In Pink

By gingersunlights

Fantasy / Drama

She's Got Legs

"Hey, baby, need something to come you down?" Said Alex, passing a mug of tea over to Ginny.

"You always talk like you're trying to get up my skirt." In all fairness, he was, but Ginny knew he wouldn't have to try very hard. It always worked.

Alex just smirked.

The two of them were sat in the makeshift lounge on their bus- the one they kept for touring in the summer- and Ginny had traded her ripped cutoffs and smudgy eyeliner for an oversized T-shirt she'd stolen from Harry earlier in the year.

She looked at Alex with bloodshot eyes and grudgingly took the tea, cradling it against her chest. She let the warmth seep through the cotton of the t-shirt and into her skin.

"Alice's gone out. With Jet. Think they're fucking again?"

"I don't know, dollface, maybe they're just doing tequila shots off coeds stomachs on the avenue. Could be something completely innocent."


When she didn't rise to his bait, Alex shifted over to ingratiate himself into her nest of pillows on the floor.

"Are you empty again, do you think?"

Ginny only looked at him with her tired, tired eyes, before she said "I'm better than I was. But you know how things are. With me. With my family. I don't suppose I can ever tell them what I'm actually doing. You won't understand this," she said, putting one, small hand over one of his big ones, "But it would be shameful- this kind of escape. Traitorous, given our reality."

"You can tell me, you know."

"Alex, you know I ca-"

"No-" He interrupted her, "I mean you can tell me without really telling me. Can't you? Just tell me the important things, and I won't ask questions. Scout's honor." He said, mock saluting her.

Ginny thought on it for a moment, and then a minute, and then another, shifting herself so she could lean back into his chest and drink her tea. Then, she decided.

Staring at the wall, she began with "Did you ever learn what happens to the soldiers during times of war?" And then, before he could answer, she continued "Because there's something they don't tell you about it before you throw in with the revolutionaries- no one survives."

"They send you home with an honorable discharge, isn't that what they call it? Yeah, they send you home looking like you're still alive, rosy cheeks and all, but everyone who ships out dies in the field. It's in their eyes, Alex. It's that look in their eyes when you-" she stopped herself.

"I ran away. Me and the kids, we're all running, have been our whole lives. Theres not a one of us who isn't scared shitless, and that's not the worst of it. The part that really fucks me up, Alex, you know really fucks me up," she said, moving to turn around so she could face him again, "is the part where I throw in anyway." She said it with fire in her eyes, blazing hot one moment, blown out the next.

Getting up then, Ginny looked more tired than Alex had ever seen her, except for maybe that one night in Paris. They had left, them and the band, had only wanted to get away, play a show, get out of dodge, but then Ginny had looked up at the lights. The lights of Paris, glowing blue and gold like a promise.

There had been longing in her eyes when she left, like she knew she wouldn't ever be coming back.

"I'm fucking tired, Alex. And it's not over yet. We're only just beginning, and it's going to get so, so much worse from here. I know what's coming. I can feel it in my-" she paused. "In my bones."

Ginny sat down at the little counter in the kitchenette, and stirred her tea. Waiting for something, she sat, and she stirred, staring down into her mug.

"Alice says that she sometimes feels you leave electric shocks on her favorite things." Ginny's head snapped up, and she narrowed her eyes. Her wand was at the Burrow. She was good enough wandless that she could protect herself if it came to that, and she was certain that it would. They couldn't know, they couldn't possibly-

"I'm not saying anything, Gin." She didn't relax.

Holding his hands up, Alex said, "your secrets are yours to keep. But you have to know that you're safe here."

"There are laws, Alex, I cant- You don't understand." Ginny looked a bit lost then, grasping for something that was not there.

"I know, babes, and you don't have to tell me."

"Okay. I- okay."


-Later that evening-

"Hey, Alice, listen that's cheating!"

"Ha! You fucking lose, pretty boy!" Said Alice, blonde curls bouncing.

"Ginny, tell her that is so unfair. Babe." Pleaded Alex, taking Ginny's hand and kissing it, his mouth still full of swedish fish. "Please babes. I can't lose to this harlot, queen of lies!"

"Oi!" Said Jet.

"Sorry, mate."

"Yeah, yeah."

Ginny shook her head, and Alice only looked smug. Winning the hand left her with all the fishes left in the bag, and she looked positively like the cat who had gotten the canary.

"Come on you, outside."

"Yeah, yeah, alright missy." Alex acquiesced.

Ginny opened the door on the side of the bus, and let them out into the night air. It was warm still, though the show had been out a couple of hours, and it was only just past one in the morning.

The two of them sat down on the steps there in silence for a few minutes before Ginny said "Have a walk down the pubs?"

"Nah. Tired." Said Alex, rubbing his eyes.

"What do you need?"

"A drink. But not, you know, where there's people. Maybe, I mean- I don't know." He unlaced their hands then so he could rest his left one on her hip and tug her a bit closer.

"Are you sure?" Ginny asked, as he drew her in for a short kiss.

"Yeah, if you feel like it. I know it's been a while."

Alex kissed her again, only this time, it was soft and slow, and Ginny let his tongue drift into her mouth. She sighed, letting it consume her, just a little bit. It was easy like this, between them. The were un-messy and easy, like running water.

