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Bully VS Nerd

Chapter 1

Lucia stared at her phone, it was quite bright as her room was dark. Even on the darkest mode it was still too bright for her liking.

'0 messages'

"Not even Antoon or Lilith?"

The girl sighed and got off her bed. She turned the lights on in her room and she shut her eyes, the light blinding her for a moment. She slowly opened her eyes and as they got adjusted she saw something lying on the floor. A package.


Lucia sighed and picked up the panache, flipping it over and rolling her eyes at words on it.

School uniform

"Fucking hell, do all schools have this all of a sudden?"

Lucia shook her head at her own words and unboxed the uniform before she changed into it.

She looked trough some boxes and eventually found her backpack. She threw in some pens, pencils and a couple of notebooks. Her books? She hadn't received them yet nor did she have her timetable.

"Wow just like in the fucking fanfictions."

The girl rolled her eyes.

"Hi, I'm Y/N. I'm new to school and I have to go to the office to get my timetable. Oh no! I just bumped into the hottest guy of the school and now I'm in love but his bitch hates me."

She mimicked in a high pitched voice, laughing at her words as she made her way downstairs, preparing some food for lunch and grabbing an apple before heading out.

"If I remember correctly... the school should be that way"

Lucia headed in a random direction, simply hoping that it was the right one. On her way here she had seen a school but if it was her school? No idea. Her father had talked about a bunch of things but she had simply zoned out.



"Hey shithead wait up!"

Taehyung yelled as he ran to one of his friends, Hoseok. The two usually walked to school together.

"And why were you late this time?"

Hoseok raised his brow and Taehyung grinned.

"Oh god do I even want to-"


Taehyung laughed and Hoseok rolled his eyes at the guy before he shoved him. Taehyung laughed, almost losing his balance from the shove before he shoved Hoseok back.

This however did not go so well as Taehyung shoved Hoseok right into a girl. Both falling to the ground. The girl hissed in pain and Hoseok quickly got off.

"I'm sor-"

"Fuck off!"

The girl growled before she got up, dusting herself off before walking off, Taehyung biting his lip as he followed her form with his gaze.

"Damn mami, she looks good. Have you seen her before?"

Taehyung looked back at his friend and Hoseok shook his head.

"No, but then again new people join our school all the time."

He shrugged and the two went in the same direction as the red haired girl. The two soon being joined by their other three friends.



He knew it was going to go wrong. Whenever Hoseok and Taehyung were together with just the two of the they always ended up hurting someone. Wether it was one of the two of them, or someone else.

Jimin stared at the girl that had yelled at the them, he didn't recognise her. He'd have to ask Namjoon to update him as he liked knowing who he went to school with. As much as it sounded creepy, Jimin couldn't help it. He just had to know.



The girl growled, already being mad. And that wasnt a good way to start the day.

"If that bitch hadn't bumped into me everything would've been fine! Damn mami, you look good. I'm not an object"

Lucia mumbled angrily, walking into the school and not caring about the looks she was given. She just wanted the two years to go by quietly but the universe wouldn't let her. Of course it never would. And what had she doneto deserve it? Absolutely nothing.

Lucia calmed herself down once she got to the office, having asked some fellow students the way, and she knocked on the door. Going inside once she heard a "come in!"

She stepped into the office and bowed, now having to pretend to be a good student like her father had requested. Not that she wasn't a good student, she did study and do extra activities, but she just had a bad temper.

Lucia faked a smile as she got her timetable and bowed once again before she left.

She wandered around the school as she obviously didn't know where to go yet, having to find B104 for maths.

"B102... B103.. This should be it"

Lucia took a deep breath before she knocked on the door, opening it shortly after knocking.

"Uhm.. is this... maths From Mrs.."

Lucia looked down at her timetable, ignoring the stares she was getting from the students in the classroom.

"Mrs Yang?"

The girl looked up as she heard the teacher say the name she was about to say and nodded, the teacher smiling at her.

"That's me, come introduce yourself then."

Mrs Yang smiled and made room for Lucia, the girl walking over to front of the classroom.

"Hello.. I'm Lucia, don't bother me and I won't bother you."

She bowed and went to the only free desk after the teacher had told her to go sit down. What Lucia however didn't notice, was that the 'bitch' from before was sitting directly behind her.

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