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[This is the new version of Forced To Marry You which is a VKook Fanfiction. For those of you who already read the book before, I want to inform that the storyline is different than the old one.] ❓WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE NEW VERSION AND THE OLD VERSION? -Abusive content has been removed -New storyline which is better than the old one SUMMARY OF THIS BOOK: Kim Taehyung is the only son of the Billionaire in South Korea. His parents spoiled him too much until he turned out to be a brat. He went to the Strip Club and fucked with a random men. His parents were worried of his unhealthy lifestyle and they decided to arrange a marriage for him with a good man so that he could change his behaviour. Taehyung didn't agree with the marriage as his future husband is two years younger than him and definitely not kind of man that he wants. He ended up agreeing with the marriage when he was forced by his parents.

Fantasy / Drama
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"Ahh! Ahhh! Fuck- Uhhh!! Fuck me- Ahh! Fuck me harder, Daddy!"

Taehyung screamed out loud, gripping on the bed sheet tighter as his 'Daddy' thrusted his dick in his hole in an animalistic pace. He was moaning shamelessly because of too much pleasure that he was experiencing that time.

"Oh God! Your hole feels so good! I'm about to cum!" Suho said as he kept pounding in the tight cavern. As he was treasuring the shaft, Taehyung suddenly pushed him from hovering over his body and changed their position.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" He yelled in frustration as he was so close to reach the climax. "You're too slow. Let me handle this." Taehyung climbed on his body, adjusted his hole on the tip of Suho's dick and inserted it deeper in his anus.

He began to move his butt up and down in a quicker pace while moaning again in pleasure. He liked it rough though, that's why he wanted to do it by himself because Suho couldn't do it fast enough for him.

"Aahh!! Princess!! You feel so good!! F-faster, Baby!!" Suho slapped his buttcheeks harshly until the skin turned red, but the pain made him went even faster. Taehyung didn't care if he ripped off his own butthole.

"I'm close!" Suho screamed while holding his breath. "Me too, Daddy!" Taehyung replied. As they were about to reach their climax, Taehyung's phone rang loudly all of a sudden and 'Singularity' song echoed throughout the room.

Taehyung stopped moving immediately as he grabbed the phone which wasn't too far from him. He gasped in alarm as soon as he looked at the caller. "Bitch, move!! Throw that phone away!!" Suho exclaimed, completely pissed off when Taehyung blocked his climax twice already.

"I can't! Oh My God, my Appa is calling me right now. What should I do?" Taehyung said anxiously. The phone was still ringing, but he debated with himself whether to answer it or not. If he didn't pick it up, his Appa would lock him in his room for a week.

He would never let that happen to him. He swiped up the green button and cleared his throat before pressed the phone onto his right ear. "H-hello, Appa?" He greeted, trying his best to cover up his husky voice.

"Tae Tae, where are you now? It's already midnight. Why you don't come home yet? Eomma is crying right now because he thought you got kidnapped," Namjoon said through the other line, sounded so mad. Taehyung gulped frantically.

"I-I'm... I-I'm.. A-Ahhh!!!! Fuck!!! Stop, Daddy!!!" He suddenly shrieked when Suho grasped on his waist and rammed his dick inside him without a warning. He couldn't control his moan anymore as the pleasure was too much for him to handle.

"Kim Taehyung!!! You brat, are you fucking right now?!! I swear to God, you better come home right now or else you will face the consequence!!!" Namjoon nagged, but Taehyung couldn't pay attention to his father anymore.

He just hung up the call and threw the phone somewhere on the bed. "Oh, Daddy... It feels so good.. Umhh.." he moaned and closed his eyes to enjoy the feeling. After a few minutes, they finally cummed together and panted in exhaustion.

"You're so amazing, Taehyung." Suho complimented as Taehyung laid on his chest. "Yeah, but you're not amazing to me. Your dick isn't big enough for my liking," Taehyung responded sassily. "Yeah yeah. At least I made you cum. Now get off. I want to take a shower." Taehyung got up from Suho's chest and laid his body lazily on the bed.

