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Kirino A Sassy Girl


Kirino thought after winning 'Holy Road', everything will be peaceful. To her dismay Kirino thought wrong nothing changed neither Raimon nor surrounding. Kirino is hiding a secret. Actually Kirino is not a boy but a girl but what will happen when Kirino try to hide it for long period of time. One of the biggest enemy comes know about her secret. Kirino is forced to follow someone's manipulative orders. Will this be the betrayal from Kirino to her team? What will Kirino do when she has a lot on her hand. Will Raimon team find it? Will that certain someone let go of Kirino? {Possible ships- (Kirino x Tsurugi) (Kirino x Hakuryuu) (Kirino x kariya)} Come and find out!

Romance / Adventure
Age Rating:


This chapter has been rewritten so if you are a new reader please see if you have any confusion, contact me or my readers! Please support this baka author XD

“Hurry,” said a brunette boy to his playmates who were chasing after the soccer ball and was covered with sweats. They looked tired but there was a certain passion in them which urged them to play further.

“Pass,” said a boy who had navy coloured hair. The speaker moved fast against the midfielders who were blocking him from the ball. “you ain’t getting it,” said oink haired boy who slider over to snatch the ball from the other boy.

“Not so fast Kirino sempai,” said Tsurugi with an amused smirk plastered oh his face. While the other party just groaned in anger as his defense was a mere disturbance to his play.

Tusurgi ran toward the goal post just to see a defender ready for him. “Get out the way Kariya Kun,” said Tusurgi in monotone.

“Not so fast,” said the mentioned as he ran towards the striker. He slides his body against the ground and tried to take the ball from the other boy. “Those tricks don’t work on me,′ said Tusurgi as he jumped high to prevent the ball from being snatched.

In counter, Kariya swiftly stands his ground which surprised the other boy. He kicked the ball in the mid-air and took the chance to snatch it. While Tusurgi was still shocked, Kariya didn’t waste any time to pass the ball to his lovely senpai.

“Kirino senpai,” called Kariya as he passed the ball to him. Kirino turned on his heels and looked at the ball coming his way. Kirino eyed the ball than in the brief time he looked at his teammate.

There was the only boy who was left who had no defender attacking him. Kirino swiftly moves forward to the other goal post. As he kicked the ball further the opposite team defender chase after him in an attempt to take the ball. “The mist,” yelled kirino as layers of mist surrounded the other defender.

Kirino ran a good amount of field and found Shindou near him. “Shindou,” yelled kirino as he kicked the ball hard for it to reach.

Shindou ran fast and just in front of goal post he stood there silent.

“Bring it on,” said the goalkeeper.

“Here I go, Sangoku senpai,” said Shindou. He called upon his avatar and shot the ball with a great amount o power it could have.

“Fortissimo,” said Shindou.

The goalkeeper smirked and called upon his hisastsu technique. Sadly the score was counted. The whistle furiously indicating that the game was over.

“Game’s over,” said their coach.

All the player assembled near their coach. “Coach Endou, I have an emergency, can I go?′ said Kriya as he tried to control his bladder. Endou sweat dropped at his weird gesture and let him go and deal with his business. While other players were amused at the Kariya’s play except for a pink boy.

“Nice work guys now all we have to do is work hard and aim for more that is coming in our way,” said Endou with his iconic smile encouraging his players.

“Now you can go and rest,” said Endou as he excused them. All the player started to move away from the field in the direction of their bathrooms. They looked extra tired now and all were seating hard since they played their best in the game. “It is a shame that game ended at our tie,” said Tenma to his buddies.

“It simply proves that we are equal in strength and tactics. We are no less nor high from each other,” said Kirino looking forward at his direction. Tenma looked scared at his senpai sudden outburst.

“Sorry senapi, I didn’t mean to say it in a wrong way”.

“No, it is okay I think I overreacted,” said Kirino as he tried to avoid any arguments.

“We have our unique way of playing so it is of no shock that we still lack in our abilities,” said Shindou. All the player smiled except Kirino.Kirino halted in his way and turned around and said, “I think I will help our managers to collect balls”. Kirino ran away while others stood shocked at their girlish defender who had his mood off which was rare to see.

Even though the scenery was nice, there was an unsettling feeling inside Kirino’s heart which was burning him up.

“I couldn’t save the ball,” said Kirino to himself. “Also I am not bathing there with those stinky dudes who played their butt off. Kirino looked at the field but found no one there to his astonishment.

“If only they were this good at making a reservation I wonder how fast we could travel around the world,” thought Kirino.

