Our World to Save

Away From Azkaban

The boat was old, and cracking, looking as though it was not long for this world. Must be held together with magic.

Stepping carefully into it, over freezing water, Clara asked "Will this take us all the way to shore?"

"Aye," said Sirius, "But it's there where we shall see the real trouble."

Clara sat down in the boat next to Sirius, and waited for it to move. Of all he had told her in their time together, the marvels of magic were Sirius' favorite tales. Self inking quills, women who could turn into cats, and so many others. Clara figured a self-propelling boat wasn't too far-fetched for this reality.

Not to disappoint, the boat did begin to move, and more smoothly than Clara had expected.

The two escapees waited silently, and uneasily for the boat to cross through the ocean, both checking the space behind their backs every other moment.

When she couldn't take the eerie quality of their journey any longer, Clara began to think aloud.

"When we get to shore, d'you think those Auror-people will be waiting for us?"

"Perhaps." Sirius responded. He wasn't too keen on finding out just what was waiting for them either, but he did have a few ideas.

"Did I ever tell you that I'm an Animagus, Clara?"

"Oh, is that how you made it out of the cell? Are you a snake or something?"

Barely suppressing a grimace, Sirius said "No, lass, I am most certainly not a snake. I'm a great, shaggy, black dog. I slipped out through the bars quite easily after all this time wasting away."

"But haven't they got precautions, or something to keep animaguses in? I thought you said they were common enough not to be secret."

"We are, lass, but to be legal, you've got to register with the ministry. I was a teenager when I became one, so I never did, and by the time I would have, the war was on already.

Anyhow, I think I could slip away unnoticed by any who might wait for us, but we've got to do something about your human-ness."

Clara snorted, and said "Dear, If I had a pound for every time I've heard that from the Doctor's mouth, I'd be rich enough to buy our way out of this mess."

Sirius turned from her just then, having heard a rustling to his left.

"The shore, it's almost upon us."

A great swell of wet land rose from out of a localized fog. Magic, again, most likely.

I've never seen fog do that on it's own.

Reaching the far left bank, the boat shuddered to a halt, sticking in the sand.

"Looks like this is where we get off, lassie, come along."

Sirius held a hand out for her, and Clara hoisted herself up and out of their precarious vessel. Standing up, the two travelers turned to face the trees.

"Through there's our best bet, however unfortunate it might be." Sirius prompted.

"Right then, off to Neverland we go."

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