Nocturnal Colors


From the moment they met, everyone knew that there was something different between Rose and Scorpius. People weren't really sure what it was, but they knew that it was there. Her cousins noticed it immediately after the boy opened the door to the compartment and Rose looked up.

`They had locked eyes immediately, and their following expressions looked almost like someone seeing the sun for the first time in their life. After the initial awe wore off, for that's what it was, they seemed to examine the other. A moment later, they traded sweets with secretive smiles, as if sharing an inside joke. The pair seemed like they had known each other for years instead of mere minutes.

The entire ride to school was strange. The others talked amongst themselves, but Rose and Scorpius talked almost exclusively to each other – both verbally and silently. Rose's cousins exchanged glances multiple times during those hours. It was all so strange, the situation and their cousin's behavior.

Once they reached Hogwarts, everyone waited with bated breath for Rose to be Sorted into Gryffindor and for Scorpius to be Sorted into Slytherin. That was the way things worked, and was what people expected. Those from the train were also looking forward to the end of whatever strangeness had occurred on the train. It would be the end . . . right?


Both Rose and Scorpius were Sorted into Ravenclaw, and that was it. From then on out, they were practically attached at the hip. If you had to find one, you also looked for the other. They were in all the same classes, and always studied together. Albus would often spend time with them, but he had other friends that he spent time with. Not Rose and Scorpius.

If one of the pair was friends with you, the other was your friend as well. If you became enemies with one, you had to watch out for the other. Some people joked that they were one person in two bodies. The more popular consensus was that they had a friendship that extended far beyond the time they had known each other.

A small handful of the student body suspected that they were dating, despite their young age. They were proved wrong three years later, when the pair openly announced that they were now dating. Nobody was surprised at the news. By that point, everyone had just accepted that Rose and Scorpius were different. Neither was what people anticipated, and everybody knew that their relationship was beyond an outsider's understanding. They already spent all their time together, so dating wasn't much of a switch – especially since the pair wasn't big on public displays of affection.

It wasn't until several years after graduating that their families at least got a bit of an explanation. The pair of them had just gotten engaged, and they were meeting with their parents to tell them. Rose had brought along her old watercolor paintings of eyes, and Scorpius had worn his favorite blue shirt. They told the whole strange tale to their parents, and things finally began to fall together.

Years later, Rose and Scorpius had children of their own. Along with the Muggle and Wizarding fairytales they read to them, they also told them stories about the boy and girl who met every night in their dreams. As their children grew older, they began to stop believing that the stories were true. When that happened, Rose took out her paintings (carefully preserved throughout the years), and Scorpius told them all about his obsession with the color blue (which was still there but he denied having).

Many years after Rose and Scorpius's death, their descendants continued to tell their children about the adventures the two of them had while at school, and about how the two were so close some thought they might have shared a single soul. Sometimes they would take out old paintings of a pair of eyes and an old blue shirt, and carefully pass them around while sharing the stories. If the listening group was lucky, two yellowing journals might get taken out and read from. Most importantly, though, they told their children of the pair's first meeting aboard the scarlet train, and about how their first meeting was actually many years earlier.

In fact, most would say that they had always known the other, and that they always would.

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