The Surprises of Captain Kirk

Luck: Part Two

Luck: Part Two

If you asked Kirk what kind of luck he had, he would say he was the luckiest person who had ever lived. Now, perhaps he didn't always win at cards, and the couple of times he bought a lottery ticket he hadn't won, but that wasn't the kind of luck that he meant. He meant that he was lucky whenever something big and important happened.

It went without saying that he had no idea where his luck had come from. It certainly wasn't inherited from his father, and he didn't think that it came from his mother either. But that didn't mean that he didn't believe he had it – just look at the day he was born after all. Yes, he had lost his father, but he had survived Nero's initial attack unlike others who had been on the ship. Then the radiation he had been exposed to that should have killed him at his young age had only given him allergies. He could live with that because he was alive.

He knew that he was lucky to still have his mother, despite her distant nature, because he very easily could have been orphaned as a baby. And yeah, Frank sucked, but at least he was living at home instead of in the foster system or with a relative he'd never met before who lived on another planet. (Of course, then came the whole Tarsus thing where he did end up living with a relative he'd never met before on another planet where a massacre took place only months after his arrival, but again, he was one of very few who survived. Damn right he considered himself lucky for surviving that nightmare.)

Kirk knew for sure that he was lucky when he just so happened to go to the bar that Captain Pike had decided to visit. Over the years, he had ended up in a spiral of monotony, and in one meeting, Pike had changed his life forever. The man had somehow convinced the Admirals to overlook Kirk's arrest record, and soon Kirk was being intellectually challenged in a way he never had before. He loved every second of it.

Of course, the biggest challenge he faced was the Kobayashi Maru. He had heard its reputation before taking it, but had grown cocky what with how easy his other classes had seemed up until that point. He failed once after not studying for it, and studied for days the second time only to fail again. By this point, he knew there had to be some sort of solution that he was missing, and he was determined to find it. In a stroke of luck, during his research, he discovered that the creator was a Vulcan (or at least half, and raised as a full Vulcan), and from there on out it was easy to solve.

After that came the biggest and most consistent streak of luck he'd ever had in his life. Apparently a madman from an alternate reality had decided to attack the Federation, and despite being on probation, Kirk had not only managed to get on board, but also figure out what was going on in time to save the Enterprise from the fate of her sister ships.

The madman was named Nero, and Kirk was one of the ones who had been sent down to dismantle his drill. Olsen didn't make it, but Kirk somehow managed to land almost perfectly on the platform that was relatively small compared to the distance they had covered. Somehow, despite losing the charges, the guns the workers had were able to stop the drill from working. Kirk just felt lucky that his crazy idea with the guns worked; he wasn't sure what he would have done if it hadn't.

After that came his time on Delta Vega. That was probably the luckiest part of the thing. After all, he survived being chased by not one, but two huge creatures that wanted to eat him whole. He also met Future Spock who saved him from being eaten and who gave him information on how to beat Nero, as well as Scotty and Keenser who were able to get him back to the ship and help him outmaneuver the crazy Romulan.

Once he returned to the ship, he not only survived being attacked by an angry Vulcan and several rather evil Romulans, but also a Red Matter explosion-induced black hole. He had no idea how they had managed that one, but he felt that his good luck probably had something to do with that. It seemed to be a pattern that was forming: his life was in danger, his good luck kicked in to save him.

The pattern was further proven as time after time the Enterprise and her crew evaded all kinds of civil conflict and natural disasters. Kirk knew that space travel was dangerous, but he'd had no idea just how much chaos was also part of the whole experience. He was just grateful he had his luck on his side to keep them all from dying.

He had gotten scared for his crew before, despite his luck. After all, it was foolish to count on it getting him out of every sticky situation, and there was no guarantee it would protect the rest of his crew as well. However, nothing had prepared him for the terror that filled him when they almost lost Spock to the volcano on Nibiru.

For a moment he was worried his luck had finally run out, but then they were able to get to the half-Vulcan just in time to save his life, and Kirk's faith in his luck was restored. So what if he lost his position as captain? Yeah it hurt, but his friend was alive and that was worth far more than any job ever would be. Apparently his luck decided that Spock's life wasn't enough of a reward for him, because he got to remain on the Enterprise, his home, as Pike's second in command. He felt like the luckiest man alive in that moment.

His luck then immediately kicked into gear when Khan attacked, and he was able to survive the initial assault, despite being the closest one to the window when the man fired his weapons at the room. During the subsequent chase after Khan, Kirk survived an encounter with not one, but three Klingon patrols. He doubted that many others would have survived even one, and once again had whatever universal force it was that gave him his luck to thank for his survival.

He was sure that Fate herself was on his side when Admiral Marcus's daughter turned out to be on board his ship while Scotty was on the Admiral's own – the two things he was certain had saved his home from being destroyed instantly. He owed those two not only his life, but the lives of every living person aboard his ship, and he wouldn't forget that debt anytime soon.

It turned out that the core had been knocked out of position in the scuffle, and the Enterprise was going to be incinerated if it wasn't fixed. After hearing the analysis from Scotty, Kirk felt that luck was the only thing that had kept the core from breaking beyond repair, instead only being out of place. Not willing to risk the life of anyone else, Kirk made the biggest leap of faith on his luck he ever had, and entered the core's chamber.

As he fixed the core, he reflected on the lucky streak he'd had since birth. If he was going to be putting his life in its hands over and over again, he couldn't simply call it his luck. That was too ordinary to describe the phenomenon and statistical improbabilities that had saved him over and over again. Perhaps he would name it his 'Kirk Luck'. After all, it seemed to only apply to him.

The existence of said Kirk Luck was proven and set in stone for him after he survived dying. How many other people had been able to come back to life after hours of being dead? Kirk Luck existed, and he would never again doubt that as he had when he lay dying and full of radiation after saving his family. In that moment, he had wondered if all his luck had finally run out after all. But, it appeared that his luck was going to stick around, and good thing too, what with the lives they all led. Now if he could just convince his crew that it existed, maybe things would go a little more smoothly for everyone.

(Several months later, the ship was nearly hit by an asteroid that was made out of a material the scanners couldn't pick up on. Had they been even inches from where they were, they would have been hit, and weren't they lucky they hadn't been? Kirk mentioned that it looked like his Kirk Luck was kicking in again, and he really didn't understand why the rest of the Bridge suddenly looked so terrified at that. After all, wasn't his Kirk Luck a good thing?)

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