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Mafia’s baby (jikook)


Jeon jungguk. A very powerful name. people fear to cross his path or even mention his name. people know clearly about his dangerous personality and how possessive he is . what's his stays his and no one can even think about taking it away from him. just like jimin. He's the Mafia's baby. Park Jimin. innocent , adorable and a loving boy. loved by all and where ever he goes the place is filled with light. he works in a flower shop alongside his best friend Taehyung. trying to make the ends meet to survive in the world and be independent and prove to his mommy and daddy that he's a big boy now. even living in his age of 22 he still isn't aware of the danger arround him or more specifically who is waiting to snatch him and hide him from the world so no one could see him and he stays his , safe inside his mansion and only for him to get the pleasure in seeing him. Kindly ignore the grammatical mistakes 🙏

Romance / Humor
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"Tell me, do you know why you have been summoned here? " Hoseok asked in a taunting voice as he lifts the man's head, half covered in mud and littered with blood . The fresh red blood cascades down his face, dripping on his white shirt, changing it's color that also reflected the man's fate. Every living person knew not to mess with a man that goes by the name Jeon Jeongguk but unfortunately this one failed to keep that in mind when his greediness won for money.

"FUCKING SPIT IT OUT ALREADY!" He yelled backhanding the man as he harshly grabbed a fist full of his hair, lifting his head up. The man groaned in response as he tried to ease the ache he is feeling in his scalp, as his broken fingers aimlessly fought against Hoseoks hold on his hair.

"I'm s-sorry... I really am! I just need more time... I swear I'll return your money back, I just need more time." the man pleaded in hopes of getting out alive, making the other snicker at his failed attempt. Every person in the room knew that if their Boss is here then there's no way the man is getting out alive however who doesn't enjoy a good show?

All of this was being silently observed by a man, lavishly dressed in an expensive Armani suit matched with a black signature hat completing the look. His eyes looking emotionless, as they wondered around the dimly lit room, annoyed by the pathetic show in front of him. He definitely needs to go do better things than this, the man thought as his heart shaped lips huffed out of boredom.

The said man was definitely gifted with killer looks, his face sculpted beautifully with such perfection that he could make models bow down to him in shame. The aura he carried around himself was enough to make every men bow down at his feet in fact If it wasn't for his deadly looks and murderous personality many girls and even boys would have been head over heels for him but sadly he doesn't have time for all this shit. He got up and made his way towards the commotion, no more in mood to further listen to the man pathetically beg in front of him.

"Now...now, that's not the way we talk to our guest, Now is it Hoseok?" He questioned, hint of sarcasm oozing out of his tone as he signaled Hoseok to step aside, which he did.

He swiftly took out his XVR 460 magnum, a Smith and Wesson model 29 classic gun and pointed it towards the pathetic excuse of a man. The said man gulped at the sight of getting pinned down at gun point and finally realized his attempts are pointless, especially when he's directly facing the Mafia king himself. Even if he wasn't before, he definitely now is regretting ever crossing paths with the devil and to top it off messing with his money.

"So do you have the money in hand or not?" He smirked devilishly as he unlocked his gun, making the man flinch as he heard the click alarming him of whats to come.

"No...but just give me a week and I'll-" He rushed to get his words out but couldn't as a shot rang out, echoing in the dark. His head slumped down on the floor, as his heart beat started to fade away. the silence welcomed the now dead body that just had it's life get drained out of it with now fresh red blood spreading around the dead head.

"Even if I had given you another month you still won't be able to return my money, only waste my time. I fucking hate traitors and more than that I hate it when people break promises!" He venomously spitted out before casually passing his gun to Hoseok giving him a nod.

"Take me home " he said tiredly, alerting his two Hyungs, who rushed to grab his stuff. They knew he was done for the day and was wanting to be left alone.

"sure" they said and made their way out, escorting their Boss as they exited the building.

Jimin (pov)

It was quite late. The streets were vacant and dark with not even a single soul wandering around. The sky was covered with harsh grey clouds that were ready to burst at any moment. And by the looks of it, it's not going to be a simple drizzle.

However that didn't matter much to Jimin, a young innocent boy who was constantly looking at the small clock on the wall, enjoying the fresh inviting scent of rain mixed with that of the damp soil. The light sound of pittar patter was like a calming lullaby for him as he looked across the street. He enjoyed this all but at night he was aware of the smugglers waiting for a innocent boy like him to come out. That's how his parents warned and scared him so he won't leave at night. But now he has to show them he is independent and responsible even if that means he has to work late at night.

Today was relatively slow, compared to the others and the only reason he was dealing with this boredom was due to the absence of his best friend, Taehyung. He loved him a lot, he was the one who had helped Jimin and Introduced him to the big city. He's a fluff ball. And Jimin can never say no to him and same goes for him. He loves his best friend so much he can never say no to him either. Especially when Jimin pouts and his plump lips smolder out and match his hair color. He had unique soft pink locks surrounding his head, which are a perfect match for his baby face, reflecting his soft and loving personality.

Pink was definitely an unusual color which didn't go well with many people but for Jimin it was like the tone was made for him. As the clock struck 11 he quickly dashed towards the switch, turning off all the lights and made his way around to lock the shop. But as soon as he stepped out small drops of rain started to drizzle down slowly.

It isn't much, he thought, and decided that if he runs he can make it before he is dripping wet, not that he would mind that. He quickly rushed towards the bus stop which was about 10 min walk away from his work place. He plugged in his headphones and was busy trying to find a song to play that he didn't notice a car parked right in front of him.

And being the clumsy boy he is, he bumped straight into the black car, resulting into activating the sensors to make a disturbing noise, also alarming the passenger inside. He quickly took out his headphones, with a worried look on his face as a man dressed in a black suit came rushing out of the shop holding a shopping bag.

Jimin got scared and not wanting to get a scolding, also remembering his manners his Eomma taught him, he quickly bowed down apologizing repeatedly to the man.

"I'm really sorry sir I wasn't looking at where I was going" Jimin explained, looking down embarrassed at his clumsiness. The guy knew this was an accident and decided to let him off.

"It's okay kid, just watch where you're going next time" he said and smiled to lighten up the mood.

Jimin quickly jerked up with a huge smile plastered over his angelic face, his crescent eyes making it difficult for him to see clearly as a pink blush tinted his cheeks, matching his hair making the older coo at the adorable sight.

He never knew a boy could look this adorable.

"I will Mr. I'm park Jimin, nice to meet you" Jimin smiled and bowed down again as he introduced himself.

The guy was about to answer Jimin when the windows rolled down and a deep voice called out.

"Let's go, now." And the man knew he shouldn't let him wait any longer.

Jimin on the other hand flinched at the deep rough voice and backed away.

The guy gave him a small smile and rushed inside the car and drove away.

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