"Hang on, there mate." She said, stopping him up a second.

He looked at her questioningly, hand paused on the warm skin of her tummy.

"Let me grab a skirt or something, lets go get a drink. Just one."

"Yeah, okay, but when we get back I am definitely not letting Alice have a go at you first. I remember last time; you're a damn floosy when you're drunk." He said with a small smile.

She held her pinky out to him- "Promise." She said.

He wrapped his pinky around hers. "Deal."


They were walking down the avenue, Ginny in her cutoffs again, but still in the T-shirt she'd meant to wear to bed when Alex stopped in front of one of their favorites and said, "yeah?"

"'Kay." Said Ginny, and they turned in, all the while Alex trying to chase a kiss.

"Oh you leave me alone, you ridiculous boy." She said, grinning a bit while she tried to find a spot at the bar.

"Hey Gin!" Came shouts from various corners of the bar. They knew her here, and every day she thanked the powers that be that they only recognized her because she was the singer in a band. She bloody loved muggle London.

She smiled and waved, and they took their seats at the bar, which had been miraculously cleared, while the place quietened down again to the dull roar it usually kept.

"Hey, did you forget to wear a bra again?" Asked Alex, over the din, and only slightly amused. It did happen often enough.

"Oh hey, yeah," said Ginny, looking down. "Fuck me."

"Yeah, I'm gonna," he said, pulling her in to kiss her on the nose.

"Hey, Gin."

Still laughing at Alex's antics, she turned her head to see who it was, and then stopped still.

Alex, who'd noticed, turned to see who'd come in.

"Oh. Harry. Hello, I- ah what are you doing around here? In muggle London?" Asked Ginny, turning out of Alex's embrace.

Rubbing the back of his neck, Harry said, "Oh, you know, out with Hermione. She's absolutely ruthless, I never get any sleep, really." He pinked a bit at the implications in that last, but to his credit, maintained composure.

"Oh, of course. Ah, this is Alex, Harry, he's from Brighton. You know, the beach side." She said, in a bid to let him know Alex was a muggle.

"Yeah, hey, mate nice to meet you." Said Alex, shaking Harry's hand.

"Yeah, likewise." Said Harry. "So, ah we, well we came to your show tonight, actually."

"Oh!" Said Ginny. "Well then, I suppose that was strange. I never did tell you what I had been doing all summer. Surprise." She said, and mocked jazz hands in that dry, sardonic way she knew would never fail to make Harry laugh, and laugh he did.

"Yeah, babe, we were all so worried." He said, laughing still. "Nah, really, Hermione was just tickled pink to discover what you've been doing. She says you have all of Debbie Harry's sex appeal and a voice all your own."

"Just like Hermione to say something like that, the minx." Said Ginny, turning to face Harry properly. "Where is she, anyway?"

"Ah, that'd be the loo, she's had a few too many shots of tequila, and you know how they go straight through her, that mug- ah- strong sort." He amended quickly.

"I'm gonna go get her then, and Alex, will you hang out here with Harry for a moment?"

"Yeah, sure thing, Gin." He said, still looking somewhat amused.

"So, hey you're the guitarist, right?" Asked Harry.

"Yeah, babe, you like our show?"

Harry had spent enough time in the mad parts of town with Hermione at that point to roll with the punches, and the first time he'd kissed boys at a bar, Hermione had literally, actually done a little leap for joy. He certainly was no stranger, not the way he had been.

"Yeah, I never knew Gin could fuck me up with one line of lyric. She's new and surprising every day, that woman." Said Harry, taking a sip of his drink. Vodka, straight. He didn't like to mess around.

"Yeah, life's never boring with her, is it?"

"Nah. Couldn't be. Like the sun, she is."



"Gin!" Shrieked Hermione, making a beeline for Ginny's face. "Why didn't you tell us? You're so hot, for starters, and I am totally coming to every show you play before we're back in school next year."

"Oh, you know, blood oath, all that bullshit." Said Ginny, still grinning and holding onto Hermione. It was mostly so she wouldn't fall over at that point, if she was being honest.

Hermione leveled her with a serious look. "Your Jack White is smokin' hot." She paused to poke her on the nose, "Smokin'. Hot."

"Hey, are you and Harry in town for the night?"

"Yeah, we're at the hotel down the corner, why?"

"Come back and stay with us. The band would love to meet you. And Alice would probably love to fuck you, but you don't have to entertain her."

"Yes! Oh let me tell Harry, do you know where he went?" Said Hermione, looking 'round.

"Yeah, he's probably getting hit on by my guitarist, if we're being honest."

Hermione giggled, and took off ahead of Ginny to go scout out the lost boys.



"Hey dollface. You found your friend."

"Hey Harry, I found you!" Squeaked Hermione.

"Yeah, love, you found me, shall we get you a seat, then? Yeah, lets not fall over, this floor probably isn't the cleanest." Said Harry, holding onto Hermione by her elbow.

"Harry." Said Ginny, "Come stay on the bus for the night. Alice and Jet are probably fucking in their room by now, but you could meet them in the morning.

"I-" He said, looking at Hermione, "'Mione?"

"She says Alice is cute." Said Hermione, still holding Ginny's hand.

"Yeah, sure, what the hell, lets get lush here back to your bus, I'm sure she'll love it."

Hermione gave a weak cheer.

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