Our World to Save

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"AH!" Squeaked Clara, landing on the floor of the console room.

"You have really got to stop jumping through rifts in the fabric of reality, it's terrible for the digestion." Said the Doctor, who was standing over Clara with a monkey wrench in one hand, the sonic in his other, and a goofy grin plastered on his face.

Looking up at him from her face-plant on the floor, Clara blew a strand of hair out of her face, and said "Well, aren't you just the gentleman, leaving ladies strewn about on the floor."

"Well it wasn't me who put you there in the first place, but since I am a gentleman, I shall help you up" He teased, holding out his left hand daintily.

Clara grabbed him by the elbow, and pulled him down with her.

That'll show him.

And that's where they found them- sat criss-cross applesauce on the floor of the TARDIS, having a slightly violent staring contest.


At no.12, Grimmauld Place

"Clara!" Yelled Sirius, just a moment too late.

Clutching at the wall where the not-there seam was, Sirius felt a hot, sort of still air, and turned around to tell the twins he was going after her.


"Yes, we know," The twins interrupted.

"You're going to go after her, bring her back, and defeat any and all evil creatures that come across her path." Said George.

"That's lovely and all, and we're coming with you." Finished Fred.

"You are not coming with me, there could be space monsters or Sphinxes on the other side of the strange, blurry seam-thing." Said Sirius, pointing dramatically at said seam.

"You've been spending too much time with Clara, Sirius. You're starting to sound like her." Accused George.

"Well, yes, we were locked in Azkaban together for a while."

"We're going."

"Yeah, alright." Relented Sirius. "Figured as much."

With a squaring of his shoulders, and a deep breath, Sirius strode forward into the seam-between-dimensions. Behind him followed the twins, with matching expressions of glee on their faces.

Fred even rubbed his hands together like a scheming villain.



Sirius stumbled quite spectacularly into a brightly lit hallway that looked as if it had been decorated in about nineteen-sixty two. The walls were painted mint-green, and the chair at the end of the hallway was upholstered in bright, pastel yellow. To top it all off, a white, plastic-baubled chandelier hung from the ceiling just a foot above Sirius' head.

Suddenly, the breath was knocked out of him, and Sirius turned around, sputtering, to see the twins had run straight into him while he had been distracted, studying the floral-print borders.

He glared at the twins.

They smiled back, adjusting their hair, and brushing off imaginary dust from their sweaters.

Looking for a way out of the hallway, Sirius called "Clara!" just as he rounded the corner.

"Sirius!" exclaimed the woman in question. "You've found us, well done." she said, not taking her eyes off the man in front of her.

The room was large, and mostly made of metal. The ceiling was high, and arching, and the walls stretched up to meet it in a wide circle. At the centre of the room was a large, hexagonal, metal contraption, the likes of which Sirius had never seen before. It was covered in bits and bobs, buttons, and levers, and in the middle was a tall, glass tube.

"Do sit down, I'm just deciding exactly how best to murder the man in front of me, here, for leaving me in the middle of a parallel universe with nobody and nothing." She said, glaring daggers at the floppy-haired man.

Said man flinched quite hard at Clara's threat.

"Wotcher, Clara." Said the twins, taking their seat on the co-pilot's chair.

"Wotcher, Fred, George."

"So you've made some friends, I see." Said the Doctor, tugging nervously at his collar, not daring to look away from Clara's eyes.

"Yeah, I have, no thanks to you, you big jerk!" Said Clara. Standing up, Clara marched across the room to stand next to Sirius, and continued to glare at the Doctor.

The doctor stood, up, tripped over his feet trying to walk across the room to Clara, and settled on hovering next to the TARDIS console.

"I really didn't mean to, you know. It was an accident." He said.

He looked so sad, and disappointed with himself, that Clara almost let him get away with it.

"Do not puppy eyes at me, old man." She warned.

"I'm not puppy eyes-ing! I'm telling the truth, Clara. I went to find you, even," he said, more frantic now. "I made a hole in the universe, Clara! Look!" He said, gesturing madly at the wall behind him. The seam still fuzzed in and out on the wall of the TARDIS.

"Ah, speaking of that." Sirius cut in, "Should we maybe do something about closing it?"

The doctor whirled around, as though he had completely forgotten Sirius was in the room, and said "Ah, yes, of course, closing the wall now!"

A pause.

Actually no, that's a terrible idea, Sirius, why would you even suggest such a thing?" asked the Doctor, accusingly.

"Ah, well, isn't it bad that there's a rip in the fabric of space-time?"

"Yes, it is, but we can't just go around closing rifts willy-nilly! There is a pomp and circumstance to these kinds of things." Said the Doctor, frowning reproachfully at Sirius, as though he should have known that one does not go closing rifts in space-time as one pleases.

"Really." Said Clara, with a bored look.

"Yes, Clara, really." Responded the Doctor, in quite a childish manner.

First, we've got to go back." He said, with an air of finality.

"Back?" asked Clara.

"Yes, Clara. There is a very, distinctly, not-good vibration in this room, and I'll give you three guesses as to where it's coming from."

Pausing for a moment, the twins said "The rift?" Sarcastically.

"Right in one, ginger-twins! Whatever's on the other side of that rift, your world or whatever it is, is causing trouble, and I shan't leave until I've seen to it."

"Good luck with that one, mate." Scoffed George

"Yeah, you see to that." Said Sirius, crossing his arms, and hiding a grin.

"What." Said the Doctor. Whipping around to look at Clara again, he asked "Clara. What're they talking about? Why does that one look funny?" pointing to Fred, who was snickering now.

With a wry smile, Clara said "Voldemort."



"Ah." Said the Doctor. "What is 'Voldemort'?"

"Voldemort," said Clara "is a presumed-dead megalomaniac wizard with a serious Hitler complex."

"Wizards. Yes, alright, parallel world with wizards. And Wizard Hitlers. Yes, got it.



"I need you to tell me everything you know about this world." Said the Doctor, and he was just now beginning to get that dangerous gleam in his eyes that Clara had come to know would certainly mean trouble.

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