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Doctor Who The Unofficial Series: Season 1


The complete first series of Doctor Who The Unofficial Series, originally published on Wattpad Episode 1-7: Written by Juno Taylor Episode 8-14: Written by Ryan Lewi Episode 15-16: Written by Ryan Lewi and Juno Taylor Doctor Who and all other properties are the property of the BBC. Daleks created by Terry Nation

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The Fantastical Adventures of One Doctor


[The Doctor is regenerating, a yellow glow bursting from their hands. The clothes are ripped, burnt and ruined.

Then, the flames stop and The Doctor, who is ginger, stumbles, propping himself up with the time/space dilation lever.]

The Doctor: Well, this certainly does seem to be.... Interesting.

[The Doctor accidentally pushes the lever down, causing the Tardis to start travelling.

The Doctor falls onto the floor.]

The Doctor: [while pulling himself up] Well... Where are we going now?

[The Doctor laughs in joy.]



[Two suns, a lush green landscape and a large white castle.

We see a man, human looking, running toward the castle.

The man runs up to a large wooden gate, he pushes it open and continues running in.]


[The man runs into a throne room, a woman is looking at a painting that we can't see.]

Man: Ma'am, we've found it.

Woman: Are you sure it's him?

Man: Yes.

[The woman turns around.]

Woman: The Doctor is here.

[She smiles and we see the painting, it's the Tardis.]


[The Tardis has landed, Aurians have gathered outside it. The man and the woman approach.

The Man knocks on the Tardis door.]

Man: By order of the Queen of Auria, you will step out of the box and-

[The Doctor leans out of the Tardis, and then looks around.]

The Doctor: Am I in Ireland? No, the voices would give that away. Scotland?

[The Doctor licks his finger, sticks it in the air, then puts it back in his mouth.]

The Doctor: No! This is Auria in the Haviksoom galaxy.

[He steps out of the Tardis and walks up to the woman.]

The Doctor: Aurora, good to see you again.

Aurora: You've changed, again.

[The Doctor shakes Aurora's hand.]

The Doctor: You're cold.

Aurora: Yeah, I'm usually cold. Like your outfit.

The Doctor: Yeah, it's um... I didn't choose it. Just one question, am I ginger?

Aurora: What?

The Doctor: Am I ginger?

Aurora: Yes.

The Doctor: Ha, finally!

Aurora: Doctor, we- um- we have a situation.

The Doctor: A situation?

Aurora: There is a sort of beast in our cellar.

The Doctor: A beast? What kind of beeaaa-

[The Doctor collapses onto the ground.]

Aurora: Doctor? What the hell is going on?

The Doctor: [in pain] I-I just regenerated, there's tons of built up energy. God, I thought I'd be used to this after all the times I've done it.

[Some sort of yellow energy flies out of The Doctor's mouth.]

The Doctor: This always happens. Every single time.

[The Doctor gets up.]

The Doctor: Beast in the cellar, let's go.

[The Doctor walks off, toward the castle. Aurora gestures toward the man, signaling for him to follow, and then follows the Doctor.]

Man: [running up toward Aurora] He's odd.

Aurora: Oh course he's odd, he travels in a police box.

The Doctor: [who is slightly ahead of them] You know I can hear everything you're saying right?

Aurora: Well aware.


[The Doctor walks into the room with the painting. Aurora and the man follow close behind.]

The Doctor: The things in the basement right?

Aurora: I do have to warn you, it's dangerous. Possibly the most dangerous thing in this corner of the galaxy.

The Doctor: Well, good thing I'm here then.

[The Doctor smiles, much like the Fourth Doctor.]

Aurora: Don't get cocky.

The Doctor: Well, what can I say? Cellar's that way, right?

[The Doctor points left, toward a spiraling staircase. Aurora nods. The Doctor claps, spins in that direction and starts walking towards it.]

Aurora: Doctor, I'm warning you.

The Doctor: Warnings are just spooky invites. I love a good invite.

[The Doctor goes down the staircase.]


[The Doctor walks into the dark, stony room. You can barely see around the room.]

The Doctor: Hello, anyone in here?

[The Doctor walks further into the dark room.

Aurora and the Man follow behind.]

The Doctor: Hello? I was told there was a beast down here.

[The Doctor pulls out his Sonic, pushes the button, a light is produced along with a buzzing sound.

The light reveals a thing chained up to the wall, it's arms like stone.

The Doctor shines the light on the things face. It's a Cyberman, all destroyed and rusted.]

The Doctor: Everyone back!

Man: Why?

The Doctor: If it touches you, it'll electrocute you, then you'll die.

Man: It's chained to the wall.

The Doctor: Oh, yeah.

Man: Well, at least it can't get off.

Doctor: Where did I come from?

Aurora: It fell from the sky. Wreaked havok on our town... Broke into the castle and that's when we died.

[The Doctor has a look of surprise on his face.

We hear the opening of the Dalek theme.]

Aurora: Wait, we died... that thing... It... Oh god, how would we not know that we died?

[We hear a cracking noise, like bones cracking.

Dalek eye stalks erupt out of The Man's and Aurora's foreheads.

The Doctor turns around and sees the Dalek Puppets.

