Romantic Misadventures of the Dovahkiin


Terra is the reluctant Dovahkiin and wishes to hide what she is. Farkas, her companion on a quest, wants to fight a creature that is well worth his skill. Terra ends up wounded after a fight with a dragon, they are stuck at an inn while she recovers. Things might not be so clear cut when she discovers Farkas might not have been talking about hunting a dragon to test his skill.

Erotica / Adventure
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

All characters and places that are written about are owned by Bethesda. The Dovahkiin character is the MC and can be projected in many different lights as for the purpose of the game. I have simply projected the Dovahkiin that I used in my game to write this story.


The dragon appeared dead. The body had taken a rough landing and dug deep grooves into the once fertile farm land that was light covered with snow. The beauty of the land did not deter from the smell of sulfur and burnt wood that the body was putting off. The nostrils were still flaring with smoke. The head wasn't moving and the body showed no signs of breathing.

Terra stared at the creature, her breathing hard but steady. She glared at it in utter disgust realizing she had been forced to use her voice as a weapon and revealed herself to someone she had meant keep her power from. This time she had a companion with her and she had sworn she wouldn't use the ability but … she glanced over her shoulder Farkas was barely holding himself up. She had not thought that in taking him with her that she would run into an elder dragon.

Terra turned away from the creature and began focusing a spell of healing on her companion. There was a sudden sound of fast rustling from behind her. She had no time to react, but Farkas was in front of her with the sword through the dragons mouth. He had wrapped his arms around her and held the sword up between them and the dragon. He was staring her in the eyes in complete shock but smiled weakly, "You never turn your back on a creature unless you are sure it is dead, Harbinger."

Terra laughed nervously but as she tried to move she felt it. The dragon had been a little quicker and her thigh was impaled on one of its teeth. The pain was overwhelming but she focused on Farkas trying to heal him so that he was out of danger and able to leave there alive. She was loosing focus as she continued to spend the energy that should had been saved for herself, but she was not going to allow them both to die there because of her mistake!

Farkas had been absorbed in the warmth that the healing brought. He suddenly began shouting at Terra, but she couldn't focus on the sound of his voice. She shook her head in hopes to snap herself back into some kind of manageable state. Instead she made herself dizzy and as she fell to the ground.

Terra awoke in a tub of warm water. The sudden shock of movement caused pain to shot through her body. She had kept her eyes closed until she managed her breathing but as she relaxed she opened her eyes and tried to take in where she was.

"Harbinger," Farkas rushed to her side, "Calm down, we are safe now. Just relax in the tub. The healer has just finished cleaning all the wounds. You need to just let the warmth of the bath cleanse your body and mind."

Terra stared at him in bewilderment and looked down at her own naked body. She turned bright red with embarrassment. "Farkas, I am so…" she struggled when he placed a finger to her lips.

A beautiful tall, high elf came in, her hair was done in braids and her outfit was rather revealing. Terra tried not to stare at her but couldn't help it. "That is good," the elf said with a soft voice, "She can focus on someone when they enter. She is getting her senses back. I have take care of everything, you will need to stay here for a bit, but once that wound is fully healed I will let you all leave here, but with her as weak as she is we have to watch her."

"It is my fault," Farkas said it bluntly at the woman, "Had I not asked for… she did something I am not familiar with and took down the creature. I was not as strong to control the situation. She was hurt because I was…"

"Stop, Farkas," the elf placed her delicate hand on his shoulder. "Terra must of known the possible dangerous of this hunt. It wouldn't have been so terrible if she hadn't wasted so much energy. On top of all that the weather was against you two. One can not expect to keep their body healthy while being in that cold for so long."

"It was my fault," Terra gurgled out from under the water in the tub. She hadn't wanted to draw too much attention to herself because she was naked. But with him blaming himself, she couldn't let him think he was at fault for the event and spoke against him, "I was not careful and the wound is the result of my carelessness."

"That isn't what I meant for you to say," the elf looked over at Terra, "We need to get you out of the tub now, before you catch a cold." She walked over to Terra and gave the woman her hand.

Terra took it gently and was surprised by the strength of the elf as she pulled her up and made sure the weight was on her shoulders and not on Terra's leg. She held Terra up and after a few moments guided her out of the tub. Terra was bright red and even her body had turned a maroon color.

"What?" the elf was surprised and then looked over and noticed that Farkas had glance at them but was now trying to focus in other places. "Farkas, if you like you could go get you two some food while I dress her."

Farkas protested, "She needs me here. I need to protect her."

"You will do her no good while you are not watching her, besides I am here," the elf sighed as if she was a disgruntled parent talking to a stubborn child. "She needs her privacy, you have seen enough of her skin save the fact that it was out of help but you are not wed and though those thinks happen often between companions on trip, she is not able to give you what you need now."

"I never we…" Farkas stared at the elf in shock, "I would never disrespect the Harbinger like that! She would only be with a man worthy of such…" His eyes became sad for a moment, "She is not some traveling floozy that takes to any man's bed." He left in a huff.

