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A Sniper's Weakness


After being ambushed on a mission, Timur "Glaz" Glazkov was left blind. His best friend, Shuhrat "Fuze" Kessikbayev, was afraid he would be removed from Rainbow. So, he asked for the assistance of some of the operators to help try and make a device that would allow his friend to see again.

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Chapter One


The layout of the characters speaking may be a little different towards the end, I am not sure why.

“Any questions?”

Glaz looked around at his team. It was not the best team, he would admit that. It consisted of himself, Fuze, Jäger, Doc, and Dokkaebi. He just hoped they would stick to the plan, and that nothing would happen that was not planned for. However, he was confident that he had planned for every possible scenario. They stood on the top of the building in silence after that, no sounds or words from any of them, except the sound from Dokkaebi laying a breaching charge on a nearby hatch, until they heard the all too familiar crackle of the radio.

“Biohazard container located, clear to engage.”

Dokkaebi blew open the hatch after hearing the voice from the radio, and they all dropped in carefully and checked the room. Nobody was in there, which was strange considering they had heard voices through the hatch previously. Glaz signalled to his team to move to the next room, which was also suspiciously empty. He was beginning to believe they were in the wrong building, when he heard Jäger speak.

“Glaz, smoke grenade!”

It was if the words ‘smoke grenade’ had triggered something, as almost as soon as Jäger finished speaking, the room was filled with smoke. Glaz didn’t even have time to raise his gun to see though the smoke with his thermal scope befor he felt a sudden, intense pain in his eyes.

Fuze looked around as the smoke cleared, glancing over the bodies of those who had attacked them. He was both suprised and worried when he saw his friend, Glaz, on the floor with a blood covered hand raised to his eyes. He crouched down next to him, but just as he was about to speak, he was pushed out of the way by Doc.

“Continue with the mission. I will make sure Glaz is alright.”

The French mans words slightly angered Fuze, make sure Glaz was alright? There was no way Glaz was alright and they all knew it. He still did as Doc had said, leaving the room with Jäger and Dokkaebi. Doc then spoke to Glaz with a calm tone.

“Did one of them shoot or cut you? You’re bleeding.”

Doc shot a one of his stims into Glaz’s arm to help ease any pain he had. Glaz was quiet, but Doc quickly realised why when he moved Glaz’s hand away. There was a heavily bleeding cut along his face, starting next to his right eye and ending just past the middle of his left eye. Doc hadn’t been prepared to deal with an injury like this, so he just waited by Glaz for the others to return while cleaning the cut as carefully as he could.

The rest of the team returned after about ten minutes, and the three of them were all worried about Glaz, though none of them were as worried as Fuze. Glaz had been his best friend for so long, he knew that Glaz's job was just as important to him as it was to himself, and for Glaz to likely lose his job because of an injury? It would be terrible for him. He ended up leaning against the wall and watching Glaz until the exraction came to collect them, and even on the way back to the base he still watched Glaz. He was so worried for the Russian man that he even managed to convince his team to not tell anyone about Glaz's injury except those who they knew would not tell anyone else.
When they reached the base, they were allowed to go and rest right away which the entire team was thankful for, especially Glaz, he didn't want to risk anyone noticing his injury. He asked Fuze to tell their fellow Spetsnaz, as he knew the two others would keep his injury a secret. After all, Glaz kept their secret, so why would they not return the favour? Fuze pushed the door to the Spetsnaz operators' apartment open, glancing around until he saw Tachanka and Kapkan, the two seemed distracted by the 'cake' they had tried to make. It looked more like a block of tar than a cake, but Fuze knew they would get better with practice. He helped Glaz to the pillow covered couch, making sure he was comfortable before walking over to the other two Spetsnaz operators.
"Hey you two dumbasses, Glaz wants me to talk to you two."
Fuze knew that the two would not be bothered about what he called them, and he watched as the two looked at him, wiping the crumbs of the 'cake' off of their faces. Tachanka spoke, his loud voice hurting Fuze's ears, he sounded louder than usual to Fuze, so he guessed he needed some sleep.
"Glaz wants you to talk to us? Why won't he talk to us himself, did we do something to annoy him?"
"No, don't worry. It's just... Something happened. Something bad, and it could cause Glaz to lose his job. He... had an injury. A bad one, so bad that he can't... well, see. At all."
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