The Puppets move slowly toward the Doctor, who slowly backs away. The Cyberman breaks from it's chain and approaches the Doctor.]

The Doctor: Goddammit. Daleks and a Cyberman. Come on Doctor, think what are you going to do? Think! Think! Think! Ah, yes, obviously.

[The Doctor takes the Tardis key out of his pocket. It glows, and disappears.]

The Doctor: Bloody hell. Okay, cornered by two Daleks and a Cyberman. What to do? What to do?

Cyberman: You wi-wi-wi...

The Doctor: Okay, what to do? Oh!

[The Doctor reaches into his pocket and pulls out a golden ticket, the one from Nightmare in Silver.

He, the Doctor, slaps it onto the Cyberman's head, which causes it to stop in it's tracks and shake.]

The Doctor: Okay, Cyberman down. Now, onto the Daleks.

[The Dalek Puppets raise their hands, Dalek guns burst out and begin shooting.

The Doctor dodges out of the way.]

The Doctor: Okay, that's how we're playing this.

[The Doctor pushes Aurora into the man, and runs up the stairs.]


[The Doctor runs up to a window, looks out and sees an army of Dalek Puppets.]

The Doctor: Shit.

[The Doctor covers his mouth, surprised.]

The Doctor: Okay, that's new. Never said anything like that before. Okay, so, Daleks inside, Daleks outside, no plan, no companions, no Tardis, what do I have?

[The Doctor reaches into his pockets, looking for something, he pulls out the Sonic.]

The Doctor: Ah yes, I have my Sonic.

[Aurora and the man walk up the stairs.]

The Doctor: Oh, hi. Okay Doctor, think! Aurora, I'm sorry.

[The Doctor runs up to Aurora, grabbing her arm with the Dalek gun, pointing it toward the man, who dies. The Doctor then kisses Aurora, pushing the eyestalk back into Aurora's head.]

Aurora: Ow, my head! What happened?

The Doctor: You're dead, Aurora, and the Daleks took hold of your body and made you into one of their puppets, in order to kill me. Luckily, I brought the real you back, I don't know how long it will last.

Aurora: Did you kiss me?

The Doctor: Yes.

[Aurora pulls a disgusted face.]

The Doctor: I was under a time limit!

Aurora: So you kissed me?

The Doctor: It worked before. You know, kissing a Dalek puppet, bringing back the original person.

Aurora: You still kissed me.

The Doctor: Would you prefer I'd have killed you?

Aurora: No, that would be... Bad. I've known you since I was a kid, and now you kiss me?

The Doctor: Are we going to dwell on this all day? Because your people are currently having a situation. A situation as in that they are also Dalek Puppets.

[Aurora looks out the window.]

Aurora: Well, we're safe in here right?

The Doctor: I have things in my Tardis that'll help us defeat these things.

Aurora: Well, use the key.

The Doctor: I can't.

Aurora: Why?

The Doctor: The key, it.. Um... Well, it kinda disappeared.

Aurora: It can do that?

The Doctor: Yeah, obviously.

Aurora: Why?

The Doctor: I don't know, it's not like I can pick and choose what it does, the Tardis does what the Tardis wants to.

Aurora: Seems kind of stupid.

The Doctor: Don't diss the Tardis.

Aurora: Just saying.

The Doctor: Well, at least the Tardis can't become a Dalek puppet.

Aurora: I didn't choose this.

The Doctor: How did this even happen?

Aurora: I don't know.

The Doctor: Anyway, we've got to get to my Tardis, to save your people, but your people are the obstacle in the way of saving your people. Cool.

Aurora: How is that 'cool'?

The Doctor: Very good question, but one that won't be answered.

[The Doctor points at a chair.]

The Doctor: Is that chair important?

Aurora: No, why?

[The Doctor goes up to it and snaps off one of the legs.]

The Doctor: Now I have a weapon, You want a leg as well?

Aurora: No, I have this.

[She holds up her hand with the Dalek gun still pointing out.]

The Doctor: Ah, of course.

[The Doctor starts to leave, but stops and turns around. He points at the Tardis painting.]

The Doctor: What is that?

Aurora: A painting of your ship.

[The Doctor walks up to the painting and sonics it.]

The Doctor: [looking at the results of the sonicing] Yep, it is a painting, but you know what else it it? A beacon, this painting called out to my Tardis. How long have you had this?

Aurora: Not that long. It appeared a couple of weeks ago, slightly before the Cyberman.

The Doctor: But where did it come from?

[More sonicing happens]

The Doctor: [looking at the results] Oh, that's weird.

Aurora: What's weird?

The Doctor: It's from a place I was only told about as a child.

Aurora: Where's that?

The Doctor: The Gallery.

Aurora: Where?

The Doctor: Every race has a plan of where to go when they're world dies... The Gallery was Gallifrey's option. We'd hear about it in stories, fables.

[There is silence for a moment.]

The Doctor: Well, anyway, we've got some people to save.


['I AM THE DOCTOR' starts playing as The Doctor and Aurora exit the castle. The Dalek Puppets see and begin walking toward The Doctor and Aurora.

The Doctor swings at one with the chair leg, the puppet falls back. Aurora shoots one with the gun, causing the usual thing to happen. The Doctor jabs one of the Puppet's Dalek eye. Aurora shoots another two more.]