He didn't even bother to cover his naked skin since Suho already saw every inches of it. So what's the point of covering? Besides, he was out of energy to find a clothes. As soon as he placed his head on the pillow, he drifted off to sleep in a second. He totally forgot about his father's threat awhile ago.



Namjoon massaged his temple which was pounding so hard because of thinking about his son. He exhaled a heavy sigh and glanced at the clock. Four hours had passed after he called his son, but the bratty boy still didn't appear at their house.

"I don't know what to do with Taehyung anymore. This is your fault. You spoiled him too much. See, what happened to him? I know he goes to the Strip Club every single night. Oh God, this boy always give me so much headache," Jin said angrily.

"Is that wrong spoiling my own precious son? He is the only child we have, Jin. Of course, I will spoil him as much as I can," Namjoon replied. Jin spun around and glared at him in dissatisfaction. He held both of his waist, expressing how mad he was.

"It is not wrong to spoil him, Dear. But it is too much. I know every single things he does behind us. He dropped out of highschool just to be a model but when he failed the audition, he goes to the Strip Club and fuck with a random man. Dear, please do something!"

"Do what??" Namjoon asked cluelessly. "I don't want our Baby being a slut! If we didn't take action this time, I won't be shock if one day he would carry a child in his tummy without knowing which one the father is. I don't want that to happen!"

"I want you to do something to stop his unhealthy lifestyle. I can't see my Baby ruins his own life anymore," he added and crossed his arms over his chest. "But how?" Namjoon asked again, literally having a brain fart at the moment which infuriated his wife even more.

"Just think of whatever way to stop all of these!! I don't want our son to go to the Strip Club and have a sex with an unknown men anymore!! I don't want all of these shits to happen again!! I just want him to be a good boy, not a slut!!" Jin screamed in distress.

"Then make him marry with a good man. Maybe he will stop being a spoiled brat if we gave him a good husband," Namjoon suggested as those idea came out from his brain randomly. Jin widened his eyes, quite impressed with his husband's genius idea.

"That's such a great idea! But with who? I don't know any good men in this world except you." Jin's words made Namjoon chuckled amusedly. "Do you still remember my old friend which is the Jeons?" Namjoon questioned. Jin shook his head slightly.

"Well, they visited me at my office last month. They lived in Canada before, but now they stayed in South Korea. We were talking about, you know, our children's future. They said that they really like Taehyung and they wanted to make him as their son in law," Namjoon said.

"Oh, wait! I remember them! They have two sons, right? Which son that they wanted Taehyung to be with?" Jin asked excitedly as he sat down next to his husband. "Their oldest son. His name is Jeon Jungkook if I'm not mistaken," Namjoon replied.

"But I rejected it when they said that because you know how bratty our son is, right? Plus, Jeon Jungkook looks like a good guy. He is very polite, genius and handsome. He is studying at Big Hit University in Engineering course, I guess."

"Why don't you accept it, Dear? Oh God, I think their son can be a good husband for our Baby," Jin said with disappointment laced in his voice. He had been worrying about his son since he turned eighteen years old. He didn't know who influenced him to do a nasty stuff.

"I didn't accept it because I thought it wasn't a good idea that time. Besides, Jungkook is two years younger than Tae Tae and he isn't our Baby's type. Tae Tae wants a man that has a 'Daddy' figure. I'm so done with those bratty boy." Namjoon sighed while shaking his head.

"Age is just a number, Dear. Although Tae Tae is already twenty years old, but he still act like a baby. Dear, why don't you talk to them and accept their son? We need to be quick before it's too late. Our son is out of control right now," Jin appealed as he held his husband's arm.

"Okay, I'll try to talk to them tomorrow. But what if Tae Tae didn't agree with this arrangement?" Namjoon asked, slightly worried about how his son would react to this plan. He knew his son very well and that boy definitely rebel if he found out about this.

