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Kirino A Sassy Girl


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“It has been a drag since Kariya has joined Ramon, I hate him”, said Kirino as she walked out of the school gate.

“Looks like Akane chan is here I bet he couldn’t finish his statement because of her. Well, I don’t care”.

Kirino walked her silent road enjoying the silence and calm nature it contained. One shop piqued Kirino’s interest as she went pass by the shop. “This was the place where I had first interaction with Shindou kun”.

Kirino touched her chest and felt a little ache in it. “I am sorry Shindou kun, even I don’t know what I am or how can I tell you about it. I am confused myself”, Said Kirino in her despair.

“I will find what I am”, said Kirino as she walked faster.

“Well if I were you, I wouldn’t bother on that”, said a deep and husky voice behind Kirino.

“Get aside jerk, I am not in the mood of talking with you”, said Kirino in her defense. “Well I will be darn if you are not”

“Hakuryuu, if you want your butt to be beaten, provoke me but if not then don’t provoke me”, said Kirino an annoyed voice.

“Well, aren’t we getting feisty Kirino chan”, Said Hakuryuu an amused voice.

“We won’t if you don’t push it”

“Well I am here to push it, so now tell me what a weakling like yourself can do to me?” asked Hakuryuu in a timid voice.

Kirino lost her sense and marched towards the impolite boy. “I don’t want you dear sir to look down on a weakling like myself”, said Kirino as she holds the collar of his shirt. Without mercy

Kirino kicked him in his guts, letting the boy stumble few steps back.

“We do have an unhealthy relationship, whether it is as a playmate or senior or junior”, said Hakuryuu as he smiled in pain.

“Don’t touch my nerve or else you will have a better outcome. Also, we have no relationship what so ever”, Said Kirino as she turned on her heel and marched away from him.

“Well, it is a crime to hit minors”, said Hakuryuu

“My dear readers, you must be confused as to why I have such a harsh relationship with this brat”

Kirino stopped in her track and looked back to find serious Hakuryuu

Kirino felt some shiver in her stomach. He doesn’t make that face until he is super pissed.

“Kirino”, said Hakuryuu. “If you don’t want to piss me off more than this, follow me”.

With that Hakuryuu turned on his heels and walked at a steady pace.

“Also, I hate you with my whole heart so don’t worry if you think that you hurt me, said Hakuryuu.

“Understood”, replied Kirino as she felt little sad that she couldn’t make him open up beside his fake side to her.

Kirino followed him close, watching the scenery and dwelling in it more until some white hair boy turned around and looked at her.

He smirked, “Well, I don’t care if you are a girl, I deserve an act of revenge”.

Hakuryuu holds Kirino’s shoulder and held it strong in its place. He closed the gap and hit Kirino’s stomach with his might, of course, half of his strength.

Kirino fell to the ground with her legs on the ground and her arms on her stomach.

Kirino groaned in pain as she could not bear the pain. “You jerk I thought you said some crap about a minor”, yelled Kirino or more like hissed.

“Well I don’t care about minor and stuff but if you look into it you are minor to me”, smirked Hakuryuu as an annoying grin pasted on his face.

“Then what about you so-called wisdom?“, asked kirino to the boy in front of her.

“About that, I lost it since I was born”, smiled Hakuryuu. “I like you in pain scum”, Said Hakuryuu

“Weakling like you with absolute power is so wrong to me”

Kirino felt as the pain soothed away and finally vanished. Surely, the pain still lingers.

Kirino didn’t retort back but let the matter go as they we were equal now.

“I think we are equal now, jerk”, said Kirino as she growled a bit.

“Sure scum”, said Hakuryuu as he showed off his cold eyes which gave a shiver to Kirino.

Rest of the walk was in silence, none of the players spoke to each other. Both were in pain due to each other attacks. They didn’t even bother to look at each other. The place called their hideout appeared and they finally looked at each other only to separate their gaze.

“Unhealthy relationship”, thought kirino as she scoffed.

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