"Good now, let us get you dressed," the elf smiled at Terra. "You needn't get all flush because of this. Many may see your body but that doesn't mean you are what …. a floozy. You were wounded and in need of a bath. He helped me because you had blacked out from lack of energy. You saved him but forgot yourself in the mix. He explained pretty much everything that happened."

Terra sighed and struggled to keep up, the elf was talking far too quickly for her at that moment. She simply tried to focus on the task. "It was my fault for not double checking on the prey," she sighed and turned red again as the elf began to pat her dry. "i'm sorry, you know my name and I don't know yours…"

"My actual name… it is hard to pronounce," the elf said as she patted up Terra's leg, "Shi'ari is fine, that is close enough for me to be comfortable answering to it."

"Shi'ari, thank you for helping us," Terra smiled, "We have imposed on you here and you are too kind."

"He paid me well enough not to ignore this," Shi'ari signaled at my leg that had a large wound almost like a hole in it, but it had heal enough now to appear as a large slit that was stitched up. "This will scar a little but not like the hole that was there before. Besides, you took down the dragon that had been bothering the inn and this small settlement. I could at least do this… plus he did not react negatively to me being a high elf or anything. No cruel jokes or comments to what I was."

"Farkas, he doesn't care about any of the prejudices," Terra commented but really thought about it. He hadn't even bothered Terra when she had joined the Companions where she had come from and why she was there. Most of the Companions were like that. It didn't matter who you were or where you came from. All that mattered was you were all family and you had each others back.

"Your hair is really dark for a Nord, on top of that your eyes are dark too," Shi'ari was trying to make a topic for both to talk about.

"I am definitely not normal," Terra smiled softly at the description of herself, "Not quite anything specific, my mother was Nord so I am Nord, I guess…"

"No father?" Shi'ari stopped suddenly and noticed Terra contort her face for a moment. "Sorry too personal."

Terra shrugged as Shi'eri worked on drying her upper body and arms, "It isn't anything that bothers me so much now. I know nothing of my father, though mother said he had been a soldier but she never elaborated more then that. I left home early in my life and didn't feel knowing more about my parents would matter in my future."

"You healed Farkas…" Shi'ari looked Terra in the eyes, "Your people seem wary of magic because of the Winterhold College incident."

"I have no people, I have me, I adapt by using different tools. I know how to use magic, a bow, sword, and other manners of combat skills. I do not hold anything in any regard of not usable because of fear or hatred," Terra was serious, "To do so would make me weak. I am not weak and will not be deemed so because of lack of skill in something. I have worked fields using a plow, picked flowers, hunted for leathers, and worked a forge. I wish to know many things so I hold no grudge or boundaries."

"Unusual thoughts on life," Shi'ari looked me over and nodded, "I have some clothing that could work for you, they will be a bit long but that is fine."

"I have clothing in my pack," Terra said in response. She didn't want the woman to go out of her way for her.

"No, you have armor, you need cloth. With your wound you can't have weight and pressure on it," Shi'ari explained as she was leaving. The door shut gently as the woman left.

This left Terra in the awkward position of being naked in the middle of the room. She stood in front of the tub with a fire behind her. It casted an outline around her form. She didn't want to move for fear of causing sharp pain in her leg again so she was left there trying to balance without putting any pressure on her leg. The fire's warmth seemed to be like fingers massaging her body and taking away the aches and pain.

"Harbinger, I brought us food, so we can dine in here and you can rest…." Farkas turned a dark shade of purple in embarrassment at the scene before him. He went to move out of the room again as he turned his head.

Terra was taken back, but tried to stop him, "Farkas it is okay, you can…" she set her weight on her hurt leg and soon found herself falling again, she closed her eyes to ready for the pain, but was cushioned by something soft.

"Harbinger, you must be careful," Farkas said under her. He had placed the plates on the edge of the bed and jumped under her so that she didn't land on the floor. He was firm under her and she couldn't hep but notice he wasn't looking at her as he tried to figure out how to get them out of this situation.

"Sorry, I am nothing but trouble to Farkas," Terra could only manage those few words. She was distressed because of the events that seem to keep happening to them. She didn't seem to have any luck as being a leader for him. She was becoming annoyed with herself. She should be able to take care of herself and yet she kept falling apart around him.

"Oh, no," Shi'ari came rushing back in and helped Terra off of Farkas. "I should have had you sit down instead of standing, I am so sorry."

Farkas dusted himself off but didn't look toward the two woman, instead he moved back to get the plates off the bed and set them on the table. He turned his back to the two woman and just waited. It appeared that he had figured it was just safer to stay turned from them and wait for a sign that it was safe to turn back around.

"Thank you Farkas," Terra said as Shi'ari helped her pull the clothing on that she had brought. The material was warm and covered her from the neck down. Right now, that was the most important thing considering she had just given Farkas a full view and a chance to cope a feel. "Shi'ari, thank you for the clothing, they are warm." The elf moved Terra to a chair by the table and started to brush her hair.

"Farkas, she is finished, come sit down and eat with her," Shi'ari directed him like a mother taking care of a simple child.

Farkas grunted as he turned back to the table and took a seat opposite Terra and Shi'ari. He didn't even look up at them as began eating. He didn't often talk at the Companion's hall, he let his brother really do all the talking. It seemed he was just fine with the silence and food

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