We meet people with reason. Everything; which happens in our life has meaning. Without reason, nothing happens. So is our BIRTH. There is a reason for every birth on earth. It’s a faith that the person will take rebirth if he/she dies with unfulfilled desire. And…taking birth on the earth is a chain reaction of the previous birth. Based on that faith, I’m coming with a concept.

Romance / Fantasy
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Arnav Singh Raizada woke up from his sleep, jerking as always. Aman; who is his friend and roommate also woke up from the next bed.

Today also you saw the same dream?” Aman questioned.

Arnav nodded yes and wiped his sweaty face. Aman extended a glass of water towards him and Arnav gulped it on a go.

“Relax ASR”

“I don’t know who she is….why the hell she is disturbing my sleep….”

“Try to remember ASR. Have you seen the girl anywhere?”

“No yaar…. I told you already, I don’t know who she is and who Arjun is. I can remember only one thing”

“What ASR?”

“Her outfit looked like Rajasthan Girl but her face was not clear.”

“You are getting haunted by a girl for six months. We don’t know who she is. Why she is shouting ARJUN? And who is Arjun? What’s the connection between you and her….don't know when the mystery will come to an end.” Aman sighed.

“Continue your sleep. We have to go to the head office tomorrow morning. Chief had called us. remember?”

“Yeah… I remember.”

Saying, Aman did lay down on the bed, covering himself by a quilt. Though Arnav also lay he couldn’t sleep. He is also searching the answers of Aman’s each and every question.

Arnav and Aman joined in ARCHEOLOGY department, on the same day. They worked together, learned together. After that, they never get separated as they liked each other. Their wavelength always matched. They voluntarily got involved in the job of one another. They had many matches. Archeology was their passion. Both of them had NONE as their own. So, they became roommates and a team.

Arnav started getting a dream in which a girl’s blur image shouting “ARJUN” crying. Her tone was absolutely disastrous. He couldn’t understand anything that why he is getting such an unpleasant dream often. In fact, the dream was not like a dream. Even though it was not clear it looked real. Arnav felt something in his heart about the girl’s scream… like she calls him…. his name…

To be continued…

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