Snowy Questions, Answers, and Dates

Chapter Three- Snowy Dates

Snow was falling softly outside the window of the Gryffindor common room. Hermione was supposed to be meeting Draco in the Great Hall in fifteen minutes, but as she was leaving Ginny stopped her and yelled, "Wait one more thing," before running up to the dorms for who knows what. She sighed and looked out the window. 'This is what you get for letting Ginny Weasley dress you up' she thought. Ginny ran down the stairs and showed Hermione a bracelet before clipping it on her wrist. "There now you look perfect," she smiled and then pushed Hermione towards a mirror, "What do you think?"

Hermione had to admit she didn't look half bad. She was wearing a black knee length dress with a small sweater over it and some black flats. Her hair was in a neat bun on top of her head with a few ringlets cascading her face and she wore just a tad bit of makeup to bring out her natural features. "Thanks Gin, I don't know what I could have done without you," that was a lie but Hermione had to say something. She loved Ginny but the girl could go overboard, she hadn't even asked for her help. She had been sitting in the library reading when Ginny appeared and dragged her away, here they we're five hours later standing in a pile of discarded dresses, jewelry, and shoes all brought out by the red head herself. She really did love the dress, but her only problem it didn't exactly keep her warm even with the sweater so she put a quick heating charm on the garment when the younger girl wasn't looking.

Ginny sighed then looked at the clock and gasped. She dragged Hermione towards the portrait door and yelled out, "You're going to be late, love you have a good time," before shutting the door behind her. Hermione shook her head before making her way to the great hall; she couldn't wait to see Draco.

Draco tightened the tie around his neck before wringing his hands together nervously. He looked in the mirror for the tenth time and started pacing around the room. "What if she doesn't like ties maybe she's more of a bow tie person? Does this black make me look morbid? How about-," he was cut off by a pillow to the face.

"Bloody hell Drake, you've been stressing for the past hour just calm down and stop nagging me. You look fine," Blaise rolled his eyes from his place on the couch, "Besides it's not like you trying to impress anyone important, are you?" Draco threw the pillow back at Blaise and glared at him. He turned back towards the mirror and adjusted his tie again.

"Ah come on mate, I'm sorry I know how important this date is to you I shouldn't have said anything," Draco still didn't say anything. Blaise sighed and got from the couch, he walked up towards the door. "Okay I'm going to go now, I'll see you late Draco," Blaise walked out the door and Draco relaxed. It was hard to stay mad at his friend. He turned to the couch only to be thrown to the floor by an unknown person. He tensed up but then laughed when he realized it was Blaise.

They fought for a bit until Blaise had Draco pinned to the floor. "Forgive me Drake, and I'll let you go."

Draco smiled, "Never!"

Blaise smirked and took hold of his tie, "Fine then, forgive me or I'll undo this tie that took you two hours to do,"

Draco narrowed his eyes, "You wouldn't?!"

Blaise laughed, "Try me." They glared at each other for a minute before Draco nodded. Blaise got up and both of them brushed themselves off laughing.

"How did you even get back here Blaise, I didn't hear the door open," Draco grabbed his jacket off the ground and threw it on while waiting for an answer.

Blaise shrugged, "A wizard never reveals his secrets."

Draco scoffed, "You do realize the saying a magician never reveals his secrets right?"

Blaise smiled, "Watch yourself mate you're starting to sound like Hermione," Draco playfully punched him.

Blaise looked at the clock on the mantle place. "Hey Drake you better get going it's almost 6:30 p.m."

Draco looked too and he nodded, "Thanks mate, I'll see you later," he walked out the common room door and started walking to the great hall; he couldn't wait to see Hermione.

She smiled when she saw him standing outside the great hall; he was fiddling with his jacket nervously and his head jerked up when he saw her coming.

"Hermione," he said in awe, "You look beautiful."

She blushed than linked her arm with his. "Thank you Draco, now about dinner?"

They walked halfway to Hogsmeade only stopping to get a carriage for the short ride there. The conversation was lively and full of stories from their past. "Wait, so your father actually did that?" she questioned.