The Doctor: [while still fighting] Don't kill all of them!

Aurora: Those one's were criminals, what I did was merciful.

The Doctor: How many here are criminals?

[Aurora shoots one more.]

Aurora: None.

[The Doctor and Aurora run up to the Tardis, the Doctor still fighting off Dalek Puppets.

The Doctor goes to open the door, he is blown back.]

The Doctor: [to the Tardis] No! Don't do that now!

[Aurora's head drops.]

The Doctor [to Aurora] Same thing to you.

[The eyestalk emerges again.]

The Doctor: Goddammit.

[The Doctor gets up.]

The Doctor: Okay, this is all testing my patience.

[Aurora raises her arm up and aims it at the Doctor.]

The Doctor: Okay, You know what.

[Suddenly, a man appears behind the doctor.]

???: Hold on.

The Doctor: What the he-

[The Doctor and the man disappear.]

Int- UNIT headquarters- Day

[The walls are grey, with the U.N.I.T. logo and posters of Earth, with pins in seemingly random places, on the wall. There is also a board with pictures of the Doctor's many companions and foes.

There are people, all dressed in army uniform, standing around a table, with a poster of the UK on it.

There are 3 UNIT soldiers, UNIT guy 2 talks with drown out 's' sounds.]

Unit guy 1: I say that we get as many people into London as possible-

Unit guy 2: And you think they won't notice?

Unit guy 3: There is alway the other option...

Unit guy 1: And let's just pray that it doesn't get to that.

Unit guy 3: But when it does...

[The Doctor and the man appear.]

The Doctor: -ll.

[The Doctor looks around.]

The Doctor: UNIT? Why?

???: Don't ask me.

UNIT guy 2: Ah, Doctor. Good work, Eric.

Eric: No problem.

The Doctor: You could have called. It says in big words 'Police Public CALL Box'. Emphasis on the call. Actually, you know what, because this is not the first time this has happened, emphasis on the emphasis on the call. Also, I don't like to travel via Time Manipulator.

UNIT guy 2: Doctor, we have a situation.

The Doctor: Yeah, I was dealing with another situation, but you know, all the more power to you.

UNIT guy 2: Would you like a drink?

The Doctor: I'd love a tea right now.

UNIT guy 2: Great. Liam!

[Liam enters the room, not wearing army uniform, his clothing looks more like a waiter.]

Liam: Yes, sir?

UNIT guy 2: Get The Doctor a tea.

Eric: I'd like one too, please. No milk, no sugars.

[Eric winks at Liam, who shyly smiles.]

The Doctor: I'll have mine with milk and um... About 8 sugars.

Liam: Okay.

[Liam leaves the room.]

UNIT guy 2: So anyway, Doctor, we are at war-

The Doctor: Never a good thing to be at. Why do you need me to settle a fight between two countries?

UNIT guy 2: Because it's not two countries, Doctor, it's two species.

The Doctor: What?

UNIT guy 2: I believe they're called... Silurians.

The Doctor: Ah, I see.

UNIT guy 2: Understand why we brought you in?

The Doctor: Well, I was dealing with the...Big metal evil cheese graters.

UNIT guy 2: The what?

The Doctor: Daleks. But just the puppets.

[UNIT guy 2 looks confused.]

The Doctor: Oh, come on... You know...

[The Doctor mimes the Dalek eyestalk coming out of his Forehead.

Everyone in the room, except the Doctor, is staring and have a very confused look on their face.

Liam walks in, with the tea on a tray, he looks around at the situation.]

Liam: Well, this is awkward.

[He walks over to the Doctor and passes him his tea.]

Liam: Careful, it's hot.

The Doctor: Ah, yes, thank you.

[The Doctor takes the tea, Liam walks over to Eric.]

Liam: Here's your tea.

Eric: Do I not get a warning?

Liam: Well, I trust you not to burn yourself.

Eric: I know, can't risk my beauty.

[Liam laughs, Eric takes his tea and Liam turns around.]

Liam: Anyone else want anything?

Eric: [looking down, obviously at Liam's arse] Well, I know what I want.

Liam: Stop it, I'm working.

UNIT guy 1: [shouting] Will you two fairies please stop!?

The Doctor: Um... Excuse me... Do you have a problem? Do you have a problem with these two being who they want?

Liam: Hey, it's okay. He's just jealous. Have fun with your war, call me if you want anything!

[Liam blows a kiss to Eric, who winks back at Liam.

Liam leaves.]

Eric: Should I go as well?

UNIT guy 1: [to himself] As long as you don't go and mingle with that poofter out there.

The Doctor: Okay, that's enough! [to UNIT guy 2] Am I allowed to force people to resign?

UNIT guy 2: Fire them?

The Doctor: That's the word.

UNIT guy 2: No. Stephen, go wait outside, I'll talk to you later.

[Stephen (UNIT guy 1) leaves the room.

Eric waves as he does so.]

The Doctor: Wait, didn't you guys shut down?

UNIT guy 2: Yes, but you convinced the government to bring us back, remember?

The Doctor: Ah, must remember to do that. Anyway, so Silurians. What are they doing?

