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Breakfast in the Great Hall

As Harry made his way down to the Common Room with Ron, he told his redheaded friend he'd wait for Hermione as usual. Unlike Ron, Harry could chance being late for breakfast. He supposed if it was possible to Apparate on Hogwarts grounds, Ron would do so from bed to bench, not even bothering to change out of his pajamas. That would be a sight to see.

As he chuckled to himself at the thought, he reassured Ron. "It's alright. Go on. I know you're dying to get your hands on the variety of dishes Hogwarts has to offer."

"Harry, I couldn't ask for a better friend." Ron complimented Harry with a brotherly hug, making his glasses askew.

"Yeah, yeah. Same goes for you." Harry replied with the same amount of truth as he fixed his glasses back into place. Though he was sure Ron's mind was 99% focused on the food waiting for him.

Ron dashed out of the portrait, almost tripping in the process. As Harry saw Ron exit, Seamus also made his way down the stairs to the Common Room. "Oi Harry, who's this lucky girl you and Ron were talking about last night? You know, nice hair and eyes and all that rubbish. Seems like you're really into her."

", just some girl... you don't know her. What else did you hear?" For some reason, Harry didn't fancy the idea of Seamus finding out about his liking Hermione. He could somehow ruin his plan on identifying Hermione's motives. Harry wanted to find this out on his own with no intrusions. If the feelings weren't mutual and Hermione somehow got wind of it, he could make a fool of himself or possibly even ruin their friendship.

"That's pretty much it. Then I shut you guys up." Seamus laughed heartily as he put his arm around Harry's shoulders steering him towards the portrait hole.

He nimbly moved from his friend's hold, resolute on waiting for his bookworm friend. "Hold on, I'm waiting for Hermione."

Having his back towards the stairs, he hadn't noticed Hermione was descending the staircase. "No worries, I'm right here."

"Well, I'm so hungry I could eat a Hippogriff. See you guys later." And with that, Seamus made his way out. Coming from a home where he was hardly fed, Harry was surprised he could keep his hunger in check. It most likely had to do with having to wait for Hermione, he supposed. Remembering the girl in thought was behind him, he turned around.

"Can you dance like a Hippogriff, Harry?" Hermione asked, already giggling at her random question.

"Like a what?” But Hermione was already halfway towards the portrait hole, laughing along the way. Harry just wore a confused, yet amused expression.

As Harry and Hermione took their seats across from Ron who was well on his way to a third serving, Neville was staring at Ron with amazement and disgust.

"You'd expect him to know when to stop, but it's like his stomach is magically expanded." Neville shook his head and resumed eating his own plate full of food.

Harry, already used to his friend's eating habits simply filled his plate with food. Hermione, though, couldn't help but grimace. "Ron, do you ever stop eating?"

Ron wore a thoughtful look as he continued eating. He paused to swallow and answered. "Yeah, when I'm not eating. And when I'm sleeping...and when I'm playing Quidditch...or Wizard's Chess..." His brow furrowed and his face wore a mask of worry as he set more examples. "I need to eat more..." And so he began stuffing himself with more of Hogwarts delicacies. The more he ate, the more concerned his friends became. After 10 minutes of binge eating, he topped it off with a round chocolate cake placed in front him. Unfortunately, (or better yet, fortunately) his eyes rolled back and his face landed with a splat on said cake.

Neville, who was in conversation with Seamus on his right, heard the sound and turned his head. " he dead?" He grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up, showing a chocolate-filled face. He not-so-gently let his face fall back to the now ruined dessert, letting out another splat.

"I think we should take him to Madame Pomfrey." Harry picked up his book bag preparing to leave to take his friend to the hospital, but instead came face to face with a fellow Ravenclaw.

"He'll be fine. It's only a food coma. My cousin had them plenty of times. It soon took a toll on him and he ended up going into real coma." Luna's dreamy smile betrayed any sorrow she might have felt for the loss of her cousin. But then again, this was Luna.

"Oh, Luna. Are you sure? He looks...well...dead." Harry had never heard of a food coma before. But he supposed if anyone were to have one, it would be Ron. So after Hermione's slight tug on his hand, he decided to sit down. "You can join us if you'd like." He turned to address Luna, though seconds after filled with uncertainty on whether Hermione and Neville were fine with the invitation. Harry had no real problem with her. But sometimes the stories that she told were too unbelievable and uncanny even for him. Although something about Luna made her amiable.

"I'm quite alright. I have to go to the greenhouses. I hear the Crumple-Horned Snorkacks are there. I hope Professor Sprout won't mind, but I did promise Dad I'd try and find them." A wave of her hand and she was skipping her way out of the Great Hall.

"You know, I think I left my Remembrance Ball at the greenhouses. I'll see you guys later." Neville downed his goblet filled with pumpkin juice, picked up his bag and left in a rush.

"You know what I think? Luna's got an admirer." Hermione stifled her giggle as she informed Harry of her newfound realization. He sniggered along her hearty laughter and at Neville's not-so-discreet departure. Both turned their heads to each other and soon their small laughter died down, leaving themselves staring into each other's eyes.

"The bloody Cannons are going to win it the season! I can feel it!" Ron had lifted his head, his scream startling both contestants in the staring contest. They went back to looking at their plates, both faces showing hints of red on their cheeks. Ron's face fell back onto the cake (which hardly looked like a cake anymore) for a third time.

"Excuse me, Mr. Potter, a word with you please once you have finished your breakfast. My office." Gryffindor's Head of House spoke behind Harry and Hermione, startling them once again. "As for Mr. Weasley," Professor McGonagall peered at Ron over her glasses, "I suggest you take him to the hospital wing so Pomfrey can check on him. Ms. Granger would you be up for the task?"

"Not at all, Prof- I mean, sure I'll take him there myself."

"Very well, then. I'll be waiting Mr. Potter." Giving them one last look, wondering why they both seemed red in the face, she stalked off on her way to her office.

"So...I'll just meet you in class then." Harry told Hermione, though it seemed as though he was addressing his plate.

"Yeah...I'm going to take Ron to Madame Pomfrey." Hermione levitated Ron and hung her bag on her shoulder, scampering off to the Hospital Wing.

Harry appeared gracious, yet perturbed at both disruptions made between him and Hermione. He could have sworn when he looked into her eyes, he saw something...something that he couldn't quite tell what it was. They did say that eyes were the windows to one's soul, but he always thought that was codswallop. He reckoned there was no point in sitting here and decided he just go to McGonagall's office right away. He hoped he wasn't in any trouble. He couldn't quite remember anything he had done so far that would call for a meeting with the Head of House. There was only one way to find out.

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