Our World to Save

A Fissure


Running in the hallway, and skidding to a stop, Sirius was out of breath. He'd been in with Kreacher when he heard Clara's voice.

"Yes, dear?" He asked, when he had finally made it down the grey-medieval hallway.

"Sirius, did you feel that?" Clara asked, with some measure of desperation in her voice.

"Feel what?"

"That- noise. I felt it, in my chest. That awful, awful noise. It felt like it was coming from the air around me."

Slightly worried now, Sirius asked "Can you tell where it came from?"

No. No, no, no, no, no- I can't!

Clara shook her head, and stood up abruptly. Sirius crossed the room to stand beside her, and they both stood beside the eastward facing wall. Clara was stock still, and she looked to be waiting for some small movement, some small shiver of the air. Putting his ear to the spot Clara was staring at, Sirius listened for something inside the wall.

There must be some strange magic here.

"I don't hear anything, Clara, I just hear passing air."


"Yes," she responded, "It was just like that. Passing air, and a hard, fast noise like metal hitting wood." Clara was looking into Sirius' eyes now, "And a scream, just before the sound. A woman screaming, and then nothing. Just that sound, and then it all cut out, like a movie reel reaching its end."

The pair stood in the centre of the room now, for Clara had backed away from the wall quite quickly after recounting her tale, and Sirius had followed her.

Neither knew from whence the sound came, but Sirius, in a bid to reassure Clara, said "don't worry, love, this house is practically haunted. You probably heard a long gone duel someone had in this room."

Wait. I know that sound.

"Do wizards usually kill people with knives?" Clara asked.

Yes, that's precisely it.

"What do you mean?"

"That's what the sound was. A knife. I'm sure of it now."


"No, Clara, wizards usually don't, but my dear Auntie Bella was known for her proclivity for enchanted knives. Not to worry, I'll just go get the twins, and we'll all sit down to dinner. Aye?"

"Yeah. Aye. Dinner."

Clara stood there long after Sirius had gone, and when George came up to see if she would eat, Clara behaved as though she hadn't heard him.

The Noise still vibrated in her bones.

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