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By Hawkebat

Drama / Scifi


The fluid in the tank bubbled was the first thing he heard as he woke up but not a normal sound but the one you get when you are inside a Bacta tank. His eyes refused to open as they were covered with something. He wondered what could of caused him to be in this tank and as he thought back many things entered his mind and nothing was relevant to his current situation. So many times he had been injured he had to go through them all to figure out if this was even real. He didn't think so as he reached out with his senses and felt nothing from the force. He tried to move so he could remove whatever covered his face and he couldn't even do that. What he could do was listen even if all he heard was muffled sounds of speech.

“Look at the movement and the screens I am telling you he is awake.” the muffled voice stated.

“I am recalibrating the monitors now, but the current blood levels show that he should not be conscious at all.” A medical droid countered. “Though I would calculate that he is only partially awake.”

“There is no such thing, but if he is awake then he can escape or at least influence us to do something.” the human sounding voice added.

“Increase the IV dose, and stop running a diagnostic on the monitors every ten minutes.” A man with authority ordered. “No wonder he is awake all this testing has lowered his average dosage.”

“I do apologize Doctor Kimble.” the droid replied.

“Just get him back under.” Doctor Kimble ordered and he quickly fell back asleep. Time had no meaning as this happened over and over with brief spot of consciousness. Most of those times it was silent or with muffled words too faint to understand. He still couldn't remember what had happened to him, but fragments came and went. He was in some battle chasing down the attacker's fighter. He had the upper hand and was just about to make the killing blow and then everything spun out of control. From there he remembers feeling an explosion before it went dark. This time awake was different. He felt lighter, better able to think. He reached out with the force and he saw. His eyes were still covered, but through the force he confirmed that he was in a Bacta tank and he could see a few feet beyond the tank then it was dark like there was a wall, but he didn't think there was. It was like the force just stopped, like it wasn't there, but in the strangely shaped bubble around him. He felt out his body and was surprised that his body was missing the mechanical arms and legs that had been with him for so long. In fact he felt all the cybernetic implants had been removed. This caused him to sharply inhale and this again was a surprise as it was really easy to breath, and he felt no assistance other than the steady flow of air over the mask that covered his face.

“Doc, I think he is fully awake.” A rough sounding voice remarked.

“Yes he is awake, Lt Rusk, and I am surprised to feel curiosity instead of anger.” A elegant sounding, but arrogant voice replied.

“He should be awake in fact he should have came around an hour ago.” the other male voice he assumed must be the doctor. “Tharan would you help me with the covering to his eyes it is about time he starts seeing normally again?”

“Certainly, Holiday how are his stats?” Tharan asked.

“Well within limits.” the sultry voice replied. She didn't sound human but with the limited range he had he didn't know for sure. They moved him and within minutes they cleared whatever was covering his eyes away and slowly he could see normally. The little bubble that he could see with the force expanded into normal sight as his vision cleared and the medical ward he was in expanded into a well equipped facility. There were more people in the room than he had figured. The two doctors were human males and there was a few soldiers. A Chagrian, Twilek, and a few humans in full armor, near to them was a full sized holo of a woman that was dripping sex appeal, a Trandoshan hung over on the side. What surprised him more than the four obvious Jedi was the red skinned humanoid that he just couldn't place his race. Why should he know what race he is from?

“Scourge darling, I think he finds you interesting.” Holiday stated.

“I doubt that.” Scourge replied. “I find his weakness abhorrent.” He saw the humanoid's disgust and he looked at what he could see of his body, no legs, no arms, and he knew of all his scars that he had and the fact he was in this Bacta tank. Scourge took a step forward and he felt his hatred in the force much like the Emperor's, but refined, honed, focused. It confused him by how strong he was, but also with how old he felt. “Barsen'thor, you need to do your part in this.”

“I shall teach him to heal the wounds of the past as long as needed.” The one jedi replied. “The rest will be up to him.”

“Master Perig, I know he must learn, but are we not jumping ahead of things?” A female questioned. “He may not even want this.”

