“Hey Luke" An overly excited voice called out through the loud lunch hall. Luke looked up from his lunch and saw his one and only friend, Daphne, run up towards him, her perfect blond hair swaying behind her in a long pony tail.

“Hey Daph" Luke greeted meekly before looking back down and continuing to eat his lunch. Both had been friends ever since Luke arrived on earth. Daphne already knew that he was from a different planet and to Luke’s luck, she kept it a secret.

“What crawled up your buttons and died today” Daphne sassed back at her friend as she sat down at the seat opposite him. “Anyway, guess what happened last night. I would have told you if you answered your phone yesterday” The blond girl said, emphasising on the last part.

“Sorry. I was studying. I had to turn my phone off or I would have probably ended up getting distracted” Luke explained still looking down at his food. He heard Daphne chuckle from in front of him.

“Well, anyway, I hacked into Kennedy’s Facebook page last night” Kennedy was the schools second most popular girl. She is a bitch to everybody and is super fake. She’s the second most popular girl in the school because nobody can beat Carmela Alexanders. Also known as Luke’s crush for about four years. And his mate.

“Did you find anything valuable?” Luke asked suddenly interested in what his friend was saying.

“Nothing blackmail worthy, all she posts about is pictures from parties she went to” Daphne sighed out “Life is so boring, why can’t something just happen for once?” Just as Daphne said that, shouting was heard from the other end of the cafeteria where all the popular people sat.

Luke and Daphne both looked over but rolled their eyes the second they saw who exactly was shouting “Trouble in paradise” They both sighed. Luke shook her head as he stared at the couple fight across the cafeteria with a frown on his face.

“They’ve been like this for about a month, why doesn’t Carmela just breakup with him?” 

Carmela and her douche bag of a boyfriend, Aiden, were fighting again. Everyone had gotten used to the shouting from the two since that was all they did lately.

It pained Luke to see his mate being treated like that. He had wanted nothing more to go up to Aiden and punch him right in the gut, he was also sure that at one-point Aiden had hit Carmela, he wasn’t stupid.Knowing this only made it harder for Luke to not hit him.Luke could notice the bruises on her body and the fear in her eyes when she was around Aiden.

“Why don’t you try and ask her out or something?” Daphne said when she saw Luke looking over at the couple fighting at the other side of the cafeteria “Ooh, why don’t you tell her that you guys are mates?” Daphne suggested making Luke question himself as to why he told his friend that they were mates, because all she does is continuously bring it up.

“Because” He sighed “One. She’s dating that freak, Aiden. And two. I can’t just go up to her and be like ’hey, we’re mates let’s date now. Oh also, did I forget to mention I’m from another planet’” Lukestated before averting his gaze to his friend that was looking at him with a ‘you-don’t-know-until-you-try’ look.

“Don’t give me that look. Even if she wasn’t dating Aiden. If I were the last human on earth with her, she still wouldn’t date me. I’m known as the guy who beat up almost the entire football team. I definitely don’t look like I can beat up the whole football team" Daphne laughed. 

“Why would people not want to go out with you. Beating up not only one person but multiple jocks just shows that you can protect them” Daphne tried to explain but Luke just knew that only in his dreams would Carmela go out with him. In fact, only in his dreams would anyone go out with him. “Tell me about the mate thing again anyway, I need you to refresh my brain” Daphne added on earning a groan from Luke.

“Again? Fine but this is the last time. In Krypton, everyone was born with a soul mate, basically their other half. When we turn sixteen we are able to know exactly who our mate is by just looking them into the eyes. And since Carmela and I both looked into each other’s eyes, I know that she is my mate. It’s weird that she’s my mate since she’s from earth, I always thought my mate died back on Krypton. Since she’s human she will either not feel the mate bond or will slowly start feeling some sort of attraction to me” Luke explained with a bored expression on his face since he’d probably explained this to his friend over one hundred times.

“Anyway, back to our conversation. Everyone thinks I’ve got anger issues. And nobody knows that I like Carmela, so it’s staying that way" Just as Luke had said that both him and Daphne heard a gasp from a few tables over.

Luke immediately knew that someone had heard their conversation “Shit” He muttered under his breath.

He pushed his hands into his hair before looking in the direction of where they both heard the gasp. His gaze stopped at a table full of the gossip queens of the school, they knew everything about everyone. Well clearly not everything. 

Surely, we weren’t that loud. I hope they didnt hear about me being from Krypton Luke thought to himself. Once the group of girls saw the two friends had spotted them they all quickly huddled closer round the table talking to each other in whispers, not knowing Luke could hear them.

