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The Warden


"The week has been long, his best friends daughter comes to him for help on a few things and asks for advice, The police asks him to help solve a interesting "hunting accident' and a witch problem. then to find out that somebody wants him to find a missing person only to find out that it wasn't who he suspected in the slightest but it only maybe a rumor. sometimes it's just best to not get involved."

Fantasy / Scifi
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The Argument

My name is Roland Lewis Frye or that’s what most people know me as my past is long and bloodily and I don’t have much time for that. I am the commander of the wardens in the Dc metropolitan area though most of the other wizards run themselves, I run a detective agency that was in Dc but after a few problems I’ve moved back to my home town of Columbus Ohio where I head regional command.

It was a bit of a dreary day overcast and was supposed to rain I guess that said something how the rest of this day would go. there was a metallic rasping noise reverberated from the entry hallway. on my office door as I look up from my paper work I say “come in its unlocked” and in through the door comes Lt.Vasquez leader of the Unusual instance unit or special investigation’s for the CPD (Columbus Police department) “Captain it’s good to see you” “It’s Lieutenant no thanks to you Roland” “sorry Laura I’m tired” “you look like shit Roland when was the last time you got any sleep I’m worried” “I’m fine I got six hours in 3 day’s ago” I say smiling “evil never sleeps why should I plus I got bills to pay and I’m close to red” “Roland SLEEP that’s an order if not for yourself then for me, I came in to check on you, you haven’t picked up any files for the department in a few days we thought you died.” ” ‘sigh’ fine ill go to sleep you can drop through’s files on my desk, could I offer you a stale cup of coffee?” “no thanks I’ve been avoiding coffee as of recently” there was radio chatter coming from her walkie sounded like a murder ” sorry I could have stayed for longer I got to go duty calls” I got up from my desk and started to walk towards my ‘room’ my office is also my apartment but lucky nice and clean Laura stepped in front of me though before I got a chance to cross over, ” Take care of yourself please” and before I could respond she leaned in and gave me kiss on my forehead and without a word she left and took one look back at my stunned form and smiled and locked the door behind her. I felt like collapsing on my bed but I had one last thing to do I walk over to the bookshelf in the corner and pull at one of those fake books a metallic click is heard and I walk over to the wall and push at a set of bricks and the wall is opened inside is a room that definitely needs to be organized with papers and notes my owl who was by my bedside wakes up and says “sup boss another day of lab work or do you need my help!” yeah that’s Capone or as I like to call owl-Capone ironic right he's a spirit of intellect and outlawed by the council but I could care less he's helpful as all heck and has been around recording data for thousands of years. “I need your help today I need a energy potion in case of emergency you know” ” yeah boss got it” and at that he started getting materials a potion is made from a few different components Potions are made with eight ingredients: a liquid base, five other to engage each of the senses, one the mind, and one the spirit. The ingredients used are often not magical in themselves, and are used for their symbolic value. So my cup of stale coffee is my base, for sight would be a nice ray of sunlight lucky the clouds parted for just a moment. Sound would be the sound of a morning rooster. Smell of fresh soap, I didn’t have much for touch but we went with bits of a wash cloth, taste of a morning donuts, for mind I added my old to do list, and for spirt we had some happy music playing. We started bending all the components into it and utter words of power I could feel the air around me change and the hair on my arms and neck started to rise and then a knock on the door I opened my eyes and said “Capone who is it” I wasn’t expecting anybody not that I know of I walked over to one side of the lab and opened a drawer and pulled out a .44 revolver thumbed back the hammer and waited for Capone’s reply “put the gun down you mad lad! its your apprentice” no wonder why my wards didn’t warn me though she didn’t have any lessons today, I call out “come in Jess” I then walk out of my Lab, and my apprentice is standing in the door way her name is Jessica O’Donnell she was lean with a mixed completion with wavy dark black hair and green eyes, she was about 5,6 on the slim side she was wearing an old army green coat with patches and insignia and a black shirt underneath and khaki cargo pants with combat boots with a black duffel bag over her shoulder. ” Hey boss” she said “Jess it’s -” I blanked what day is it today, Thursday right? yes yes it is “Jess today’s Thursday we don’t have lessons till Saturday, plus I’m busy right now.” “I know I just need a place to lay low for a bit.” I look at her funny “what happened this time?” ” it wasn’t my fault to be honest, I got kicked out of the house” she says we both *sigh* at that “its my grades that’s why sorry boss” at this point she's looking down obviously feeling ashamed of herself ” Jess I told you that I’d teach you the secrets of the cosmos! as long as you stay in school and keep your grades up” “but I- let me explain-!” I could feel the hairs of the back of my neck starting to rise and the energy intensifies ” No I’m tired of your excuses Jessica your in trouble and will have to live with the consequences of your actions! your family has given you everything to succeed! and has asked me to be your mentor and Godfather I never had that as a kid I never had a good education I never really even had a father so be grateful” she looked up at me with anger and fury in her eyes with tears streaming down them, I could feel the air get thick as the magical energy forms around us. “Jess calm down please, you don’t want to do anything rash” I say in a rather soft voice, her breathing is heavy and energy filled with anger and past trauma, “Jess breath” she closes her eyes and begins to calm the energy fades “sorry Jess but ill talk to you after I finish this all and after some rest you can stay here for now but ill be calling your parents afterward it just wouldn’t seem right if somebody comes looking to find you here with me take a seat, read maybe” and at that I turn and walk towards the lab without another word and finish this potion I walk out and seal the door behind me with a flick of my wrist and a word of power ”sigillum!” I walk over to my bed and plop down onto it, it was comfortable three days with no sleep it feels like heaven, and darkness followed closely after and I think what a day not realizing it will get worse much worse.

