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Tales Of Shadaria


A bad time leads to unprecedented circumstances as Anthony goes through many trials in order to live life. Made by Anthony104 and Professor Control, Undertale by Toby Fox

Action / Adventure
IT Ryan
Age Rating:


I witness the scene of a human child in a blue and purple striped shirt with a knife charging at a skeleton in a blue jacket and slippers. ”heh…… heh," the skeleton sighs with a grin on his face, ”welp…… if you take a--"

The skeleton gets interrupted by the child, “I’m going to wipe that smile off your face, Sans.” The child’s eyes glimmer with evil as they start to grin with the smile of a megalomaniac. The skeleton’s left eye flashes blue and yellow as he snaps his fingers. On both sides of him, goat-skull-shaped blasters faze in.

"it’s a beautiful day outside. birds are singing, flowers are blooming... on days like these, kids like you… SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL." Sans teleports to dodge the child’s knife as they found Sans’ speech boring. Bones and sparks fly as the human skillfully dodges everything the skeleton throws at them, him doing nothing different, dodging every slash and slice.

A dark, raspy voice starts mumbling as the surroundings fade to black and an odd figure appears out of nowhere. His hands start multiplying, growing in size till they’re about a foot long in height and width. The figure only mumbles and groans indistinctly, then fades in and out of existence flashing black and white over and over again. He finally ends on black, screeching with rage as he unleashes six substances that immediately form weapons.

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