"If he didn't agree with our plan, then threat him. Just say that you will block his credit card and burn all of his Gucci collection. I'm guarantee he will be agree with this marriage," Jin suggested. Namjoon just laughed out loud. Taehyung once said, he would rather die because of starving than losing his baby Gucci.



The next day, Namjoon invited the Jeon's family to his house and he told them about his agreement in marrying their sons together. Jaebum and Jinyoung were so happy as they really fell in love with Taehyung's beauty.

This young boy looks very ethereal and they would love to see their oldest son gets married with him. They were discussing about the marriage at the living room. Jin glanced at Jungkook who was sitting silently in front of him and examined his appearance thoroughly.

He couldn't deny that Jungkook was completely opposite with Taehyung's type. He looked like a highschool nerd with his round glasses and a raven coconut hair style, but he didn't care at all. He liked this type of guy for his son instead of a pervert 'Daddy' that Taehyung went crazy for.

"Jungkook, do you agree to marry my son? I'm sure you never see him, right? Don't worry. He will come home soon," Namjoon asked out of a sudden. Everyone in the living room turned their heads towards Jungkook.

"I-If my Eomma and Appa agreed with it, then I don't mind it. I know their choice is always the best," Jungkook responded awkwardly. Jaebum and Jinyoung smiled proudly because of how kind their son was.

Jin and Namjoon cooed at Jungkook's cuteness and now they guaranteed that Jungkook was really the best choice for Taehyung. They looked at each other and smiled in satisfaction as they could see a bright future for their son.



Taehyung hopped out of his yellow Lamborghini as he parked it in front of his mansion. He furrowed his brows when he saw an unfamiliar car next to his. 'Whose car is this? Hurm, maybe Eomma and Appa invited their friend here today,' he thought.

He just shrugged it off and entered the mansion. "Eomma!! Appa!! I'm backkkk!!" He shouted as he went straight to the living room. He ran towards his parents excitedly when he saw them sitting on the couch, but paused abruptly as he laid his eyes on three other people.

"Oh, Tae Tae! You're finally back! We are waiting for you!" Namjoon said cheerfully. "Sit here, Baby." Jin patted the seat beside him as Taehyung walked towards him. Taehyung gawked at everyone in the living room. They were smiling brightly at him except the nerd looking boy.

"Tae Tae, let me introduce you to my old friends. These are Jeon Jaebum and Jeon Jinyoung," Namjoon started while pointing at each of them so that his son wouldn't get confused. "And last but not least, Jeon Jungkook. Their oldest son."

Taehyung just bowed his head to them politely while showing off his pretty smile. Jaebum and Jinyoung were internally squealing because they were too amazed with this boy's beauty. They were imagining how gorgeous he would look during the wedding ceremony.

"Tae Tae, we are gathering here today to discuss about you. I know you might be disagree with this, but trust me. We're doing it for your own good. We want you to have a bright future," Namjoon elucidated softly, making Taehyung frowned.

"What is this all about, Appa?" he asked, totally bewildered. Namjoon gazed at his wife and nodded slightly, asking him to explain more to their son. Jin took a hold of Taehyung's delicate hand and stroked it gently before he spoke out.

"Baby, we are planning to arrange a marriage for you. I know it is too rush but like your Appa said, this is for your own good." Taehyung broadened his eyes in utter shock. "WHAT?!! MARRIAGE?? WITH WHO??" Taehyung slightly screamed. Jin pointed his index finger at the nerd boy in front of them.

"With Jeon Jungkook." At that moment, Taehyung felt like he was about to pass out. He stared at that boy up and down in disbelief, then he made a crying face and turned towards his parents. "Eomma!! Appa!! No, no, no!! I don't want to marry him! I don't lik-"

Jin immediately covered Taehyung's mouth with his palm. He looked at Jaebum and Jinyoung while faking his laugh. "Mr. Jeons, give me a minute to have a talk with my son," Jin said as his palm was still covering Taehyung's mouth so that his son wouldn't say something inappropriate.

