Chapter 4: Angel without wings

Voldemort turned towards the sound, and saw a beautiful woman walking towards him. Her beauty was far beyond that of any mortal, she could not be human. She must surely be an angel. So then, was he in heaven after all? No, the angel had no wings. An angel without wings? All of a sudden, he knew what she was. It was a veela!

The veela stopped a few paces away from him, and sent him a stunning smile. Even her breath sounded musically, and a wind Voldemort couldn't see played in her hair. "Welcome, Tom," she said, in a voice full of musical laughter. "I know you have a lot of questions, and I will answer the ones I can. My name is Soreena, and I am a veela of the tribe 'Aaren's guardians'. We live here in the forest of Aaren, and our job given to us by the god of growth is to watch those who return. No, you are not dead. You are not very far away from the prison of Azkaban. You have returned to this world because of a power stronger than even death, a force hidden in a place that needs healing. When you find that place, you self will be healed too." After she had said this, she slowly faded away into nothing.

Voldemort stood there paralyzed and stared at the place she had vanished. What force did she talk of? She couldn't be talking about horcruxes; Harry Potter had destroyed all of them. It had to be something else. "Listen to your heart, Voldy," a small and musical voice sang inside of him. His heart? In the years that had passed, Voldemort had forgotten that he had a heart. The bitterness and hatred that has filled him, had taken his heart, and painted it pitch black. Now, for the first time in a very long time, he felt it whole and alive. The only other time he had felt that way was when he had shared Quirrels body.

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