UNIT guy 2: They claim that they are taking back what's theirs...

The Doctor: They're trying to take Earth?

UNIT guy 2: Yes.

The Doctor: All of it?

UNIT guy 2: Of course.

The Doctor: Have you considered the possibility of coexistence? I mean, you have the Humans and the Zygons all happily coexisting, so why not add the Silurians to the mix, this was their planet, of course.

UNIT guy 2: That would cause civil unrest, Everyone would be scared of this Lizard Race suddenly being apart of society.

The Doctor: But what if they don't? What if you're judging people too harshly? The Human race could thrive with a new species as intelligent as them, you could make it to Mars sooner then you'd ever thought. And, if I can let you in on a little secret, you've technically already been coexisting. Ever heard of Madame Vastra? Yep, despite what several sources say, she was a Silurian.

UNIT guy 2: I don't care about what has happened in the past, this is the present and right now, people will panic if we allow another species to exist with us.

The Doctor: Are you not listening? Zygons! Big red alien things covered in suckers that can shape-shift!

UNIT guy 2: There it is, right there. Zygons can change how they look, Silurians can't.

The Doctor: Why does it matter?

UNIT guy 2: They can barely cope with themselves, always fighting amongst themselves, bickering.

The Doctor: You seem quick to exclude yourself from that.

UNIT guy 2: Well, I just... We all don't want to make ourselves look bad.

[The Doctor looks at UNIT guy 2 with a menacing glare, hinting that he knows something isn't quite right.

An alarm starts blaring.

Liam runs in.]

Liam: What is it? Are we expecting a drill?

UNIT guy 2: Not that I know of...

[A shutter closes, locking everyone in.

We hear screaming from outside and then bashing on the shutter, then we hear UNIT soldier 1 scream.]

Eric: Holy fuck, it sounds like a massicare out there.

UNIT guy 2: Don't worry we're safe in here.

[We see something cutting through the shutter, melting it. Eventually, a hole is cut into the shutter and various Silurians, wearing the masks, march through, with the Silurian commander in the front.]

The Doctor: [to the Silurians] Get back, these people have done nothing to you!

Silurian commander: Done nothing? Nothing!? These pathetic apes started a war when they killed an entire colony of us!

The Doctor: Well, maybe it was a mistake.

Silurian commander: I assure you, It was not a mistake. A mistake is not bursting in and slaughtering innocents.

UNIT guy 2: We neutralise what ever threat we need to!

Silurian commander: Some of them were children!

The Doctor: Wait, you killed children?

UNIT guy 2: They weren't human, it doesn't matter.

The Doctor: You weren't worried that the humans may attack the Silurians, you were afraid that they knew what you did and that they'd start an uprising.

Silurian commander: An we have started an uprising, now we must avenge our fallen!

[The Silurian commander points a Ray-gun at UNIT guy 2.]

The Doctor: No! Don't shoot him! That makes you no better then he is!

Silurian commander: Stay out of this, human.

The Doctor: Me? Human? Don't you know who I am? I am the Doctor, I'm over 2005years old, I'm from the planet Gallifrey, I am the oncoming storm, the timeless child, the last Time Lord and right here... Right now... you're not listening are you?

Silurian commander: Why would I listen?

The Doctor: Because if you kill these men, then you'll never get what you want.

[The Silurian Commander looks at the Doctor.]

The Doctor: You want to be free, live on the surface.

[The Silurian Commander takes off the mask.]

Silurian commander: The humans have taken over.

Liam: Then join them, be equals.

Silurian commander: Equals?

Liam: Yeah, imagine it. It'll be rocky at the start but give it a year or so and they everyone will be fine with it.

[The screen goes black and we see the words: ONE YEAR LATER.]

Ext- London- Night

[We see a Silurian male, Talrin, walking through London streets, carrying bags from several different stores. He walks into a heavily populated area and we see a group of protestors holding up signs: GET THESE LIZARDS OUT; THINK OF THE CHILDREN; FIRST OUR GOVERNMENT, NOW OUR LIVES, etc.]

Protestor 1: What do we want?

Protestors: The Lizards Gone!

Protestor 1: When do we want it?

Protestors: Now!

[Talrin walks past the group. Protestor 2 stops him.]

Protestor 2: Well, what do we have here?

Protestor 3: It's one of those filthy lizards!

Protestor 2: That was a rhetorical question. What do you want? Why are you here?

Talrin: I'm just trying to get back to my house.

Protestor 2: Your house? You don't own that house, you probably killed the occupants and then claimed it as your own.

Talrin: I pay taxes just like you. I have rights just like yo-

[Protestor 2 punches Talrin round the face, knocking him onto the floor.]

Protestor 2: Don't put me on the same level as you. You are filth, I am not.

Liam: [offscreen] If that's how you treat people, love, then you're the filth.

[Liam walks up to Talrin, and helps him up.]

Liam: Hey, you all right?

Talrin: Yeah, I'm great.

[Liam and Talrin hug.]

Protestor 3: Why are you doing that?

Liam: Um, because this is my boyfriend, ugly duckling.

Protestor 1: You're dating one of those?