Without realizing Kirino spent his half an hour time there gawking at the field. This would be the first time Raimon player had the time to see the beauty of the ground which they played in. Since they defeated the fifth sector, Kirino didn’t have a peace of mind. Certain someone knew his dirty secret which saddens Kirino heart more.

“Oh what are you doing here young boy?” asked the keeper of school.

“Oh, I was about to change my sweaty clothes,” said Kirino in his defence. “It is rare to see to anyone especially keepers this late at school,” Thought Kirino as he ran to his designated place.

“Do we even have a keeper?” though Kirino as he tried to put off his clothes. But seeing the beauty and peaceful scenery had Kirino cooled down from his tantrum.

Kirino took off his clothes and rinsed his body with water. All the sweat was released from his body. Kirino bathed himself thoroughly. There was a secret he was hiding from all of his members but he couldn’t say it obviously.

“If I tell them I am not a boy but a girl, they would disown me. They are not my parent I know but there is always a chance of them being hurt. As Kirino said those words he could sense some movement near his doors of bathroom.

Kirino was beyond horrified, If someone knows about his secret he will lose the last chances of telling his teammate truthfully.

Kirino opened the bathroom’s door and looked at the green boy. Kirino body was wrapped with a towel but the hint was visible on the other boy.

“Senpai, you are a girl?′ asked Kariya who was shocked by the new information of his lovely senpai. Kirino hid his face with his bangs.

“Kariya, Why are you here? What are you doing here?” asked Kirino bewildered. Kirino made hasty steps toward Kariya which scared the poor boy. Kirino gripped Kariya’s arm and pulled him closer to him. Kariya blushed at sudden contact in embarrassment. “I am sorry senpai but your secret is very unsafe with me,” said Kariya in an amused voice.

Kariya cornered his senpai with his full power and it was a success. “Now senpai, won’t you tell me what this is all about. Kirino had his back against the wall completely defenceless.

“As far as I remembered Raimon doesn’t allow girl in the team. So, how did you manage to come into the team?” asked Kariya in amusement. “Oh god, I had the right choice to remain after practice and with those managers.”

“Kariya”, said Kirino as she got her strength back. “Don’t make angry or else you will pay for it”.

“Kirino senpai, I don’t think you are in that position to say that,” said Kariya while he looked at his senpai whose head was down. He gently removed his senpai’s hair which was stopping the view of a stressed teenager face.

“You did it,” said Kirino. “You broke my limit Kariya Kun, I was hoping to give you a less pain but I am going to give you the most painful memory erasement”.

Kariya jerked himself back and looked shocked by his senpai’s word. “What are you talking about?” asked Kariya.

“It is shameful that my secret was out this soon especially to you,” said Kirino as she looked up with her eyes glowing green.

Kirino summoned her magic spell at Kariya who was obviously scared to death.

“Senpai” yelled Kariya as he was hit with hard oval-shaped foam.

Kirino hold the boy body with her hands and her underlying rage took over her and kicked Kariya in his guts which knocked him cold. After few minutes kirino laughed hysterically. Kirino left the body on the cold ground and turn her back and aimed to reach her cloth section. Kirino came back to her senses and sighed.

“This will pay my hate for you Kariya,” said Kirino as the other boy lost his consciousness. Kirino looked at the fainted boy and startled up at seeing his body. Kirino hurriedly wore his clothes and rushed over the boy. Kirino lifted the boy and started to walk with him to school gates.

Though the scenery were presently please able but with heavy body, Kirino wore everlating scowl on her face. If there could be someone who was willing to help kirino would be a great help but not in Kirino;s perspective.

“Need help?” asked a boy whose voice was alarming. “Um, sure Shindou,” said Kirino. She manage not to show startled face to her best friend. Kirino quickly turn on heels as well as face when she heard shindou speak up.

“Where did you find him like this? What happened to him?” asked Shindou. Kirino sighed and told him that he found Kariya near bench sleeping heavily. “What were you doing here?” asked Kirino as he eyed him for any trouble.

“Oh, I was waiting for Akane chan,” said Shindou shyly.

“Oh, I see,” said Kirino slyly. “I am sure nothing is going on between you two,” asked Kirino.

“Well anyway take this brat home for me, okay?” said Kirino as he rushed out of the way to school gates.

“Kirino, you stupid piece of cra-” Shindou stopped as he found Akane. “I hate him seriously,” said Shindou as he sighed.

The pink boy disappeared from his sight and walked off to his house if only he is not troubled any further.

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