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Ghost with a Gun


Ratchet makes a schocking discovery on his first day of work as the new head of a medical clinic he has been asigned to.

Scifi / Other
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Chapter 1, Finding a Ghost

Iacon, before the war. A peacefull yet cold planet to all but those who lived upon its surface. The planet was bustling at the moment. To some another unfair day while to others, back to the mundain grind. As for one such red and white mech. Whow as making his way to the medical facilities he had been asigned to work at. Only recently being promoted a few stellercycles ealier. He was quite eager to get into his new position. He had gotten up ealier then normal to make the commute to work easier. Taking the roadways in his vehicle form whoch seemed dqarfed by a few of the transports. Thought luckliy it was only a few minute drive there. He passed by others making similer commuites on the eoads while others still chose to walk. Pulling up infront of the medical facilities ans letting his fram fall into the comfortbale feeling of transformation till he stood up and walked onto the sidewalk in his bot form. He passed by other cowarkers he was to get familer with before entering. There where two large waiting ares on ether sides of the doorway, whoch where already filled with patient waiting to be seen. Infront of him was a moonshaped desk and a blue fembot sitting behind it. On ether side of the desk where large doorways for people to go back and forth in. The lighting here was bright and gave the area a clean filling. Along with the white, red and light blue paint. He aproached the desk and tried to smile. The fembot looking up from her paperwork to acknowledge him.

"Hello, my name is Ratchet. I belive i am to start here for work today?" He really tried this time to appear as nice as possible. Due to one of his friends pointing out he had a resting bitch face similer to magnus.

The fembot seemed to take him in for a long moment before flipping threw paperwork on her desk. Finaly speaking up to him. "Yes, i see you here but it says your not suppose to start till tomorow? Oh dont tell me they messed this up again. I swear the mechs around here have no brain moduglers. Anycase, it would be a wase to send you off now. Here is the key to your unit here and maybe you can start seeing a few patients? We are backed up as it is today" she placed a keycard on the top of the countor.

Ratchet lightly grasped the card in his servos. "Thankyou mam, sorry for the inconvince today. As you suspected yes they did tell em today though it seems obviouse now i was given the wrong information. Just give me a ring before you send anyone up. I want to prep the medbay first" he turned on his heels. Now he was a bit grumpy but he was trying to walk it off. Heading for the large double doors. They slid open for him to walk threw into a long narrow and twisting set of coridores. Of course he was able to navigate them with ease. If being a medic taught you one thing, it was how to get threw a maze. Hi unit seemed to be a bit further in the back. With large doors into it that seemed... off? He reached out to the door lock but found scratch marks around the key pad. As if someone had tried to open it. He graded ahold of a stun baton he kept in his leg compartment. Slowly opening the sliding double doors, into a disastor.

The cubored on one side of the wall had been pulled open and supplies had been strewed everywhere. The lights where also flickering at the moment and when he looked up at them, there where marks from some form of gun that had shot at them. What was worse was the pink liquid puddles that where strewn all over the place abd mixing in with the scattered supplies. He stepped into the room hesitently as his optics scanned for what could have cuaght this. He cuaght a flash of movment to his right but couldnt see exactly what it was. He noted that the amount of engeron split would have resulted in lock down. Though finding them... his foot knocked agenst something when he moved over to the far right of the room. Kneeling down he felt out and found a foot. Using this as a start, he trailed his fingers up the bots legs and to thier body. Noting they where under sime form of cloaker. It took a bit of feeling aeound on his part to find the bot had not outword switchoff for thw cloaker. Grumbling to himself as this made his job now harder to do. He started feeling aeound the back of the bots neck, noting the bot was strangly qearing some form of cloak. Her felt his fingers slip in but when he did, the bot activated. Giving a soft screech in oain before thrashing. Ratchet had to grab hold of the bots arms to try and hold them still. Eventualy giving up and pulling a needle from his oposite leg compartment. Pulling for a needle filled with a clear fluid. Which he then plunged into a neck cord and injected. The calming addtive syarted working and as if by luck, the bot seemed to turn off thier cloaker. Infront of ratchet layed a silver fembot wrapped in a tattered old grey cloak. He pulled the fembot into his arms and noted how light her frame was. She couldnt be very tall ether, maybe up to his chest and she had no detailing to her. Her both smooth as a protoforms with a black helm and black wheels. She had small red detailing lights in her arm, hand and leg joints. Plus a sniper monicle on her left eye which seemdd to be busted. He layed her down onto the slad in the middle of the room. Pulling away the cloak to revile a nasty gun shot on her right side. As well as a number of scratches and cracks along her frame. Noting if he didnt work fadt then she wouldn't be here to explain how she had even gotten here in the first place. He did a quick calm to thw front desk to inform them he would be busy wih a paitent and then set to work.

