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My Prince


Two princes meet. Both from completely different homes. What will happen? top kook bottom taehyung

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Chapter 1

Two princes meet.

Both from completely different homes.

What will happen?

top kook

bottom taehyung

Jeon Kingdom:

19 years ago there was a baby born.

A baby that will have great power.

the power of an heir to the throne.

The baby was born from a king and his Queen on the 1st of September. They had decided to name him Jeongguk.

Jeon Jeongguk.

Kim Kingdom:

Whilst the celebrations of the Jeon Kingdom was happening a mourning was taking place in their neighboring kingdom.

The people had lost their Queen. the person who supported their king through the rough times and the person who gave birth to their heir.

Everyone knew that the royal family wouldn’t be the same after this. How could they, they just lost one of the cogs that keeps them running.

Their two year old prince had just lost his mother who played with him when his dad was busy, who read him a book at night so he could sleep and who would keep him company when his bad dreams kept him awake.

The King was just as broken. He would spend all his time inside his office drinking away or going down to the closest pub and drinking there while taking one of the women who had barely any clothes home with him.

He did not once think about his son who was at a very young age at that time. A son who had nobody to care for him. The king was the main reason why the prince was broken.

The lonely prince, Kim Taehyung.


I hope you enjoyed this first chapter. It is kind of an introduction to what these characters are going to be like in the future.

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