A Different Story

Chapter 2

Sophia moved around the bookshelves looking for her favorite fairytale, The Tales of Beedle The Bard. She ran her finger along the spines of dusty old books, stirring up the dust bunnies. A few moments a bought of sneezes overcame her.

"Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!..... Ugh" Wiping her nose she left the dusty old library. "We really need to dust in there more..."

Sophie now wandered towards the stairs. The house Sophie shared with Severus was an old one, but it was still nice. Rather plain on the inside, or at least, it had been when she first moved in. But slowly Sophie's creativity and love of art had spread from her room throughout the house. The upstairs walls were dotted here and there with various paintings, some very well known, others not so much. About half-way up the stairs, she paused and sat down.

Sophia had made it her personal project one summer to paint the front of the stairs with the various emblems of the 4 houses at Hogwarts. She now traced the one she had the most trouble with; the Slytherin Snake.

Sophia let out an extremely loud and frustrated groan as she wiped away paint once more from the stair step. "This shouldn't be this hard, and yet, it's impossible!" She slouched again the wall and stared at the step that vexed her.

"Having an issue?" Severus asked in a rather long drawl, "Is a snake really that troubling? You had no problem coming up with a lion and a badger."

Sophie sighed and crossed her arms, "Yes, Severus, I am aware of the hilariousness of my predicament. It should be rather easy to draw a snake, it's basically a bubbly S."

He fished his wand out of his robes, "Come here, Sophia, and bring your wand. I want to show you something."

Even in her extremely agitated mood, Sophie was always curious when it came to magic and new spells. Untieing her smock, she went up the stairs to her room to fetch her wand. Feeling as though the young girl could move with a bit more haste, Severus called up after her, "We don't have all day, Sophia."

Hearing her pace quicken across the wooden floors, he allowed a small smile to cross his features. "What are you going to show me?" was called from the stairwell.

"Well if you would come down we could get started." A few clomping steps and she was in front of him.

The better part of the hour was used in showing her how to make a design with her wand. Yet, somehow, at the end of the hour, Sophia was still unable to form a simple snake.

"All my snakes look like they were run over," said the rather glum girl, "Whereas yours look perfect."

"Your snakes really aren't that bad, Sophia." He glanced at the 'snake' on the stair, "Well... perhaps they are a bit squashed." Sophie simply moaned and rested her head on her knees. Severus raised his hand in the air before hesitating. It hung there, suspended in the air, before finally settling rather awkwardly on her back.

The reaction was almost immediate, Sophie straightened and leaned into Severus, resting her head on his shoulder. His arm relaxed and wrapped around her slim shoulders. "Would you like me to draw the snake for you? You will fini-"

"Oh yes, yes please!" Sophia sprang up and grinned down at him. "That'll be perfect Severus! Thank you! I'll go get you a smock." and she was gone.

The rest of that day was spent finishing up the stairs. When Severus finished the 3 snakes he was assigned, he left to make dinner. About an hour later he called out for her. When no reply came he went in search of his young charge.

Sophia had fallen asleep on the top step, laying on her side with her legs drawn into her chest. "Troublesome little monster," He grumbled and with a flick of his wand she was floating in the air. Severus hovered Sophie into the bathroom that was attached to her room. With a light tap on her head, she woke up. "Come on Sophia, you must clean yourself up before retiring."

Sophie yawned and stretched, nodding. "Yeah. Okay. I'll take a shower."

"Good." Severus turned and left her. A bit later he headed back up with a plate consisting of rice, a chicken breast, and broccoli. A swift knock and a sleepy 'come in' let him enter the girls room. Sophia was sitting at her vanity running some various hair product through her back curls.

She sniffed the air once, twice, before twisting around. Her eyes still showed the extremely tired she must be feeling. "That for me?"

"Yes, as long as you don't fall asleep on the food." She cast him a look and he simply handed the food to her with a slight smirk.

"Thank you, Severus."

"When you're finished, bring the plate down." Severus turned and walked to the door, pausing in the frame. "Since you've decided to waste a whole day on artwork, you can wash the dishes tomorrow and then clean the kitchen."

With a mouthful of chicken and rice, all Sophia could do was wave her fork in his direction and scowl.

"Goodnight Sophia, sleep well."

The house groaned slightly as the wind began to pick up. Gathering her thoughts, she stood up and went back on her quest for The Tales Of Beedle The Bard.
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