Liam: Yeah, you got a problem with that, fuckface? Cause if you do, the real monster isn't Talrin, it's you.

Protestor 1: Who the hell is Talrin?

Liam: This handsome son of a bitch. Now, if you don't mind us, we're gonna go now.

[Liam and Talrin leave. The Camera follows them.]

Talrin: And that is why I love you.

Liam: I'm not done yet.

[Liam pulls out his phone, diles 999 and presses the call button.]

Liam: [to the phone] Um.. Hi, yes. I'd like to report a hate crime. Yes, it's on... um... [Street the scene was filmed in]. You'll see the protest. Who was it against? A Silurian.

[Liam pulls a serious face.]

Liam: What do you- yeah, hang up while I'm still fucking talking.

Talrin: What happened?

Liam: The fucking bitches said: [putting on a stupid voice] 'Sorry, but we don't do Silurian involved crimes.' [normal voice] Like, who am I supposed to call? Torchwood? They should do all crimes, not just one's where the human is the victim.

Talrin: It's okay.

Liam: No, it's not. You know what this world really needs?

Talrin: What?

Liam: It's needs a-

[A portal opens in front of Liam and Talrin.]

Liam: What the fuck?!

[The Doctor, no longer in tattered clothes- instead wearing a smart white shirt under a hoodie, under a blazer, with dark black trousers and vivid red canvas shoes, falls out of the portal, followed by a Cyberman head, which falls on the Doctor.]

The Doctor: Ow.

Liam: What is that?

The Doctor: A Cyberman head.

Liam: Wait, aren't you the guy from-

[Then UNIT guy 2 falls through the portal.]

Liam: Ah.

[The Doctor gets up, then helps UNIT guy 2 up.]

The Doctor: That little stunt you pulled really wasn't welcomed.

UNIT guy 2: You said look for a blue police box, so I looked for one.

The Doctor: And you didn't think to check if anyone was in there? You could have ripped apart the timeline!

UNIT guy 2: I'll try harder next time.

The Doctor: Next time? I'm pretty sure you'll be needed at UNIT.

[UNIT guy 2 notices Liam.]

UNIT guy 2: Aren't you...?

Liam: Yep, just so you know I got a way better job after you fired me.

[The Doctor waves at UNIT guy 2]

The Doctor: Bye bye, now.

[UNIT guy 2 walks away, the camera follows him.

He walks into an alleyway. He looks around and then, a Viel- the same species as Androvax from SJA- emerges from his (UNIT guy 2) body.]

Viel: You're a failure.

UNIT guy 2: You were the one controlling me, so if anyone failed, it was you.

Viel: We could have ruled all of space and time.

UNIT guy 2: I know how things like you operate, you'd have killed me the first chance you got.

Viel: I'll give you this, for a lower life form, you're not half as unintelligent as I thought.

[The Veil takes out a weapon.]

Viel: You're way stupider.

[The Veil shoots UNIT guy 2.

We then cut back to The Doctor, Liam and Talrin.]

Liam: Is that a portal?

The Doctor: Yeah.

Talrin: What's on the other side?

The Doctor: Telos, horrible place.

[The Doctor points his sonic at the portal, it closes]

The Doctor: Well, that's all done for that. Now, have fun with the rest of your li-

[There is a loud explosion]

Liam: The hell's that?

The Doctor: I have no idea. But, you know what I do know?

Talrin: What?

The Doctor: How to find out.

[The Doctor smiles]

The Doctor: Care to join me?

[The Doctor put out his hand, Liam looks at Talrin and smiles, Liam grabs Talrin's hand and then the Doctor's. They all run together.

They run into a street that is burning and wreaked, there is a building with it's entire front blown off.]

The Doctor: Well, what happened here?

[The Doctor sonics around and then looks at the readings]

The Doctor: Oh shit.

Liam: What? What is it?

The Doctor: We have to get out of here.

Talrin: Why?

[Aurora walks out of the exploded building, with the eyestalk still poking out. ]

The Doctor: Really? Right here, right now?

Aurora: The Dalek empire requires an audience with the Doctor.

The Doctor: May I refuse?

Aurora: If you do, this world will be destroyed.

The Doctor: Then I accept the invitation.

Aurora: Good.

[A Dalek saucer flies over the buildings]

Liam: I-I've seen that before...

[Aurora walks up to The Doctor and they, The Doctor, Liam, Talrin and Aurora teleport to...]

INT-Dalek Ship

[The Doctor, Liam, Talrin and Aurora appear in the ship, there are seven Daleks of different types, perhaps a Time War Dalek, a Skaro Dalek, a supreme Paradigm Dalek, amongst others- maybe there could even be a Cushing Dalek.

Liam looks around, scared]

Liam: I- I know these things.

[The Paradigm Dalek approaches the Doctor]

Paradigm: Are you the Doctor?

The Doctor: Yes, are you the leader of this ship?

Paradigm: Yes.

The Doctor: Let me guess, you're here for the conquest of Earth, to destroy every lifeform in existence.

Paradigm: No.

The Doctor: You're here to kill me and end our battle once an for all.

Paradigm: No, Doctor, we are here to make you save us.

The Doctor: Oh god. Are you gonna beam me down to an asylum?

