Reincarnated as Majin Buu


Watch as a young manga and novel fan James is transmigrated into a new world with Majin Buu's powers. "I don't follow the rules I create them!" "Let me show you the power of my Human Extermination Beam's!"

Action / Fantasy
Cameron Guerrero
Age Rating:

A New World

James opened his eyes. He was in a pitch black space and sitting on a small white chair.

"Hmm, were in the..hell am i? Trying to think were in the hell he could be, James looked around at the pitch black darkness, as suddenly a golden light appeared in front of him.

A white figure appeared filled with a holy light and the mighty pressure of a deity appeared out of nowhere floating there.

It was a beyond beautiful women with four white fluttering wing's rested upon her back. She wore divine white armor that was tinged with the utmost of holy auras and on her side was sheathed a divine golden sword.

She seemed like the epitome of beauty as he spoke in soft and kind words.

Human you must be wondering about were you are right now?

It spoke with a strange elegance and authority that shocked James.

"Y..your an Angel right, holy shit an actual angel, wait a minute why would I be seeing a angel, i wasnt exactly good in my life."

Humans always thinking in simple ways, your karmic value is quite high, you have not saved people directly but your actions have saved millions on Earth, remember the young boy Caster you saved? He became a brilliant scientist who created a cure for cancer. And the women named Laira after you saved her from the car accident she studied diligently and created many inventions that saved millions.

James expression turned into shock at the beautiful Angel's words. He knew what was coming next as his exicitemt boiled over.

He had read many wuxia and comics and watched lots of anime in his life on Earth before he died. He barely had any friends but remembering the classic element of wuxias, it was being reincarnated with a strange power.

Awsome the world will be my stepping stone.

You are different human, at least you make this more interesting, state the power you would like to aquire? The angel said this showing amusement in its tone. As if watching a intresting ant.

James excitedly thought of many things he could aquire from many animes and novels he had read. Do I want the Saiyan bloodline, no that's to cliche everyone does that, what about Cell's powers, no I know someone even better Majin Buu!

James came up with his answer as he spoke sternly. "Miss Angel, I would like to have Majin Buu's powers if that is possible?"

Majin Buu? Fine. Waving its hand without a care in the world a pink light suddenly bathed itself into James as he felt a magical power flowing though his body.

You will be transmigrated with your memories and sent to the DC Universe. The Angel let out a powerful hum of power that shook the entire void space they were in as James and the Angel dissapeared.

James opened his eyes seeing the bright sun hanging in the sky and blue azure skies James knew he had successfully transmigrated.

A large sheet of information appeared in his mind.

Majin James

Power Level : 18,000

Skills : Magic Resistance Level 5, Adaptability Level Max, Rest of powers sealed.

What sealed? Cmon what's up with this bullshit just give me everything from the start. Clearly annoyed James took a look around to see were he currently was.

Seeing the familiar farm land and crops James knew he seemed to be on the countryside, but of where he had no idea.

Of course the stinking country

James saw a large farm so he decided to just walk to there to ask questions about were he is. It only took about three minutes to reach the front of the farmhouse as a shrill scream entered his ears.

A farmland girl with blonde hair screamed at the sight of James dropping whatever was in her hands to escape the pink demon.

Ugh, I forgot about how I look

Sighing James shot forward like a blur appearing I'm front of the young farmer girl.

"Child dont run, help me with something and I'll let you go!" He spoke as his eyes surveyed her entire body seemingly scanning her.

"DEMON!" Utterly and absolutely terrified the young girl shouted this nearly falling back.

Revealing a terrifying smile James nodded then spoke. "Now if you dont listen to me I'll just turn you into candy and eat you so answer all my questions got it!"

She shivered seeing the pink Demon smile as she nodded in immense fear.

"How about we go somewhere private?" James said this as he vanished away with the young girl into her farm.

She told him some intresting information. This was the Clipton's Farm. Ran by her father Bill Clipton, and she helped around with the daily tasks.

A old man wearing a military hat appeared staring at James and his daughter with a strange expression that instantly changed to horror.

He grabbed a brown shotgun from his side pointing it at the pink Demon. "St..op you Demon, dont dare take a step closer and release my daughter!" He said this as he aimed the shotgun at James.

James seemed irritated still walking forward with a devilish smile the old man pulled the trigger staying the silver pellets towards James.

James vanished appearing above the old man slapping to top of his head with barely enough power. But it seemed to be enough as the old man's eyes rolled into the back of his head passing out.

Justice League Watchtower

Batman and Cyborg stood around a large supercomputer as they felt a sudden beaming alarm sound.

Spacial Rift Confirmed in Louisiana State, Anomaly Detected

Cyborg was shocked as he turned to Batman. "Batman what about this should we call Supes, we rarely ever get Spacial Rifts?"

Batman shook his head staring at the

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