Chapter 12: The end

The single word that Voldemort had whispered before he died was "Quirrel." You might have guessed that. Then you won't be surprised that the word on Quirrel’s note was "Voldemort," either, because love can be a very powerful thing. It can be cruel, or beautiful, but always powerful. And when it is torn apart, strange things happen. You might sit there now, thinking that was a sad ending. But it's not over yet.

In a field of flowers, in the middle of nowhere, a man sat in the grass. Or, he didn't sit in the grass really. He was floating some inches over the grass. If you stood far away, you might think it was an illusion of the sun. But it wasn't. He was a silvery slightly see-through grey, and he sat there, like he was waiting for someone. The man wore a black and white striped long sweater, and his hair seemed to have once been brown. Towards him on the field came another man walking. He was a bit taller, and dressed in a white cloak.

The first man rose, and they ran into each other's arms. The two ghosts, the ghosts of Quirrel and Tom Riddle, were standing there, together at last, forever. What had seemed to be the end, had really been the start of eternity.

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