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Tales Of Shadaria

Dark, Darker, Yet Darker

I immediately act with instinct and put a hand to my eyes. Both my eyes start glowing white and my sword with a golden handle and a diamond blade with a star on the handle appears in my hand. Sans and the human notice with shock, yet my voice pierces the silence. “So this is the power of nothing… heh…… ” I start walking towards the fight with anger. “Welp, YOU AREN’T GOING TO ESCAPE, YOU IDIOT!”

The ground rumbles as a figure rises from a pool of darkness. The figure mumbles in Shadarian, “⅄onɹ ɔɥɐos ɥɐs ʍoʞə onɹ ɯɐsʇəɹ.” I immediately translate it due to being Shadarian, Your chaos has woke our master. I then teleport behind it and slice it to bits. As it turns to dust, I realise what I had done.

We all hear bells chime for some reason, but yet there’s no bells. Shocked, I almost end the world. I start glowing white, rising up in midair as the light grows brighter until it can’t get brighter. The stored energy releases in the form of an explosion the size of the corridor, strong enough to blow the world to bits. Instinct takes over and I use the rest of my MP to control the explosion, I fade to black as the fight between Sans and the human continues, that odd figure obliterating them as my anger slowly grows. I weakly attempt to get up. “Ngh...” I regain my strength and pull myself up. “Noʍ ʍıʇuəss ʇɥə sʇɹəuБʇɥ oɟ ʇɥə sɥɐpɐɹıɐu ɹoʎɐl ɟɐɯılʎ……. pıə!!!!!!” I scream in Shadarian, my body floating in midair; glowing rainbow.

I summon the King Weapons that float at my side. There’s one of each weapon. “Dance Of a Thousand Kings!” I scream. “FIRE!” the weapons tear that figure apart, but it just reforms.

“Human, just turn back!” I scream, yet those blasters get summoned and a thousand are aimed at the human. BOOM! I look to find the child on the ground, but they have 0 HP. ”YOU KILLED THEM!” my voice is filled with rage. An ear-piercing screech fills the room as the King Weapons shatter and the fragments enter my body. A red heart starts floating above the corpse. I put two and two together I teleport to the heart and grab it. After that, everything goes black.
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