Aurora: Doctor, The Dalek race is falling apart. We know you will not let a race die.

[The Doctor stands silent]

Aurora: No, you can't be thinking that.

The Doctor: I am willing to make sacrafices. The Dalek race doesn't deserve to live.

Paradigm: Then you will die with us, Doctor.

The Doctor: You know very well that you will not be able to kill me.

Paradigm: But we can kill your associates, Doctor.

[A Dalek moves toward Liam and Talrin]

Paradigm: You will help us, Doctor.

[The Doctor sighs]

The Doctor: Fine! What do you want me to do?

Paradigm: We are at war, Doctor.

The Doctor: With who?

Paradigm: Ourselves.

The Doctor: Another rebellion? Come on guys, what's the problem this time?

Paradigm: We are the only true Daleks left, the rest have been brainwashed by a being we have no name for.

The Doctor: Well, that helps.

Time War: We are set on course as we speak.

The Doctor: Where to?

Aurora : A place everyone fears, Doctor. A place so dark, that even the Daleks dare not utter it's name.

The Doctor: Where are we going?

[The room is silent]

The Doctor: [shouting] Tell me!

Aurora: The Gallery.

[The Doctor's face changes to a look of fear]

The Doctor: No, we can't go there.

Liam: Why? What's so bad about a gallery?

Aurora: Legend says it's the place Time Lords would run to if their planet was dying.

Liam: Time Lords? The hell's a Time Lord?

The Doctor: My people, well... The people who raised me. They all died. I know they died. So why are we going to The Gallery?

[The ship shakes]

Paradigm: We're close.

The Doctor: There's no reason we should be heading toward the Gallery. Nothing should be there.

Liam: Well, clearly something is there.

[The ship shakes again]

Paradigm: We are here. You will be sent down to the planet.

The Doctor: No 'good luck'?

[There is, once again, silence.]

Liam: Good luck?

The Doctor: You're coming with me.

Liam: Oh.

Talrin: Should I say good luck then?

Liam: No, you're definitely coming. I mean, it's not like it's gonna kill you. Right?

The Doctor: I'll try my hardest. Okay, beam us down.

[A Dalek moves towards a button, it presses it and then The Doctor, Liam and Talrin disappear in a white light]

Ext- The Gallery- Day

[The Gallery is destroyed by fire, paintings are on the floor, skeletons are broken on the floor.]

Liam: What happened in this place?

The Doctor: It looks like a war happened, many, many years ago.

[The Doctor goes up to one of the skeletons, he scans it with his sonic. He then looks at the readings. He is subtly surprised by the readings.]

Talrin: What? What is it?

The Doctor: N-nothing.

[The Doctor walks away and up to a wooden door, he opens it, peeks through, then back]

The Doctor: We can't go in here.

Valal: [offscreen] Oh, I'm afraid you have no choice.

Liam: [surprised] Who?

[We see Valal, a man dressed in a longish red coat, a white shirt and blueish trousers. His shoes are posh and shiny.]

Valal: It's so good to see you all again, especially with that face.

The Doctor: Do I know you?

Valal: Do you not know me? Oh, I see. Timey Whimey stuff and nonsense. You haven't met me yet. Anyway, I'm Valal and let me tell you we get into a lot of crazy shenanigans.

[Valal goes up to the Doctor]

Valal: Also, don't want to alarm you but... Um... [he glances at Liam and Talrin] Actually, you know what? I won't give away the surprise.

[Valal opens the door]

Valal: Okay, go on. Go through. Come on we don't have all day. Witness my... Third greatest triumph.

[The Doctor, Liam and Talrin walk to the room, there are many Daleks. Many, many Daleks, all of different types.]

The Doctor: Are we supposed to be impressed? All I see is an army.

Valal: Yes, Doctor, an army, and you know what an army does? An army goes to war.

The Doctor: An army doesn't just go to war. An army proves a point, but the question is. What is your point? You've got an army, what's your point? More importantly, how did you get to this stage?

Valal: And aren't you just itching to know? I'll tell you what, Doc. I'll tell you how I got to this point, then I'll tell you my point and then.... Well, you can guess.

Liam: So, how did you get to this point?

Valal: Oh, it's very simple. Follow me.

[Valal leads the way, into another room. He stops before entering.]

Valal: Now, what's in here isn't for the faint of heart, so look away if you need to.

[The Doctor rolls his eyes as Valal opens the door and walks into the room, followed by everyone else. Inside is a large white Dalek, with wires coming out from it and lying on the floor. It is broken]

Liam: What is that?

The Doctor: That's a...

Valal: Dalek emperor.

The Doctor: How could you?

Valal: Very easily. I used a gun.

Talrin: Like a regular gun, like a pistol? Or a Ray gun?

Valal: A laser gun.

The Doctor: A Class 7 weapon? They're banned in every corner of the universe.

Valal: Almost every, Doctor. There are some places even the shadow proclamation won't touch.

The Doctor: So you killed the Dalek emperor and installed yourself as the new leader of the Daleks.

Valal: Um... Yeah, basically.

Liam: That's kinda old fashioned.

[A Dalek enters the room]

Dalek: [To Valal] There is a message for you.

Valal: What does it say?

Dalek: It is time.