“We have to tell everybody; I can’t believe he likes Carmela. This will be pay back for what he did to your boyfriend, Megan” One of the girls whispered. All the girls around the table laughed and nodded their heads.

Luke sighed before turning back around to face Daphne’s worried face “What were they saying?”

“Let’s just say, by tomorrow, the entire schools going to know that I like Carmela. Luckily I don’t think they heard aboutKrypton though” Luke took the last bite of his food and scoffed. “Just great, can’t wait until Carmela finds out” Daphne laughed upon hearing his sarcasm.

“Hey” Daphne suddenly said “Why don’t we hang out after school for a bit? Maybe go to that new ice cream place uptown. I’ve heard the ice cream there is amazing” Luke smiled at his friend. This is one of the reasons why Luke loved Daphne, she was always considerate. She cared about other’s feelings and always wanted to make them feel better. Luke didn’t feel like going home after school and him and Daphne hadn’t hung out for a while, so he accepted the offer hoping this would take his mind off stuff.

So that’s how he found himself nibbling on a chocolate ice cream in the new ice cream shop uptown with his friend. Daphne blabbering on in front of him about the website he would be hacking next. All this girl could talk about was hacking.

“Daphne, seriously, can you stop talking about computers and hacking for at least a minute?” Luke asked after constantly hearing about it from Daphne.

“Ok, ok fine. What do you want to talk about?” The blond girl sighed out. As she dropped her spoon into her cup and looked at Luke intently.

“Well, I don’t know. How about love life? Have you got your eyes on anyone?” Daphne immediately blushed once she heard the question.

"Ooooh, you do. Who is it? Spill the beans” Luke leaned forward in his seat. Excited for the news his friend was about to drop on him. It’s not every day that Daphne said that she liked someone.

“Ok, well, he’s in my advanced computing class. His name’s William” She explained will a smile on her face, she thought back to when she last saw him in class making her smile widen.

“William King?” Luke wasn’t shocked at all. Both were in love with computers and hacking. It was about time one of them started to like the other. 

“Yeah. We’ve spoken a couple of times, but I don’t know if he likes me back” She sighed out.Luke almost chocked on his ice cream

Luke reached over the table and grabbed his friends hand and gave it a soft squeeze ”You have got to be kidding me. Of course he likes you”

Luke looked out the window and suddenly realised how dark it was getting “It’s getting dark, we should go” He had text his mum earlier telling her he was out with Daphne and was probably going to be late for dinner.

“Yeah” They both stood up and walked out of the ice cream shop. Whenever they both went out and it got kind of dark Luke always accompanied Daphne back to her house, to make sure she got home safe. Luke could definitely defend himself but Daphne, not so much. She was small and she exercised nonce a week.

“I’ll see ya tomorrow” Daphne called out to Luke as she was shutting her front door 

“Ok, see ya" Luke started to walk home, luckily the walk wasn’t too far.

Once he got home he was quickly bombarded by his mum, Molly ”Luke we have a surprise for you” The older woman said while excitedly dragging her son into their living room where her husband, David stood. In the middle of the living room on a table laid a box.

Although David and Molly were his adoptive parents,he still loved them with all his heart, as if they were his biological parents.

“What is it?” Luke asked.

“Open it” David urged his son on. Luke looked at the box sceptically, he tossed open the lid to show a black outfit which consisted on a black mask that covered around the eyes and cheek bones, a black hoodie, black sports trousers and finally a pair of black shoes. In Luke’s opinion this was way better than what the superheroes wear these days, most of them just wear tight spandex suits with their underwear on the outside. No offence to Superman. Luke thought in his head.

“We know you don’t like the whole superhero outfit thing, so we thought it would be cool to get you this” Molly explained to her son “Do you like it, it’s for you if you ever decide to help out people with your powers” His father added on. 

Both Luke’s parents are former FBI agents, helping him train. They both took him in since he landed on earth. They also made sure that he knew he was from Krypton and that he was able to control her powers.

“Thanks guys, I really appreciate it, but I don’t think I’m the best for this superhero thing. Look at Superman and Supergirl. They are both amazing, they obviously know what they are doing. I’m just a kid, I won’t be able to help people” Luke explained and headed into the kitchen in search of a snack before his parents could say anything else. He knew they would try and tell him that he is more than perfect for the job, but he never listened.

Sometimes he just wished that Krypton hadn’t exploded and that he could just live a normal life without the powers and without the pressure of having them.

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