie Kim and Jungkook Jeon are two of the most famous idols in Korea right now. She is part of BlackPink and he is part of BTS They can have everything that their little hearts desire, they just have to ask away. However, there is one thing that they want but is hard to find in their perfect world. True Love. Enter with them on a journey as they start looking for their other half, but with a twist. She will go by Elise Lee and He will go by David Song under the dating app YooHoo.

Romance / Humor
Mariane Saldana
Age Rating:

New Follower

“Jennie!!” my roommate yells from the living room.

I opened one eye looking towards the door before turning around and giving my back towards the door as I faced the wall. Feeling my eyes become heavy again with sleep as I gave into the darkness again.

“Yaaa! Jennie!!” I hear her again but much closer than before, when suddenly I feel a heavy weight on top of me.

“Ugghhh. Getch off miiiiii” I groaned at her as I tried to pull the blanket over my face.

I could hear her soft laugh as she got off me and pulled the blankets off me making the cold wind hit my visible skin.

“Unnniiieeee” I whined as I sat up and looked at her with begging eyes as I ruffled my hair that must be like a bird’s nest at this moment.

“Yes, my beautiful, loving, amazing, artistic, little ball of sunshine?” she stated as she walked towards my closet taking out a couple of items and putting them together to see if they matched well.

I rolled my eyes at her as I got out of bed and walked towards the bathroom grabbing my phone from the bedside table as I grabbed some towels from the nearby closet.

“Hmm I got a new follower” I said more to myself as I saw the lighted screen from the phone.


- David Song started following you! -

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