"Of course, Mr Kim." Jaebum replied politely. Jin wasted no time to drag his son towards a place that a little bit far from the living room. Namjoon also followed them from behind after he excused himself. "Tae Tae, can you control your mouth in front of the guests??" Jin scolded him.

"But Eomma, why did you plan this marriage without asking me? This is crazy!" Taehyung snapped back. "Tae Tae, we're doing this because we care about you. You're getting worse day by day and we want you to change your behaviour," Namjoon interferred.

"Appa, I'm still young! I want to enjoy my life as much as I can! I don't want to get married and stuck with a so called husband! I can't feel a freedom anymore if I had a husband!" Taehyung protested. He stomped his feet on the floor angrily.

"That's the reason why we're planning this marriage for you. We want to save your future and protect you from anything bad out there. If we let you overwhelm in your unhealthy lifestyle, then your life is going to be ruined," Namjoon exclaimed firmly.

Taehyung just huffed frustratedly while folding his arms over his chest. "Appa, if you find me a really good looking husband instead of an old fashioned guy, I would be agreed with this marriage without a second thought. But look at him! He is not a Daddy material!"

"I want a Daddy, Appa! I bet that guy is younger than me just by looking at his appearance. No, no, no!! I won't get married with a guy who is younger than me!! How can I call him Daddy?! Appa, you already knew that I am a Daddy enthusiast but you still did this to me! I hate you!"

"Tae Tae, all Daddies in this world are useless! They are using you just for sex! They don't know how to do their responsibilities. All of them are USELESS!" Namjoon raised his voice. "So are you useless? You're a Daddy too," Jin asked all of a sudden. "Err.. All Daddies except me." Namjoon replied guiltily.

"Please, Appa! I don't want to marry him! I think he is useless too. Just look at his fashion. Eww, that's not my style. He doesn't look like a Daddy at all. How can he be my husband??" Taehyung pleaded while showing his infamous puppy eyes. Unfortunately, his father didn't fall for it this time.

"If he wasn't a Daddy, then switch your position. Easy, right?" Namjoon teased. "Aniya! No, no, no! A princess can't be a top! Peroid!" Jin just giggled slowly at the back when he listened to this cute argument between his husband and son.

"Kim Taehyung, you will get married with Jeon Jungkook by the end of this month whether you like it or not. If you didn't agree with this marriage, then I will block your credit cards, burn your Gucci collection and sell your car. Just wear a clothes from Target and ride a bicycle. I really mean it," Namjoon warned firmly.

"What?!! Appa!! You can't do that!! It's not fair!!" Taehyung plonked down on the floor and cried out loud while kicking his legs in the air. Honestly, Jin and Namjoon felt really bad for him since his tears were their biggest weakness but they had to ignore it this time for the sake of his future.

"If you didn't want me to do that, then marry Jungkook. I promise I will buy you a whole Gucci store as a wedding gift," Namjoon persuaded. "Really?" Taehyung asked. He stopped crying as soon as he heard the word 'Gucci' and Namjoon just nodded as a response.

"Alright, Appa. But I want you to buy me a new car and new home too," he ordered brattily. "I will give you everything you want, My Baby Boy." Taehyung grinned happily and the three of them went back to the living room with a bright smile plastered on their faces.

"I'm so sorry for making you wait," Namjoon said as they sat back on their seats. "No problem," Jaebum replied. "So, I already discussed about this marriage with my son and he said that he agreed to marry Jungkook. So, let's proceed to the next step, shall we?"

Jaebum and Jinyoung let out a relief sigh and they nodded simultaneously. Jinyoung turned his head towards Jungkook and patted his thigh lightly. Jungkook just gave him an emotionless smile as he didn't know what to feel about this arrange marriage.

