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The Daughter of Aphrodite


Hermione Georgina Williamson is a demigod. The second titan war is coming and Camp Half-Blood needs to prepare for it. Join this adventure as we come across danger, mystery, death and romance. I do not own the right to this world and I do use the storyline and speech in 'Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian'. Enjoy!

Action / Romance
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Hi! I’m Hermione Williamson and I know this might sound a little bit crazy but my mom is a Greek goddess. I know! The scientific term for what I am is a demigod but sometimes we’re called half-bloods. Life is dangerous for half-bloods, there are always monsters after us and some of us don’t even make it to 14. Those ones of us who do survive, we’re the lucky ones. During the summer, we all live at a summer camp named ‘Camp Half-Blood’ and during the school year we go home but some kids have trouble with their families so they stay all year. Me? I stay all year. I was a mistake. A result of a one-night stand when my dad and my stepmom, Natasha, were at a rocky part in their relationship. Let’s just say, when I turned up on my dads doorstep, it was a bit of a surprise.

I’ve been at Camp Half-Blood since I was 8 and the only people who’ve been here longer are my best friend, Annabeth Chase, and Luke Castellan but he’s gone over to the dark side so we don’t talk about him. I have one more best friend, Percy Jackson. I feel like I’m third wheeling a lot because Annabeth and Percy are totally in love with each other, it’s that obvious. I also have a demigod boyfriend, Connor Stoll.

I have three older half-siblings, Bailey, 26, Tabitha, 23, and Adelina, 19. I’m 16 and the youngest of the bunch. Bailey actually has a daughter named Libby and she’s 6. My dad is called Sean and he pretty much hates me. He says I almost ruined he and Natasha’s marriage but it was his fault for knocking up a goddess in the first place.

Oh! I almost forgot, my mom is called Aphrodite. Through my mom I have three great half-sisters, Silena, 18, Valentina, 13, and Lacy, 12, and one awful half sister, Drew, 15. I also have a great half-brother, Mitchell, 14. They are all (except Drew) brilliant but I have to say my favourite by far is Silena.

Anyway, that’s enough about me, lets get on with the story.

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