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Where Taehyung is suffering from abuse by his husband Jeon Jungkook for 2 years . And find out that he is pregnant and decide to tell about this news to his husband in a hope that his husband will stop abusing him . But what will happen when he will be accused by cheating and decide to leave his husband for the sake of his child . But after almost 5 years when one day Kim Taehyung accidentally bumped into someone on his way only to find out the person is Jeon Jungkook . And jungkook only came to know that he is the father of the 4 year-old child , with who he fell in love at first sight and try to convince Taehyung to let him be the part of his child life. Will Taehyung allow Jungkook to be the part of his baby life or they will apart for forever? [email protected] [email protected] * Smut * b×b * Sexual Assault * Abusive * Rape * Depression * Self harm * Mpreg Published : 16June2021 Finished : Mature Content

Drama / Mystery
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Precious beans😍😘😘. So this is my first story and I really hope that you guys will like this.

Note:- This story is pure fictional a wild imagination of the Author. Nothing is realted to real world or the idols. There will be some things which may triggers you soo please read it on your own risk.

This story contains:






*Sexual Assaults

*Self harm



I warned you soo please if you read something that's not suit your taste then you're free to left this story immediately. And i hope it never happen to you leave this story in middle because i want you all to enjoy it😊😊😊

Also DO NOT COPY my work. It's my own imagination, my story which I'm writing with so much hard work. But if you want to translate it then please ask for my permission it's not like I'll stop you but just have my consent.

If anyone saw this story somewhere else translate or something please inform me right away. Thanks

I will try my best to make you happy by this story. By the way this story is based on DOMESTIC VIOLENCE becoz really this is the major thing in this world where many people suffer from this by not saying another word against it becoz they think that they are in Love. But my point of view is if somebody loves you then they do their best to make you happy in any condition. And I have my own personal reason from my past to write this story. There may be some grammatical errors because english is not my first language. So PLEASE guys like this story and also vote. okee bye angels😍😘💜💜


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