“We didn't travel thousands of years in the future accidentally to not correct what has been twisted into a prophesy, Nadia.” the Barsen'thor stated. He remembered that it was a title even before the Jedi's name was used.

“The story of the walker of the sky bringing balance to the force was one of the greatest Taung, Jed'aii stories.” A female jedi added. “I find it odd that it got turned into a prophesy.”

“Kira you do understand balance as much as the rest of us.” Another female with a very familiar voice stated. His heart jumped at the sound of her voice and he thought back nearly twenty years. Padme why did I fail you in so many ways? Why?! “But each of us have been down the path of light and dark. Even Lord Scourge has learned the light side as well as the dark.”

“I have not given up my beliefs of the dark side, Riasara. You only beat the Emperor after you understood the dark.” Lord Scourge stated. He looked at them all and wondered how they remained hidden and how long had he been out? The emperor is dead? Barsen'thor? Time travel?

“Oh my he looks so confused.” Holiday pointed out. “I think he needs to know what is going on.”

“I see that.” Riasara replied. “You have been here in this station for the last six months. Shortly before the Deathstar was destroyed we were pulled into this time period. One of our ships crashed on this jungle planet and we met a very interesting old Jedi and he told us of how he got there. When it came to the fall of the Republic we were shocked on part of how it happened, but not in the way it happened. What we have done so far is to start to correct the main reason for the Republic's fall and that is the prophesy.”

“Your emperor is still alive ours is dead nearly four thousand years ago.” Scourge added.

“You were considered the chosen one and from what I have discovered you are pretty interesting on the genetic level. I wish I had some samples from your mother.” Doctor Kimble explained. “I theorize that she had both male and female genes doubled and that is how you came about. One of her zygotes had only part of that mix and it joined with another and so I believe you are a clone of her own body only in male form. All the data is pointing in that direction.”

“Doc, I don't think he needs to know that.” Master Perig interrupted. “Let Riasara finish.”

“Very well, but I still think his genetics has a lot to add to the story.” Doc argued.

“The short of the story is that you were not the chosen one. You were not chosen to bring balance to the Force. Any Jedi or Sith could do so.” Riasara continued. “What we want you to do is find that balance in yourself, but first we need your help. Your body needs to be whole and your genetic structure is preventing that. For this we have blocked you from accessing the force, and now we have put you in a small bubble. To start this Perig is going to show you how to draw on the Force to heal the wounds of the past, while Doc here is going to start the cloning process for your limbs to regrow.”

“And that is why I think his genetic background is important.” Doc smugly added.

“Why? What is the point?” he asked, finding that he could talk. “I am a lord of the Sith. You are better off destroying me, then healing me.”

“Anakin Skywalker we are not going to heal you, you are.” Lord Scourge growled. “And if it was up to me you would be dead. Furthermore you are no lord of the Sith. I am Sith.”

“He is Sith, and a Lord of the Sith until he joined us. The Sith emperor's personal executioner no less.” Kira explained. “But from what we have discovered the Great Galactic War ended when the Sith were finally extinct.”

“How can you know that? Only the emperor has access to the records of the Jedi Order.” Vader asked. “And much of what the Republic had on record was destroyed as well.”

“There are places of record keeping that even the Jedi Masters didn't know about.” Kira replied. “Only certain members of the first order knew of them. I am one of those members.”

“I will explain the rest as I teach the healing techniques he will need. This group is not needed.” Perig ordered. Lord Scourge walked away and the others followed.

“Riasara, can I see your face?” Vader asked. Ria dropped her hood and looked at him and saw the disappointment in his eyes. She wasn't close enough to feel his reaction, but the pain of not being who he hoped she would be was plainly etched on his face. She turned away from him wondering if it was a good idea to show him her face, but now it was too late. She had no need to guess at why he felt that way, even Master Yoda had remarked on how much she sounded like Vader's wife. She wondered if it would be okay to tell him that she still lived somewhere? Then again even Master Yoda was unsure of this as he last knew that she was living on Alderaan, and that planet was gone. She didn't stop until she was in her cabin.

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