The Doctor: Time? Time for what?

Valal: Funny thing is, we haven't had a message here for years.

The Doctor: Years? How long has the Gallery been like this? What happened to it?

Valal: A choice, Doctor. That someday, someone will have to make.

The Doctor: Someone like who?

Valal: Someone like you.

[The ground shakes, as if The Gallery had been hit by something]

Talrin: What was that?

The Doctor: Very good question.

[The Doctor looks over at Valal, who is as puzzled as the rest of them.]

Liam: So nobody has any clue what that was? Maybe the tin can knows?

[They all look over at the Dalek]

Valal: Well? What was that?

[The Dalek is silent, the ground shakes again]

Valal: I am your leader, you will answer to me!

Dalek: You are wrong.

Valal: I'm wrong am I? Please explain.

Dalek: We need not explain to you.

The Doctor: Seems like this little revolution has been revolted against.

Dalek: You are all enemies of the Daleks, you will be exterminated!

[The ground shakes again]

Valal: You should obviously start with the weakest one, may I suggest the lizard?

Liam: He has a name.

Valal: Sorry, I never bothered to learn it.

The Doctor: Ah yes, very bad time to remember this but we were never formally introduced.

Dalek: Enough talk! You will be exterminated.

[The Dalek aims at Liam, who is closest.]

Dalek: Exterminate!

Talrin: No!

[Talrin pushes Liam out of the way, causing himself to be shot by the Dalek's ray.]

Liam: Talrin!

[The Doctor sonics the Dalek, causing it to explode.]

Valal: You could have done that all this time?

The Doctor: Well, I'm sorry I didn't think of that.

[Liam moves over to Talrin and holds his dead body]

Liam: [distraught] Talrin! Oh my... No...

The Doctor: [moving towards Liam] Hey... It's okay.

Liam: [crying] Get away! This is your fault!

[Liam gets up, goes over to a pipe on the wall and pulls it off]

The Doctor: What are you doing?

Liam: Revenge.

[Liam leaves the room, the ground once again shakes]

Valal: Well... They're almost certainly dead.

The Doctor: Almost?

Valal: Ah, yes. I must present a dilemma to you doctor...

[It cuts to Liam, who is outside walking through the Gallery. A Dalek comes round the corner.]

Dalek: Halt!

Liam: What are you gonna do? Kill me?

[Liam bashes the Dale's eye stalk, rendering it blind]

Dalek: Vision impaired! Cannot see!

[More Daleks come round the corner]

Dalek 2: You will not move!

Liam: How will you stop me?

[It cuts back to The Doctor and Valal]

Valal: You have two options, Doctor. Either, you can let that man out there die...

[We once again see Liam surrounded by Daleks]

Liam: Go on then! Do it!

[It again cuts back to Valal and The Doctor]

Valal: Or... [He pulls out a strange looking device, which has a button on top.] You could bend the laws of time a little.

The Doctor: Is that...?

Valal: A Time Stopper.

The Doctor: That's illegal in every corner of the universe.

Valal: Doesn't stop you from using it. You know, unless you want Liam to die.

The Doctor: This could break the core foundation of time.

Valal: God, I hate myself for helping you, but Liam's death will also tear a hole in space and time.

[The Doctor breaths in, takes the device, presses the button and breaths out]

The Doctor: Nothing happened.

Valal: You sure? Now, we gotta move the body into another room where I have this thing that can-

The Doctor: What?

Valal: Just do it, or we can always let Liam die.

The Doctor: How do you know his..?

Valal: Timey Whimey. Now, be a dear and help me move the body.

[The Doctor and Valal pick up Talrin's body and exit through the door, everything is still.

Daleks aren't moving, Liam is frozen and the Dalek Ship is hovering in the sky, shooting down a reddish laser.]

The Doctor: [Quickly pointing at the ship] Well, I think we found what was causing the shaking.

Valal: They're trying to blow us up.

[They carry Talrin's body past a few Daleks]

Valal: [Pointing towards a door] In there.

[The Doctor opens the door and The Doctor and Valal carry Talrin inside]

The Doctor: So what are we doing?

Valal: We're going to make Liam forget.

The Doctor: How?

Valal: Look behind you.

[The Doctor turns around, he sees something that shocks him, a crack in time plastered right on the wall, glowing. The Doctor and Valal put Talrin's body down]

The Doctor: I thought they'd all be gone.

Valal: Well, clearly they're not.

[The Doctor goes up to crack and drags his hand across it]

The Doctor: If they're still here... Then who knows what it could do to the universe.

Valal: Why are you talking about a crack like it could cause the universe to implode?

The Doctor: No, not implode. Something that could be way, way worse.

Valal: And that is?

The Doctor: The Time Lords are still out there.

Valal: [mockingly] Woah, that'd really suck. [no longer mockingly] Now, help me move the lizard in front of the crack.

[The Doctor nods, moves away from the crack and moves Talrin towards the crack, with the help of Valal]

Valal: Okay, now back away.

The Doctor: I know.

[The Doctor and Valal move away, the crack opens and a bright light shines upon Talrin's body]

The Doctor: This is wrong.

Valal: Sometimes you have to do a wrong thing to be right.

