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The team

Hi Guys, This story is full and full of my imagination. The name of the places and incidences everything is my imagination only. I just touched a historical event to add spice to the story. So, please don’t search for it on Google.

If there are any Rajasthan readers, I promise I won’t touch your culture or principles. I’m just taking the SPOT of Rajasthan. That’s all. I hope you understand my intention. Thank you.

Part 1

Archeology Department

Arnav and Aman were called by their head Mr.Gagan Rathor. So, they were there to meet him.

“Good morning, Sir” they greeted him together.

“Take your seat guys,” Gagan said.

Arnav and Aman sat in front of him. He handed them an order. Arnav opened it.

“It’s your next project. I was getting a continues request from someone named SHIV SHANKAR SINGH who belongs to the village SHIVSHAKTIPUR. He had been mentioned that some old statues and ornaments found when he dug the basement for his new house. I got permission officially. You guys have to start as soon as possible”

“Where is the village, sir? “ Aman asked.


Arnav was stunned. He couldn’t resist himself from thinking about the Rajasthan Girl who is running his sleep these days.

“Rajasthan? Ohh no… are we going to endure in the desert of Rajasthan?” Aman sighed.

“It’s a common misconception about Rajasthan. Not all the district of Rajasthan is desert. The village is located near Mount Abu of Aravalli hills. It has a good climate.” Gagan explained.

“Really? Wow… that’s great” Aman felt happy.

“That’s what the specialty of MY India.” Arnav uttered proudly.

“Excuse me… OUR India” Aman countered whereas Gagan laughed.

This happens usually. Arnav always gets emotional if it’s about INDIA. He is not a patriotic who only whistles while watching a cricket match. He is a real patriotic who could not stand a single word against India. And always feels proud of its specialties. He was trying to be a part of the REPUBLIC DAY parade which happens in Delhi on January 26th. It’s his dream to watch the parade directly. But he didn’t get the chance as it is not that easy.

“It seems, Rajasthan is not ready to leave you ASR” Aman countered in Arnav’s ear. Arnav understood, what Aman is talking about. He composed himself.

“Who is going to lead us?” Arnav asked.

“Actually, everyone strongly recommended Mr. Ankit Chowdry to lead the team. But I know you guys won’t like to work under him. So, I have changed someone. He will lead you”

“Who is he? Arnav asked.

“You.” Gagan said smilingly.

“Me?” Arnav asked shockingly.

“Congrats ASR” Aman wished happily.

“Yes… you are going to lead the project.”

“Only we two are going?” Arnav questioned.

“No… one more archeologist will join you”

“Do you think, only three persons are enough to do an archeological survey?”

“We didn’t know about the exact condition of the project. You have to find it out that. Then we will decide to add manpower”

“Ok… when will we go?”

“The other one will report in a day or two. Then you can start together”

Arnav nodded yes.

“Listen, the village you guys are going is not improved but very orthodox one. Before starting your work, you should learn about it. And you must follow the rules and regulations of the village. Or else we won’t get their support. Without their support, you can’t stand there even for a day. You should keep it in your mind.”

They nodded yes.

That’s when they saw a man in late fifties with a thick pepper-salt beard, executive glass, and shoulder belted pants coming inside the room. Arnav and Aman annoyed seeing him. They stood.

“We are leaving, sir.” They said together.

Gagan nodded yes understanding their state of mind. The man blocked Arnav.

“How are you Arnav?”

Arnav looked at him not answering.

“You have no idea, how many chances I’m missing because of you” the man smiled in between his thick beard. The smile made his face horrible.

“Let’s go ASR.” Aman said gritting his teeth.

“Cool Aman. Your friend filed a petition against me. My nomination for the association election got rejected because of the petition. Why are you guys so angry with me?”

“It needs values to be a LEADER, Mr. Ankit Chowdry. You have neither values nor discipline.” Arnav said sternly.

“Arnav… just because I like girls how could you conclude that I’m undisciplined?”

“Ohh really? Do just you like girls? That’s why you are behind every woman in our office? Bullshit…” Arnav exclaimed.

“I’m single just like you, Arnav. I’m enjoying life to the fullest. What’s wrong with that?”

“See ASR, a small boy in late fifties is enjoying his life” Aman teased.

“So what if I’m OLD? So what I’m fifty-six? No age limits to enjoy life”.

“We are not ready to listen to your rotten ideas. Keep them with you”

Arnav left the place followed by Aman. Ankit smiled, looking at Gagan, lowering his executive glass slightly.

“You recommended Arnav it seems”

“This project is very small. Experienced like you is not necessary for the project. That’s why I chose Arnav. He has to learn a team, I suppose.”

“You decided to be in Arnav’s side…. fine….”

Ankit left the place. Gagan sighed.

It won’t be wrong if we say Ankit a womanizer. He is fifty-six but he doesn’t have the shame to approach any woman. Arnav and Aman hate this cheap quality of him. They clashed with him many times. Arnav filed the petition when Ankit nominated for the association election, mentioning his indiscipline behavior towards women. So, Ankit was highly disappointed with them.

The third person of the team reported the next day. Gagan provided the official order.

“All the best, SHYAM” Gagan shook hands with him.

“Thank you, sir” Shyam smiled.

At the same time, Arnav and Aman reached there.

“This is Arnav Singh Raizada. Your team leader” Gagan introduced him.


They shook hands. Shyam’s smile did something in Arnav’s heart. Arnav felt like he knew him. He felt a connection in his heart but he couldn’t come to the conclusion whether the connection is good or bad. But… we can surely say…Arnav was disturbed.

To be continued….

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