Chapter 2: Alive again

Voldemort opened his eyes and looked around. What had happened? He tried to sit up and felt pain soaring through his body. His vision was blurred and he was dizzy. He lay down and closed his eyes again, waiting until the pain faded. Then he looked around again. He was in a bright wood he had never seen before. The sunshine spread through the leaves. It was the first time in a long while he had thought something beautiful.

He tried to remember what had happened, but everything was somewhat blurry. Then, everything came back to him. He gasped, pictures and memories streaming into his head. He had tried to kill Harry Potter… Again. And then he... He died! The dark lord died. But if he was dead, how could he be here then? Was this heaven? No that was ridiculous. He would never go to heaven. But neither could this be hell, it was too lovely. He tried to think back. The last thing he remembered was Harry Potter shouting "Expelliarmus," at the same time that he had shouted "Avada Kedavra.” Then he saw a flash of gold that exploded with a flash of poisonous green, creating a bright grass green color with glitter in it. Then all he remembered was the cold black darkness.

Then guilt soared through his chest when he remembered. Remembered the only person he had liked, the only friend he had. And what had he done? He had sent him to rot in Azkaban for a murder that he himself had committed. He had to admit it. He loved him. And, now he might be dead. A silent sob escaped from his lips. Maybe this was hell after all? Perhaps punishment was to live with this guilt forever. He felt warm tears fall down his cheeks, but wiped them hastily away when he heard footsteps coming towards him, soft steps on the dry leafs on the ground.

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