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Tales of Shadaria: The Defeat of Control


Anthony goes corrupt for a few, only to wake up with amnesia. He meets up with Control, of which gives Ant his memory back, and the adventure starts from here. Ant meets many people such as, Ryan F, Cortes, Ryan F. Cortes, and most importantly, Ryan F. Cortes. They go on an adventure to save the world from the clutches of Dusty and the now evil Professor Control. Can they stop them before it's too late? Made by Professor Control, Anthony104, and IT Ryan [altho later control hijacked the thing and wanted to make it all about him and remove me, IT Ryan, from it altogether. hell, the line “Don’tcha think dat perhaps writin’ like fourteen mo’ books is a li’l too much fo’ ya? ‘Ere, take a load off ya’ spine, I’ll continue dese books fo’ ya, da way it shall end.” was a perfect example of what he wanted to accomplish, and it only caused more damage in the end. hell, this is the exact reason why this book doesnt have a proper ending. but anyway, ik y’all wont care ‘bout the chaos behind this book’s development anyway. so yea, IT Ryan signing out.]

Action / Adventure
IT Ryan
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Professa’ Control ‘ere! Ya’ may recognize me from a previous book I was mentioned in. Anyways, Anthony, or Ant as people call ’im, ’ad gone corrupt, I think. ’E did drop ’is book, so I assume not only is ’e corrupted, but ‘is book is also mine. Afta’ all, I had proofread it an’ made a chapta’ fo’ meself!

Anyways, I’m in de ‘eat o’ battle ‘cause I’m bein’ attacked by Ant. ‘E’s probably upset dat I wanted ta’ eliminate somebody dat shoulda’ neva’ came ta’ dis world, or perhaps ‘e was so speciesist an’ hates gargantuan worms so much ‘e works wit’ mammal murda’a’s ta’ eliminate ‘em. I ended up fleein’ wit’ Asriel--who I brought back ta’ life--an’ Ralsei.

I’m busy at me workspace, workin’ on de ’andy-dandy-trusty-but-not-rusty-send-Mr.- Gibberishman-‘way-ray 4.0, a ray gun dat’s guaranteed ta’ send anyone ta’ a place called de “void”, an empty place dat is void o’ meanin’. Unlike de previous ray guns, dis one bypasses restrictions regardless o’ powa’, an’ when it takes someone to de void, it seals ‘em in multiple layers of indestructible close-ins so dat dere’s no way dey can escape. It’s also able ta’ bypass Spirit protections (an’ makes sure de spirits dun’ know eida’) which is perfecto ‘cause Spirits tend ta’ git angry when people a’ sent ta’ de void, but I’m tryna do justice. When Mr. Gibberishman fell inta’ ‘is own creation, did de spirits try ta’ keep ‘im from de void? No. In fact, Mr. Gibberishman wan’t sent ta’ de void, ’e was shatta’ed ‘cross space an’ time which means dis Mr. Gibberishman’s a fake as dey all are.

So I go back to Ant, wit’ Ralsei an’ Asriel, an’ since de corrupt boy is just dere, I attack ’im ’til ‘is SOUL splits in two an’ shatta’s. Dis book wan’t much. Just a simple chapta’ an’ me killin’ Ant. I’m sendin’ Mr. Gibberishman ta’ de void now, an’ nothin’ will stop me. Not ’is defenses, not ‘is dodgin’--not ta’ mention ’e ain’t God--‘e’s goin’ ta’ ‘ave ta’ go. I shall now give dis book back ta’ Ant. If ‘e, insanely, returns from de dead, dun’ tell ’im ‘bout chapta’ one. ‘Ere ya’ go Ant. By de time ya’ reach me, dough, Mr. Gibberishman will be gone fo’eva’, an’ soon fo’gotten. See ya lata’!

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