As long as he could see his parents being proud of him, he had to accept everything without any complain. "Mr. Jeons, can I have a personal talk with Jungkook for a few minutes? I just want to get to know him better," Taehyung asked their permission shyly.

"Of course, you can. Just talk with him as long as you want," Jinyoung said. Taehyung thanked him and got up from the couch, followed by Jungkook from behind. As they reached the garden outside of the mansion, Taehyung turned around to face Jungkook with an annoyed face.

"You know what, Juancock? I never agree to get married especially with an ugly guy like you. I like a guy with a Daddy figure, not nerdy bitch like you. After we get married, just act like we don't know each other and don't you dare to come near me. We just do our own business."

"We can stay in the same house but not in the same bed. I can date whoever I want and same goes to you, but we need to act like we are the happiest married couple in front of our parents. You got that, Nerdy Juancock?" Taehyung added with a sassy tone.

Jungkook just nodded hesitantly while looking down on the ground. Taehyung sneered at him devilishly. "Fuck off!!" Taehyung pushed him roughly by his chest until he fell on his butt. Taehyung just left him there and went inside the house without helping him.



Jungkook just got out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist dangerously. He dried up his wet hair with a small towel and stood in front of the gigantic mirror, admiring his masculine body. His toned six packs and bulky arms were full on display.

He only wore a nerd outfits when he went out somewhere from the house. The reason why he changed his appearance because he was tired with all of those people who went crazy over him. Wherever he goes, he will attract so many attention from the girls and boys.

Honestly, he was so done with all of the unnecessary fame. He was actually a social media celebrity with ten millions followers on Instagram as well as Twitter. He was more famous than the boy band called BTS because he is the oldest son of the Jeons, one of the richest family in South Korea.

When he lived in Canada, people were so obsessed with him, no matter what gender they are. His shiny raven hair that was brushed backwards to expose his holy forehead, his thick eyebrows that made him looked more manly, his perfect pointed nose, his thin lips that looked so kissable and his perfect sharp jaw lines that could cut a simen.

He was the perfect definition of 'Daddy'. Taehyung was absolutely wrong when he said that Jungkook looked ugly and nerd. Jungkook just scoffed when he remembered about his so called future wife. He admitted that Taehyung was such a pretty guy with a feminine figure.

However, his outfits were too sexy and exposed too much skin. Jungkook didn't like that kind of guy or girl because for him, that kind of people look cheap and easy to get. They definitely would spread their legs for him with a snap of a finger.

He flopped down on his bouncy bed after he put on his pajamas. He grabbed his phone and went to the Instagram to read some comments from his obsessive fans. Sometimes, he thought that kind of comments were so annoying but at the same time, it was quite fun to read when he gets bored.

As he was scrolling down on his timeline, he suddenly got an idea to stalk his future wife's Instagram. "What is his name again? Kim.. Taehyung... right?" He said to himself as he searched that name on the explore bar. His lips lifted into a smirk when he found Taehyung's account.

Taehyung had over three millions followers which wasn't that bad. "Your National Baby Boy... tsskk," he snickered when he read his bio. He scrolled down again to stalk his pictures that he had posted. He couldn't deny that Taehyung was such an ethereal guy not only in the pictures, but also in real life.

Every pictures that he posted on Instagram were so unique and he looked absolutely like a model. When he was so focused on stalking his future wife's account, then a specific picture caught his attention. That was a picture of Taehyung wore a red bikini at the beach with his back facing the camera.

In those picture, he showed off his thick and perfect ass which only covered with a small G-string. It definitely could make every men turn on by looking at his doughy ass. "You said I'm ugly and nerd, huh? Can't wait to see you scream underneath me, Baby Boy."

Jungkook laughed darkly while tracing his fingers on the picture. Now he was glad that he chose to agree with this arrange marriage which was planned by his parents. Who wouldn't want to marry a beatiful guy like Taehyung, right?

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