It took cycles before the fembot seemed to strie on the slad. Which was fine with Ratchet since after he patched her up, he had to clean up. In his cleaning, he found a black sniper rifle that had been hevily modified. Which he hid ontop of the cabinet's. When he heard movment, he turned to talk to the fem. Only to be jumped on by her. In a swift moment he was pinned down on his back. The silver framed fembot was ontop of his with in a loss hold but a knife pressed agenst thw cords of his neck. She was snarling at him and bareing fangs. He quickly went pasive.

"Hay there, look i am a friend. I found you in here and fixed you up. Mind telling me why and how you got here. Look i promise i wont harm you. Im a medic after all" he kept his blue optics on her red ones.

Her voice was soft but cold "how do i know you are telling the truth. For all i know you want infromation out of me"

It was at this point Ratchet saw a small target mark on the left side of her black helm. Something he missed before and was now swearing to primuse ubder his breath about. "Look if i meant you ill will then i wouldn't have fixed you up. Plus i didnt note the symbol on your head till jsut now, was too busy saveing your life. The snipers guild aye? Iv heard rumors of them but didnt think they existed"

She seemed to stiffen at this slightly. "Is that so? How do i know you ant just trying to sneak your way out of this?"

He could have rolled his optics. Why did some of them always have to be so difficult? "Look if i really was what you say i am, then how come your not bound?"

This seemed to make her pause. After a few moemnts more she pulled away and got off him. "I suppose i owe you a thankyou you then?"

He nodded his head at this. Looking her over but more so to see how her wounds where doing. Which seemed to have cracked open a little. "So how about a name? Also move back onto the slad. Your side wound just reopened from those antics"

She did as complied and sat back down. Allowing him to come over to check but feeling very annoyed that he was. That was when she seemed to have notice something "where is my gun?"

"I hid it. Had a feeling you wouldnt be so friendly so i hid it soemwhere in the room. No point trying to find it." He shrugged "be ncie to me and get it back later."

He heard a hiss from the fembot "that is my propertly! You cant just take it!"

He rolled his optics at her. Pulling away from his work. "I can when a fembot sneeks into my medicalbay, wrecks it and then oasses out from energon loss. Now pip down and be greatfull i didnt jsyt turn you over to tha authorities"

This seemed to have earned him a supres look form the fem. Who fell silent for a long while. Till he finaly seemed to be annoyed with it. "So what is your name?"

She seemed to shift slightly "none of your busness. Like the rest of the questions you might have for me."

Ratchet looked up at the fem for a long moment. Giving a wary sigh as he pulled away from fixing her wound. "Look its obviouse this wound is going to take a while for it to fix itself. You obviousely have no where to go till then since you broke into my medicalbay. So what do you plan to do now?"

She didnt even look at him as they spoke. He noted her optics where fixed to scan around the mdialbay "find my gear and head out on my own. Of course i dont expect asistance out of anyone"

He gave a small grumble of annoyance. Somehow he saw this coming. Justw as hoping he was wrong. "Well why dont you come back to my place. Lest then i can keep a eye on that wound. Tell you when your able to probely get back out there on it. As you are now, you wont get far without it reopening it"

The fembot huffed at him "do i have a choice? I would asume your holding my gear as ransome to keep me in compliance"

"If that is what it will take then yes" Ratchet crossed his arms over his chest. Starting to get visably annoyed with how this fem was treating herself.

"Of course you would." She seemed to wieght some options for herself before turning back to him. "Fine then.. i have no other option since i need my gear"

"Good, now we just have to figure out how to get you out of here" he watched as she turned inviable to every sensor he had. "That... will do"

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