Chapter 10: Alone again

Quirrel was lying in a large chest he had found. He had hexed the chest to be bigger on the inside, and so that he could see everything around him, without anyone being able to look in. He was shivering, afraid of what was going to happen. He saw Voldemort opening the door, and outside was the man from Azkaban! Barty Crouch or something was his name, wasn't it? He couldn't hear what they were saying, but he understood from the way Voldemort acted that it wasn't something good. He was sure that if Voldemort had his wand, that guy would be dead now.

"I just have to go get my black robes!" Voldemort said very loud. The man gave him a sharp nod, and went outside. Voldemort went to the chest Quirrel was in, and sighed. "I can't take them, they are too many. I have to go with them, but it's all right. It's my time to pay for what I did." With these words he turned and picked up some robes on a chair. When he was by the door, he turned back and whispered: "Goodbye Quirrel." Then he was gone. Where did he go? To Azkaban? Quirrel hoped not. Suddenly, Quirrel leaped out of the chest, and rushed to the door. Maybe it wasn't too late? He jerked it open, and looked out into the silent darkness of the night. "Voldemort!" Quirrel shouted into the night. He didn't know why really. He just didn't think he could stand being alone again.

Time went by, minutes, hours. He was just standing there, looking out of a window, as the sun rose. He felt empty; it was as if a part of his heart had been ripped out. He just wanted to cry, but there were no tears left. What was he going to do? He dared not even go near that prison again, but he couldn't let Voldemort be there alone either. Quirrel sighed. Oh, what was he to do?

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