[The light completely engulfs Talrin, causing him to disappear]

The Doctor: Now, time to save Liam.

[The Doctor runs out of the room]

Valal: Doctor! [Following the Doctor] Jesus Christ!

[The Doctor runs through the Gallery, up to where the Daleks are surrounding Liam, Valal catches up, breathing heavily]

Valal: Okay, what do we do now?

The Doctor: I have a plan.

[The Doctor moves the Daleks so they are no longer facing Liam, but facing each other]

The Doctor: Okay, now...

[The Doctor takes the device out of his trousers pocket. He presses the button.

The Daleks shoot each other, Liam covers his head with his arms. The Doctor runs up to Liam, pushing one of the Daleks out of the way]

The Doctor: Hey, are you okay?

Liam: I- I think.

The Doctor: Good, good. I don't think we were properly introduced to each other.

Liam: I- I'm Liam.

The Doctor: I'm The Doctor.

Liam: The Doctor? Like just The Doctor? That's... Um... That's cool.

The Doctor: Yeah, I guess.

Liam: How did I get here? I don't remember how, I- I was in a room with you and... [Liam looks over at Valal] him. A thing, like a- like a cheese grater came in and you- you blew it up.

The Doctor: Yeah. Don't worry. You're safe now.

Valal: Well, not exactly.

[The ground shakes and begins to crack.]

Valal: We're still under attack.

[Daleks enter from various directions, The Paradigm Dalek teleports down, along with Aurora]

The Doctor: Ah, well... That's not very good.

Aurora: It's time, Doctor. Say goodbye to this world.

The Doctor: I really do hate to ask, but... Tiem for what?

Paradigm: Your death, Doctor.

The Doctor: Really?

Paradigm: You have no means of escape, no one to help you.

The Doctor: I have Liam and Valal.

Valal: You think I'd help you?

The Doctor: Really, changing sides?

Valal: This was all part of the plan, right my Dalek chums?

Paradigm: We are not associated with you.

[Paradigm shoots Valal, strangely this doesn't kill Valal]

Valal: Argh, you Bastard.

Paradigm: Impossible!

Valal: Honey, you have no idea what's possible. Okay, step one complete. Step two: Doctor, check your pockets.

[The Doctor reaches into his pocket and pulls out a glowing key]

The Doctor: Liam, hold on.

[The Doctor grabs Liam's hand. We hear the Tardis materialisation sound]

Valal: Step three...

[The Tardis materialises around The Doctor and Liam]

Valal: And step four... Your gonna wanna look out for this one Daleks.


[The Tardis has changed since the last time we saw it, it is a bright white, with roundels on the wall, the console is like a mixture of both Classic and Nuwho elements, there is two seats, much like a car attached to a wall, there is also a screen which usually depicts Gallifrey writing]

Liam: What the...

The Doctor: Yeah, bigger on the inside. Let's cut to the chase please.

[The Doctor pulls a lever]


[The Tardis dematerialises]

Valal: You better look out, cause I've been holding this all in since the Battle of The Gallery. Now, as a wise man once said... Love from Gallifrey, boys!

[Valal pulls his arms towards his chest, then bursts out, as Regeneration energy bursts out from his body. He aims his arms towards the Daleks, causing them to burn up and explode]


Liam: What is this place?

The Doctor: This is my ship. It's called a Tardis, well at least that's what my granddaughter called it...

Liam: You have a granddaughter?

The Doctor: I'm older than I look. The Tardis can travel throughout Time and Space, forwards, backwards,sideways... Many times, Many places. Almost infinite possibilities. Where to first?

Liam: You're offering me a trip?

The Doctor: Yeah.

Liam: Well, I do have a place in mind.

The Doctor: Okay.

[He leads Liam over to the psychic controls, which is basically slimy strips that glow different colours]

The Doctor: These are the psychic controls, just stick your hands in there and think of where you want to go.

[Liam slowly slides his hands in the psychic controls]

Liam: Gross, they're slimy.

The Doctor: Concentrate, or we could end up anywhere.

Liam: Okay.

[Liam breaths in, then out, then the Tardis starts materialising]

The Doctor: So, where are we?

Liam:My flat, I'm just gonna grab some things. Cause if I'm gonna be travelling, I'm going to need a change of clothes.

The Doctor: Of course.


[Liam steps out of the Tardis, and runs to his bedroom, The Doctor follows behind.

The Doctor looks around Liam's living room, he picks up a book, The Pale Horse by Agatha Christine.]

The Doctor: Ha, lovely woman.

[He puts the book down and Liam enters with a suitcase.]

Liam: Okay, let's go.

The Doctor: Now, let me just tell you this. Travelling with me is dangerous, you never quite know where you'll end up, what you'll encounter. Are you sure you can handle that?

Liam: Anything out there can't be scarier then my Ex. Geez, he was into some weird shit. Now, let's get travelling.

[Liam enters the Tardis, The Doctor smiles and also enters the Tardis. The camera starts moving toward a group of photos, we hear the Tardis dematerialises off-screen, and we see one of the photos, it's Liam and Talrin on vacation in a lovely looking area. The glass cracks, much like the crack in time, over Talrin's face. The credits roll]

[End of Episode 1]

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