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fire·brand noun A person who is passionate about a particular cause, typically inciting change and taking radical action. Similar: Troublemaker People always said Ivy Blossom was trouble, and well they weren't wrong. She was a troublemaker and wasn't afraid to admit it. She would prank people, break rules and sneak out. Once she runs in to Perfect Percy Weasley her life will turn upside down. Her whole 6th year will turn out different then she ever expected it to be Harry Potter AU

Adventure / Fantasy
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ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕡𝕥𝕖𝕣 𝟙


〝Stop her!〞

Adrenaline. That's the only thing running through my veins. The shout's of the baker only got farther and farther, as I ran away. It had been another Thursday morning in the town, at 8am the shops would open and by noon they would be filled with people.

The only thing missing was some fun, so that's how I got where I am now. I went to the bakery to get some bread for supper and saw the local puppy, Fin. I wanted to cause some mischief so I took an extra piece of bread and held it up for Fin to see.

"Here boy" I clicked my mouth to make a noise.

Fin, a small german shepherd, sat on a stool behind the bakers counter. He had light brown fluffily fur and around his little button nose he had a patch of black fur. His head popped up at the call and looked excitedly at me. I held up the extra biscuit and call for him again.

I clapped my hands for effect and used an over the top excited tone "Come here boy"

Fin stood up, wagging his long tail, causing the stuff next to him to knock over. The baker looked over upon hearing the noise and looked at the puppy, he was about to yell for him to stop but Fin came running over to me. While doing so he managed to knock over containers and other things on the counter.

I laughed as the baker came running over, Fin stopped in front of me and I gave him the biscuit. I patted his head and told him he was good boy. I looked up and saw the baker was giving me the stink eye so I smiled at him. I grabbed the already paid for bread and gave him a salute, running out the door. I ran about halfway up the road to my house and stopped, I had lost the baker a while ago and eventually the adrenaline stopped. I took a big breath and walked back to my home.


"Mama, Papa I'm home" Ivy Called to her parents while taking off her shoes at the door.

"I'm in the kitchen Torpe (Klutz)" the voice of Lilly Blossom came from the large room to the left of the door.

I walked over to the kitchen and the smell of something amazing hit my nose. It was mama's famous soup. I sniffed the air and smiled at the doorway of the kitchen. Lilly Blossom was a young women in her late 20s, she had dark black hair and Carmel eyes. Her skin was a dark color and her height was at most 5.4.

Lilly was a kind young women, until you got her mad. She wasn't afraid to put you in your place and it didn't matter who you were. I have gotten in plenty of trouble with Mama with my pranks but I always told her 'don't blame me, blame Papa for giving me the mischievous genes'.

A knock on the front door interrupted the quiet silence that was placed between the two girls in the kitchen. Mama smiled and turned to me.

"Mind watching this for me mi hija (my daughter) while I get the door" Mama said happily and I nodded, I watched as she walked out the kitchen and into the hallway.

I stirred the soup and added a few spices while tasting it and listen to the conversation at the door. "Mrs Blossom, May we speak with you"

I listened as my mother answered and opened the door, I looked out the corner of my eye and saw two police officers talking with my mother. I gulped and looked back at the soup when Mama looked over at me. I tried to listen into the conversation more but they were to quiet, I only caught the last things said.

"Thank you officer I will" My mother said with a slight smile. That's when I knew I was in deep trouble. Once the door closed I heard the steps of my mother. She walked over to the kitchen and stopped in the doorway.

"Ivy Victoria Blossom" She said my full name with sternness and I turned to face her. I smiled sheepishly and she rolled her eyes. "What have I told you about messing with the baker".

I looked at her and started to explain myself "He is a cruel man who deserves what he gets. Do you know what he says about JJ. Papa. Our family"

Mama sighed and walked over to me. I started to tear up "How could he make fun of JJ, saying he deserves what he got. It's horrible!" I exclaimed loudly and Mama pulled me into a tight hug.

"I know Mi Hija (my daughter) but there's nothing we can do, but I promise soon we will be able to get out of this town and go to New York. Just like you always wanted" Mama comforted me but I wanted more answers

"When's soon!" I pushed and Mama answered calmly

"When we are ready!" She said going back to the soup "now go and get your father tell him dinners ready"

Once mama pushed me out, I made my way to the third floor where I knew Papa's lab would be. I walked through the same hallways. Passed the same doors until I got to the one I was looking for. The door on the way end of the hallway was an elevator that lead to the attic and the extra protected room, or better know as 'the lab'.

It was a large room filled with many cases, and books. They were both filled with information on different spells and potions that could possibly create another potion. What papa does is he tries to make new potions and spells but so far he's had no major breakthroughs. Mama is very hopeful he will cause as soon as he does we can move out of this horrid place and make an actual memorial for JJ.

I walked to the edge of the balcony that looks over the lab and called out to him "Papa" The older voice of Jason Blossom echoed though out the lab


"Supper's ready" I called out to him once again, not actually knowing where he is

That was until an explosion came from the left side of the lab, I jumped and ran over to the side to find out what happened. "Papa!"

"I'm ok, I'm coming up for supper now" The face of man in his early 30s came out of the room he was in. Jason Blossom was also a younger man in his 30s, he unlike his partner was pale. He had bright blue eyes that reminded people of the ocean. He was a bright and strange lad, always had his head in the clouds but he was also very mischievous and liked to get in trouble. He especially got in trouble with his wife Lilly.

I made my way back upstairs to the dinning room where mother was, mama was setting up the table and put the pot of soup in the middle of the table. She gave me a smile once she saw me and motioned for me to sit down. I walked over to my side of the table and sat in the chair.

Not to soon after I sat down Papa came in covered in dust. Mama looked at him with an amused look and I tried not to laugh. Papa came over and ruffled my hair, he gave mama a kiss on the cheek and sat down. We said our amens and dug in. While I was stuffing my face Mama gave me a look, I gulped and shook head, she rolled her eyes and cleared her throat getting her husband's attention.

"So, Ivy wanna tell your father what you did today at the bakery" Papa looked at me in interest and I smiled at him while making a motion that food was in my mouth.

Once I swallowed my food I picked up more and was about to open my mouth to talk when I put more food in my mouth. I made the same motion and Mama gave me a glare before turning to Papa

"Well since she's... eating" Mama gave me a glare and I smiled innocently "I'll answer. Your daughter decided to get the bakers dog to make a big mess of his shop and then run away"

Papa looked like he was about to burst out laughing. He did chuckle and look at me with a proud look "You did? How did You manage that?" He asked me and I smiled about to tell him what mama gave us a look.

"I don't even know why I tell you these things you just encourage her more" Mama said with an eye roll and Papa started laughing.

"Come on Lilly, you love her little tricks even if you don't admit it" Papa was right, I don't get in much trouble when I have a good reason for the tricks. Once I swear mama laughed when I dumped red paint on the local hairdresser, more specifically the one Mama hates, she would never admit it though.

The rest of the evening was spent laughing and cuddling together on the sofa watching movies. Me and papa even had a little popcorn fight and ambushed mama with pillows. Soon enough I would be off to Hogwarts and I won't be able to do this anytime soon so better enjoy it.


I hope you enjoyed the chapter

and feel free to tell me. This is a

new book and it's still a working progress

so bare with me. Thank you for reading

Love - Vicky B

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