"Yes! He just picked me up and placed me in the room with the wand and left me there until he heard some form of explosion," they both started laughing.

"Draco that awful," but she couldn't help but to let another giggle loose.

"Yes well he didn't exactly get father of the year," Draco slowed down and got a solemn look on his face. Hermione smiled and put her hand in his, "Hey it's all in the past now, let's just go to dinner and have a good time alright?" Draco nodded and they started towards the restaurant.

When they walked in Draco immediately felt at ease. The atmosphere was warm and soft, there was fire going on in the corner that sent an orange glow around the place, and the light conversation coming from all sides made everyone feel at ease.

A waitress came towards them and smiled. "Good evening. Welcome to Le Chaudron Des Sorcières. Please come this way and may I say it's so nice to see a younger couple come to a place as fancy as this." Draco smiled, he liked that people thought they were a couple, until he felt Hermione drop his hand. He glanced at her and she frowned at the waitress, "We're actually not together, now if you could please show us to our table." The waitresses grin wavered a bit but then she led them towards the back of the restaurant.

Draco followed but was confused. They had been getting along; they had laughed at each other's jokes, she had smiled at him and held his hand. What had he done wrong? He was snapped out of his questioning when the waiter got to their table, "Enjoy," she said then walked away. They were sitting in a secluded part of the restaurant and a little candle was sitting on their table. 'At least the waitress thinks we're good together' he thought.

They both sat down and began looking at their menus. Hermione glanced over hers and stared at Draco. She didn't know why she let go of his hand she just felt weird when that waitress said they we're dating, not that she would mind dating him, of course, she had come to that conclusion while she was getting dressed. As Ginny was putting her make-up on she had thought over everything Draco had said in the past weeks. She thought about him wanting to be friends with her, him liking her, and most importantly his whole plan just to get her out on a date. It was all ridiculous but cute at the same time so tonight after dinner she was going to tell him that she would like the dates to continue. 'But I've probably ruined that' she conclude as she looked over at him.'

She sighed and put her menu down, "Draco," she said questioningly. He looked at her and put his menu down,

"Yes Granger?" he said with a flat voice.

She winced at that, so he was angry; no, she looked in his eyes and saw disappointment and sadness, so he was just disappointed maybe she could fix this. "Listen Draco, I'm sorry about earlier. The thing is I'm not really a romantic or sentimental person so when someone outright asks me something along those lines, I tend to get frazzled and upset," she looked up at him to see how she was doing but only saw a stony look on his face, she stared at her lap. "What I'm trying to say is I really like you and do you think that maybe you could give me another try at the whole sentiment thing?"

She waited for a couple seconds and when he was yet to say anything she got up to leave. "Hermione wait," she turned around when she heard him speak, "listen I'm not sure what's going on in that brilliant head of yours but it's really not as a big deal as you're making it. I have made so many other mistakes in my life that are a whole lot worse than you letting go of my hand because a waiter commented on us and your right we're not a couple but I would like to change that. Let's just enjoy dinner and see where this goes" he grabbed her and gesture her to sit down. She nodded and sighed in relief (in her head of course).

The night was a blur of laughter, food, and fun. They chatted about everything and nothing but had to quiet down when a couple a few tables down glared at them. They left the restaurant hand in hand grinning at each other and it was easy to say it was a successful night. Their waitress watched them leave and smiled, 'this was an easy job' she thought and then she backed away into the shadows and disappeared.

When they arrived back in the common room they both fell against the door and laughed. Draco looked at her and smiled, it had been an amazing. Hermione saw him staring and grinned confusedly, "What are you looking at?" He just shook his head and then remembered something; he ran out of the room into his and grabbed her key on his dresser. He returned with his hands behind his back then presented the key to her, "This is yours I believe my Lady," he held out his hands for her to take it.

She shook her head and grinned, "Oh come here you big git," she grabbed his shirt, and kissed him.

'Yes,' they both thought, 'it was worth it.'

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