Our World to Save

The Wall

At dinner, Clara seemed quiet, and troubled still from her encounter with The Noise.

They were all seated around the dining table, Kreacher having cleared the room of dust, and the twins having actually cleared the room of dust, and then checking for curses.

"Clara," started Sirius, setting down his goblet, "was it just the once, or have you heard it before?"

Clara said nothing, but stared focusedly into the wall across from her.

I wonder-



"CLARA!" shouted the twins, making her jump.

"Oi! Rude. What are you all on about?" asked Clara, turning away from the wall.

"Have you heard it before, The Noise?" asked George.

"Oh." Said Clara. "Yeah, I have. I hadn't noticed it before, I thought they were just regular noises, or creaking floorboards. But they weren't all the same."

"How do you mean?" asked Sirius.

"I mean they were innocuous enough, at first. A door opening, the rattle of mugs in a cupboard. But then I heard the noise, and just now, before I came downstairs, I could have sworn I heard the sonic screwdriver." She said.

"Screwdriver?" asked the twins.

"It's her Doctor's weapon- well, thing- of choice. He uses it to do just about everything- open any lock, move molecules, anything."

"Well, not anything," said Clara, still staring at the wall like she might find something terribly interesting there, "It doesn't do wood."

"Really?" asked Sirius.


"Huh." Said the twins.

Clara directed her gaze to the wall again.

It's that tickling at the back of my eyes, like maybe there's something I shouldn't see.

"It was so strange, Sirius. I heard the knife-on-wood sound, and then, a few minutes after George left, I heard the sonic. And a woman's voice, all from that same room upstairs. I didn't recognize the voice, if that's what you're thinking." She said, at Sirius' questioning look.

"So," began Fred, "You've heard a collection of mundane, sort of every day sounds, and then, today, you heard someone being killed, and then the sonic-"

"Screwdriver, yeah." Finished Clara.

Killed- yes, that must be what that sound was. What else could it be, with the screaming?

"But those are the sounds I heard on the TARDIS." She said suddenly, and to the room at large. "The silly, little sounds, and then the horrible ones, and then, always, always, the sonic. Those were my every day sounds." Turning to Sirius now, "Do you think I'm going mad?"

"Nay, lass I think you're hearing things from the other world." He said.

Clara was really starting to get used to people in this world just accepting strange happenings with a grand lack of fear. She wasn't sure if that was precisely good, or if she was developing a bad habit.

"Okay, that really doesn't make me sound not-crazy."

"Yeah, it doesn't." Said the twins.

"No, listen, she's fallen through time, yeah? Well, what's to say that the fissure isn't still open? Or that her Doctor hasn't been making holes in the fabric of reality on his way back to find her?" proposed Sirius.

The twins looked at each other, contemplating the sudden inclusion of reality-hopping in their lives, and then-

"But he can't. He can't come get me. The Doctor said he can't breach the walls between universes anymore. The last time he did it, he burned up a sun." Said Clara, looking over at the wall again.

Some days, she wondered at why the Doctor would share these pieces of himself with her, and yet still be so tight-lipped about his past.

"Well," said Fred, "it stands to reason that he might give it his best go, given that you are his 'companion' and all, right? Right? Clara?"

Clara had stopped paying attention to the boys, and she had altogether forgotten about the turkey-and-potatoes going cold on her plate. The reason for this was that she had begun to see what she thought had been strange about the opposite wall.

"Sirius," she began.

"Yes, love?"

"Do you see anything strange about the wall over there?" she said, pointing at the high, wooden panels that led into a miniature buttressing over the ceiling. It was beautiful woodwork, really, but something just wasn't right- something was humming.

Do you see anything that shouldn't be there? Do you hear it?

Looking now, Sirius saw that where the edges were, there weren't. They had become fuzzy, and he couldn't really look at where the seam between the opposite wall and the next should be. It was like it wasn't real, like it was fading in and out of existence.

Getting up now, Sirius, the twins, and Clara all started towards the wall, and Clara got there first.

She put her hand on the wall where it was solid, in the center of the centermost panel, and began to slide it toward the not-there seam.

Is it real, or very-possibly real and not real at the same time?

I wonder-

Sticking her hand into the space where the seam should be, Clara found thin air. Well, thin, hot air. A bit like the air inside of the TARDIS' console room, actually. She had a gut-feeling about this, really, like the ones people always had in movies. Daring to hope, Clara turned back to Sirius, and said, with terrified eyes, and steady words, "I'm gonna jump."

Well, I always was a bit mad.

And she did.

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