I awake around four o’clock and groaning and judging life choices somehow manage to get out of bed “hmm coffee” the aroma of fresh coffee hits me hard it was a nice nutty roast and my nose leads me to the wonderful scent and amazingness of this bean juice I find that my pot has been half way filled by it I grab a mug from the cabinet and I managed to grab the one mug I didn’t wish to see it says on it. “Best Dad ever” tears came to my eyes instantly I haven’t seen or heard anything from my daughter for five years, after my wife died during the Red court and white council war I had thought that I would have to many enemies hunting me down and wanting me dead so I gave her to my best friend Inquisitor Matthew O’Donnell a member of the new order of the knights Templar to put her in protective services where no one would no who she is and how to find her I receive post cards here and there and sometimes a photo which never has an address, I’m disappointed in my decision but it was the right one with all the crap going on in this city. I wipe away my sadness and poor a cup of the good stuff add some delicious unhealthy sugar and some half and half cream, and walk towards the living room thinking of my next step with this girl, to find that its empty and the room to my lab open I could have sworn that I had sealed it, i walk in taking some warm sips in between to find that its a mess, well more so then usual “Hey Al wake up! what happened and don’t lie to me ” “Boss she broke in herself” “what she take” “that I don’t know sir” “Capone you know this place in a out what did she take and I know you helped her out she doesn’t have the ability to get in here it’s too secure don’t make me turn you into a newt again” at that point I noticed a hand written note by the door I walked over to it and picked it up and it read ′sorry for breaking in boss but I’m tired and done running done fighting. so I’ve run away somewhere where you or nobody should find me don’t try coming after me I’m sorry for disappointing you signed Jessica O’Donnell’ well I did know a few places where she could be then again she could be anywhere with spells I guess ill wipe up a tracking spell. “Al what did she take” I say as I grind my teeth” for the last time boss I don’t know” “bullshit ignotus adedit Stellio” and at that my friend turned into a newt and in a high pitched voice he said ” she took your travel bag boss! and her staff now please turn me back!” “nope you had your chance maybe later” I walk over to a clear part of the room and grab a broom and start cleaning up the dust in the area I walk back to grab a few thing from the lab, chalk, a compass and a map along with pen and a lock some nail clippings I had asked from Matthew , I draw a chalk circle on the floor and place the map and compass inside and the nail clipping’s I seal the circle with an effort of my will and I’m closed off to the rest of the world in a force field of magical energy. I then gather myself and wispier the words ”Interessari, Interressarium,” then louder Interessari, Interressarium Jessica !” the compass moves around oddly and randomly at first then drifts over towards the state of Maine and rests towards the city of kennebunkport “gotcha! I am the greatest tracker!” I start to gather my equipment my sword, staff, long coat, travel bag MK.2 and a smaller bag of holding and the energy potion, and the compass I calmly breath and think this should only take a few hours, and shout ”Aparturum!" a blue spinning portal opens in front of me I look back and take one step inside.

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